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  1. Started off giving some sausages some happy Nancy. On they go.then chargrilled some capsicum and sweet potato.mixed up some corn,mixed lettuce,cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Then added the cooled down capsicum and sweet potato with some goats cheese and baby beets.sliced up the sausages and mixed them in with some more goat cheese.for the dressing I whipped up some light sour cream with apple cider vinegar ,dijon mustard and some maple syrup.and plated I loved the dressing yum .
  2. I've noticed that some of the stuff you have sent me has bugger all labeling of the ingredients. But tastes great .but it's good to see what's in the product .we have been doing this for yonks .I think it's a good thing especially those with allergies
  3. http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/consumer/labelling/Pages/default.aspx
  4. I have this .I call it the thousand prongs of death pretty kewl hey lol .it has one sole purpose to help make crackle on pork skin.
  5. Nicely done ckreef.they turned out really good
  6. These can be found in coles and woolies
  7. Got hold of a nice Pichana thought I would do steak wraps on the max .tasted so good
  8. If you soak the bag in some water and vinegar and ring it out and wash it in new water and vinegar every couple of days it can keep your ham moist for a lot longer .a clean cotton pillow case will do the same job
  9. Cheers Kismet .Fair dinkum my first Crack pretty easy really just make sure your temp is stable .I smoked over peach .this was a cooked ham but not smoked was amazed how much the smoke made a difference and the glaze was just an added extra hope you have a great christmas
  10. Cheers Rob looked so much better I real life lol
  11. Followed Johns recipe but added some more spice and found my mother's ham bag this turned out amazing and Johns timing was spot on
  12. I would like to wish everyone a merry safe christmas and hope you all do some killer cooks .and if you need a snowman I found a bargain
  13. Cheers TKOBBQ had some amazing flavours going on
  14. Nicely done your camera skills have improved also
  15. Not done one on the Jr myself .I would imagine prepping as he likes it make Sure it fits put the heat deflectors in the top position and aim for 400
  16. Looks good mate yeah top cap rump here salt and purple Crack smoked over flames yum
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