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  1. Thanks all! Got it cut in half and rubbed down, will put it on the smoker in the am!
  2. That was one of the advantages plus i figured less cooking time!
  3. Ok so i am considering cutting a 10lb butt in half.....whats the word? yay or nay?! Cooking both at the same time just wanted to hear the pros and cons. Thanks folks!! SMOKE ON!
  4. all i know is the food that comes off my grates is awesome! Steel or ceramic.....the food is delicious! And my family is happy...to me that is what matters! .....SMOKE ON!!
  5. Just put a pork loin in the fridge with a maple syrup brine! Will post more tomorrow evening! Wife got the recipe on all recipes and it had nothing but rave reviews!
  6. The blue cheese and spinach loin was just delicious!
  7. and the stuffed loin, this is delicious!
  8. My butt is done! just put the loins on so the money shots will follow in a couple hours!
  9. putting the butt on tonight to smoke all night hopefully be done by noon tomorrow so I can put these babies on. mustard rubbed then covered in rub, and a blues cheese and spinach stuffed looking forward to the stuffed loin!
  10. Welcome from Charlotte NC!!
  11. Got the recipe from our poultry recipe section, a video that John did. Turned out fantastic!
  12. Outdoor cooker the year round for me.....its never too cold for good food!
  13. Yup you are right my friend! Went straight on the plate then right in my belly! well I must admit some didn't make it to the plate. .... skipped right over that part! [emoji106]
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