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  1. Aussie Joe

    Memorial day

    Bless those that have served Australia walks with you .pic from Washington .
  2. Aussie Joe

    Baby back ribs

    Got some nice meaty ribs from my butcher gave them some Tasmanian pepper berry and salt mix on the bottom .and some dizzy pig pineapple head on top it goes well with pork
  3. Aussie Joe

    Smoked lamb shanks

    Lamb chops are great .you could do just one
  4. Great video mate looks awesome
  5. Aussie Joe

    Smoked lamb shanks

    Great looking shanks mate best comfort food
  6. Aussie Joe

    "Asian" Chicken Salad

    Nicely done nothing rong with Salad.
  7. Aussie Joe

    So good

    Looking good to me yum
  8. Aussie Joe

    Dino ribs

    They look awesome philpom nice and meaty great cook .I'm lucky like you my butcher supplies me these.unfortunately not for 3 bucks a pound lol.
  9. Cheers Ron I love colour in my salads