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  1. call vision support, they will more than likely replace your top cap.
  2. As vision owners we all have/had faced the question of: What accessories fit my Vision? This thread will aim to address this. Please use the following format so we keep it nice and clean. Feel free to upload pictures. Example Format: Vision Signature Gourmet Woo Ring from Ceramic Grill Store Glorious Example Pictures confirming fit.
  3. Reason i had asked is my family likes me to smoke burgers and then all beef dogs at the ends of my long smoking sessions. And using the supplied vision two tier system makes doing burgers and dogs a PITA. I was thinking using the akorn grate with the top rack of theirs that swings out of the way might just work for this instance lol.
  4. With your akorn grate in, will your warming rack still fit and work? I upgraded from my akorn but miss the way that rack swings out of the way.
  5. It’s usually guns but now it’s this smoker lol
  6. It treated me great, I passed it onto a neighbor. I wanted something new to play with in reality.
  7. I purchased her to upgrade from my Akorn after years of faithful service. (I passed it to my neighbor). So far so good on getting her started up and holding temp.
  8. I am possibly keeping it, not sure yet. I picked up a Vision signature series gourmet. with cover, smoking stone, electric starter, lump coal and shipping for $650.00 brand new. It should arrive tomorrow, so I will have to see how much room I have on the deck with the Vison, gas grill and the Akorn.
  9. New smoker arriving tomorrow. Decided to do a farewell party for the Akorn.
  10. The diamond cut should come with cover, and smoking stone as well.
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