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  1. Agreed - but wouldn’t I have to move the stone to fill either way? at least I did in my Akorn.
  2. A friend of mine moved and I inherited his Kamado. He thought it was a BGE but it’s not. Anyway - I am coming from a chargriller Akron which has a steel one piece firebox...no fire ring. I’m trying to avoid buying a separate stone. Can an I run it as pictured with my akorn stone between the fire box and the ceramic fire ring? where is a good place to buy accessories for the generics? Will want a new grate.
  3. A buddy of mine was moving and I now have his egg. Can't find markings anywhere. I know it's old, but is it legit? We are moving in two weeks and new place has great setup for outdoor kitchen - had planned on upgrading my Akorn to a Kamado Joe, but might stand fast if this one is good to go. If not a true BGE, and tips on where to find parts like deflector stone, new grate, etc would be helpful.
  4. A coworker called on the way to grab his. I called and found the WM near me had the floor model left for $35. Already assembled!
  5. Well good news, got a quick reply back today (emailed over holidays). Hats off to good service and standing behind their product. Good morning, Thanks for the email. If you would just send me the serial number off of the back of the grill and your physical address I would have no problem getting a replacement grate sent out to you. Thanks, Kyle
  6. Odd timing maybe, but I just got my Akorn for Christmas and the center grate broke after the 3rd cook. I emailed CG and am waiting for their reply (still). Might be a new issue.
  7. Mine is a week old and is also removed straight down after opening the latches.
  8. Ended up borrowing the 18" grate from a neighbors weber. 4.25 hours at 255 using Stubbs dry rub. The last hour I brushed them with a glaze I made up of equal parts butter, 100% pure Maple syrup, and small batch Texas whiskey. Pics:
  9. MIL had a pizza stone and lives around the corner - going to run to store and pick up a grate that will fit since I can get future searing use out of it. If not, I'll try the cookie sheet Thanks for all the help guys.
  10. You are quite right - cooked some chicken last night and compared temps with the Maverick and I was 30deg behind and about 8m late on temp readings with built in thermo vs grill probe.
  11. My stone has shipped but not arrived for my new Akron (Christmas present), and I am to cook two racks of St Louis ribs tonight. Plan on going 250 for 4-5 hours with no foil, on opposite side of the fire, but is this crazy talk without a stone to redirect the heat?
  12. Headlamp..I look real cool when cooking, so says my wife
  13. Steaks went up to 133 in the hot water bath, but all in all not a bad cook. Question though - I feel like my Akorn runs very hot. With the bottom vent open about 1" and the top about .5" it was over 525 deg. Is this normal? I feel like it is sealed up ok as once I was done cooking it died off pretty easy, but it seems like the adjustment range from 200-nuclear is a pretty small window on the bottom vent. The wife and oldest boy were raving about the steaks once finished and even went back for seconds. I'm sold on the reverse sear via Sous Vide method. More pics: not sure why they are rotating...
  14. Having mixed results but only have the built in thermo. My Maverick comes in Monday... I closed the bottom to 2 and the top to halfway at 150 and it sailed up to 315. I closed both vents almost all the way (think hairline) and it went down to 250 ish and behaved for 45 min or so. I slowly opened the vents up and started working up. I'm at 325 now and started the steaks in the hot water bath for the SV method. I'll get up to 500 in the next hour and sear them there when they are at temp. Steaks season with Magic Mushroom Powder (made from scratch) from the Nom Nom Paleo blog. Some pics for your enjoyment:
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