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  1. Thanks for the congratulations AussieJoe, it was definitely worth holding off on the KK, this one year of tough saving will set us up nicely for years to come.
  2. Haha great idea! Where is the factory, we go to Bali a fair bit?
  3. I can't wait until I get my KK, I was hoping it was going to be this year but we got married and now saving for honeymoon and house stuff, next year is going to be my year
  4. Wow what a great package, you'll have hours of fun trying all of those out!
  5. Congrats Aussie Joe, a mans first brisket is always nerve wracking! The flat is looking great, did you do the bend test by draping a piece over your finger, it shouldn't break under its own weight but should require just the slightest of pulls, that's all competition talk but it looks like yours was there! I absolutely love burnt ends, best part of the brisket for me! Well done on what looks like a great first brisket cook!
  6. Wow, what an amazing job! I've had a couple of Japanese knives now for the last few months and absolutely love the cutting performance of them, I'll have to have a chat with Ben when the handles need replacing!
  7. Welcome! I'm in the Saffire owners club too, great kamado, very easy to control and the chip feeder port is superb!!
  8. Looking awesome!! Being from Australia we eat a lot of lamb, see if you can get hold of a lamb shoulder or whole lamb forequarter and low n slow it for about 7 hours, uncovered for the first couple then foil it or in a pan with foil over the top for the rest of the time, the result is meltingly tender, beautiful meat!
  9. Congrats on the Saffire! I've got the older version and they are amazing cookers, there's not much you can't do with them! I'm over in Perth and love my kamado's and weber kettle, so versatile!
  10. [qauote name=Oly Smokes" post="322109" timestamp="1444642916] That looks really good. Do you have a recipe for that! And how did you get it that shape? What kind of pan did you use? I like the round loafs of bread. Thanks Oly smokes! I used a round banner on to shape that loaf, you can get them cheaply from eBay or baking supply stores, just be sure to flour them very very well before you use them or your loaf will get stuck to the banneton and become a nightmare..... I speak from experience here The recipe for that is my basic go to every day loaf: 350g white flour 150g wholemeal flour 100g rye meal 10g salt 7g yeast ~400g water
  11. I'd love to see some pictures, I really do think that lamb is awesome on the BBQ, either foiled like this or just left uncovered low n slow it always turns out amazingly!
  12. Only way to cook lamb sholdarThey looks great! May I ask what liquid you put in your pan? Was it a stock? Hey Pesto! It was some warm water with a vegetable stock cube added, it works great just with water too!
  13. Wow that looks amazing! I'm gonna have to try and find Tri-tip here in Australia so I can try that.
  14. Thanks guys, that brisket shot wasn't the best as it was the thin end of the flat and was a little dry there but the rest was super moist and juicy, it was the only pic I got of it sliced though. The bread is great, love kamado cooked bread / rolls, always a treat, here's a crumb pic:
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