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  1. Dag Koen. Welcome. We're over in Belgium quite a lot (Meise). Love browsing in Sjim BBQ shop in Opwijk.
  2. As others have said a great resource and a great community.
  3. Love beef Wellington and that looks like a great one.
  4. Yeah I was looking at those as the last two bags of the Big K restaurant grade were awful. Nothing but shale and dust. These boxed ones are fantastic. They seem to be hand packed given how neat and straight they are packed. After actually about 8.5 cook time they could have easily done the same again. I'd even bet on 20 hrsSent from Tapatalk Did you have to order a pallet then? I can only see the boxes on their wholesale website.
  5. That looks great. I've also tried a few brands of charcoal here and Big K is the best I've tried to date apart from a couple of bags from a BBQ shop in Belgium (we'd driven over to visit rels). I'd avoid the blue bags of "Restaurant Grade" charcoal that some sell on eBay.
  6. That looks like a serious piece of kit. Nice one.
  7. Happy New Year to all the gurus
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