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  1. Sorry, the 24” ceramic Kamado (blue) smoker. I know it isn’t the greatest smoker but for $500...
  2. Was in my local Costco today and the Louisiana smoker was on sale for $499 (down from $599). Is that a good deal or does it usually come down more? Al I could see was the display one, so not sure if I can ask them to mark it down anymore either.
  3. Some other recent cooks (don't know if this is the right forum):
  4. I spent hours the last couple days trying to figure out how to cook a steak on the Akorn. The 2 options were hot or reverse sear. My father in law bought some big steaks and wanted to cook them hot, but based on reading i decided to do reverse sear method. I got the grill at around 250 until the IT was 115ish, pulled them off and got the grill to 600 ish. Got some solid grill marks and tried to burn off some fat sides. Turned out pretty well imp.
  5. More newb questions from my 2nd cook. 1) I used a "glaze" type sauce on my pork, should I worry about the drippings that went into the charcoal? Should I clean my ash trap after? 2) What do you guys do to clean the grates after a messy cook like this? 3) how do you guys put your thermometer on the grate? I tried hanging it on warming rack but that turned into a bitch. Is it ok for the probe to tough the grate? Do I need to clean the probes? I used a pork tenderloin honey Dijon glaze from the recipe section. The hardest part was once I got around 400, then opened the old for awhile, the temp stayed real low, only getting to 350ish. Not sure how to remedy this. I know it is a lot of trial and error but the learning curve seems a lot. Anyway here is a pic, I pulled it at 140ish and used an additional electronic thermometer to make sure. Then let it rest.
  6. Just remembered another question. Do you guys out the maverick cord through the top vents or just through the main lid, pressed between the top and bottom grills.
  7. Hi all, first cook today. Went with Pizza after buying a Master Forge Pizza stone kit from Lowes. Used the following dough recipe from Fire Tender in another thread: 3 cups flour, ( either all purpose or bread ) 1 & 1/3 cup warm water 1 pack yeast (Instant Rise from Walmart) 2 pinch salt 1 spoon sugar 1 flugelhorn olive oil Mix with dough hook & Adjust with added flour till makes dough ball & mix on low speed for 10 min. Divide , cover with damp cloth & let rise for 1 hour. And then I used this recipe for sauce from Food Network: Ingredients 1 can (28-ounces) whole peeled tomatoes, in juice (I used crushed) 1 small white or sweet onion, finely diced and minced 1 clove garlic, peeled and minced 3 to 4 fresh basil leaves (I used dry) 1 teaspoon dried oregano Pinch salt Pinch fresh ground black pepper Pinch sugar, optional 2 tablespoons olive oil, to saute Sauted onions, then garlic, then added crushed tomatoes, salt, pepper, oregano, and basil for 10 minutes in a saucepan. Even on low on my gas range it started to splatter though. Read more at: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/basic-pizza-sauce-recipe.html?oc=linkback I then heated the grill to 500 per my new Maverick 732, that thing is awesome. Put it on the stone, and then waited for it to get darkened on top. The result was a crispy crust, but not burnt on the bottom. It was pretty good. One side was grape tomatoes and mozzerrella, and the other was leftover taco chicken, onions, and cheddar cheese. All in all it worked out, but some of my problems that I would like help with are: 1) How do you roll out the dough without holes getting in the middle? 2) How do you get it on the Peel and off of the peel easily? It took me a few tries and a knife to loosen the dough. 3) Any other tricks or tips? This was on an Akorn with a Walmart pizza pan diffuser, a pizza stone on the main grate, and then another pizza pan we had lying around on top of the warming rack to help cook the toppings (from reading on here). Thanks for reading and for any advice! I love this thing and have a pork tenderloin brining for tomorrow, and a pork butt in the freezer for when I am courageous enough to try. Time for some beers!
  8. Picked up a Maverick 732 off of Amazon after returning some gifts. This seems to be the staple for everyone around here. Other than that, would anyone recommend any "sealing" mods prior to trying to go low and slow? I am in the process of reading the 20 page post in the Akorn forum about this, but just throwing it out there.
  9. It also has a piece of metal on it. I assume this is suppoed to be in the corresponding hole in the top. I will try to pinch it together and put it in and see what happens. Holding steady at around 240 right now (per lid thermometer) with both vents almost closed. Bottom a little under a 1 and top only open at the bottom wider part.
  10. Hi all, just bought an Akorn from Lowes with my Christmas money, and had a 10% Lowes coupon from moving. Very excited to get started. Put it together this morning and am doing my first burn now. Question already, there is a place where the gasket seems to be pushed in on the right, and I can see smoke coming out. Probably a bad thing right?
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