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  1. Your Temps are right .not everything about lown slow is internal temp and method it comes down to how much meat you have on the ribs the less meat the shorter the time the more meat longer .for ribs I prefer the bend test
  2. You should the are a great cut with heaps more meat on the bone
  3. Got some marble 2 shorties gave them some of my home made pepperberry coffee rub
  4. Looks great why did you tie the legs out of curiosity I love road kill lo
  5. Direct on the extender rack spatchcock at 400 works every time
  6. Was cold and wet down here thought I needed a roast dinner used some of my favorite chicken rub and mixed up some veggies to go with it near the end I added some parmesan
  7. Cheers O C it's a quick simple meal that tastes great the veggies are not super crispy like an oven but they make the meal No throw it everywhere lol
  8. My Joe Jr decided to Crack on me the other night bugger
  9. They tasted awesome the glaze was really good could taste the floor of the stout .I've tried za'atar on lamb chops tasted good
  10. Got hold of some marbled score 2 + beef ribs trimmed them up and gave them a middle eastern rub Za'atar near the end I decided on a glaze
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Ina-Paarmans-Chicken-Spice-200ml/dp/B00KO2XV5A
  12. Sometimes we get the most creative when we think we have nothing but find out we had it all
  13. Get yourself a collar butt boneless pork neck . Mix up some apple sauce with bourbon /whiskey and inject it leave over night they are usually only 2 kg . 6 hours at 250 pulls apart nicely look in the rubs and sauces section for a great pdf on injecting . http://komodokamadoforum.com/topic/8382-injected-collar-but-with-ckreefs-mop/
  14. Done a spatcy last night mixed up some butter with old bay placed it under the skin and gave it my favorite south African chicken rub cooked it on top of a bed of spuds carrots and red onion that I sprinkled with some evvo qunami and raging river
  15. Cheers it amazes me also watching them shrink up
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