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  1. That looks terrific mate .yum . the rub sounds specky
  2. I go straight for the temp . The kj can be heated up to 500f for an hour before it's heat soaked .So you can easily get the temp up to 400 ,add wood add deflector select vents and it will drop back down to about 250
  3. Lollipops. Love them .I'm sure these are going to turn out great . That looks like a decent bit of rain heading your way .better cook quick lol
  4. Need pics mate seriously words will never describe Q
  5. Got some nice meaty ribs from my local butcher a bit short but nice. .Gave them some purple crack on the bottom.
  6. Nicley done mate I too have ventured from this site but have returned. Great effort in the comps 3rd is better than fourth lol
  7. Looks great a few local boys down here are doing them .tweaks my interest
  8. Yum good to see you loving the hot dry heat
  9. Sounds like you needed to cook them a bit longer mate. At least you scored some and had a go. Don't give up
  10. They are on their way can't wait to see the finished cook
  11. Got a three rack from my favorite butcher. And cleaned them up. Scored the bottom. And gave them some purple crack. And some dizzy on top. On they go . Whilst they were cooking I made up a peach sauce for some pulled pork I'm doing tomorrow. Looking good. Decided to give them some peach sauce. And carved love the smoke ring.
  12. Got some nice meaty ribs from my butcher. Gave them some rub. And on they go. Looking good. Ready to rest. and rested. Plated with some nice salad and corn .
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