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  1. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Fresh ground Flour vs store bought

    I mill my flour fresh, much better nutrition and taste is much better, This is picture of my sourdough Ezekiel style bread that my co-workers and my family really like taste of.
  2. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Wahoo Fish Tacos

    Awesome looking fish dish.
  3. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Help. Ribs and wings timings

    Awesome job with junior.
  4. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Peppercini peppers pickled

    I am thinking of doing sourdough pizza with mild Italian sausage cooked without casing then use with crushed tomatoes pizza sauce, place cooked Italian sausage on top with feta cheese crumbled and then some of the pickled peppercini peppers then finish topping with either with mozzarella or white cheddar or frutina cheese. I haven’t decided yet,
  5. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Spatchcock chicken , vegetables, and potatoes

    Looks very good.
  6. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Mix up at the Meat Market

    Very good looking steak
  7. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Peppercini peppers pickled

    This morning I harvest first batch of Pepper Peppers and after slicing pickled them. I think in about 2 weeks I should be able to haverst remaining peppers which haven’t ripened yet. The heat from these peppers are similar to banana peppers.
  8. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Bella’s 9th birthday grill

    Happy Birthday to Bella, she has very nice smile, the meat dishes look good,
  9. Rob_grill_apprentice

    First try Stir-Fry and Clay Pot rice

    Looks like the cook turned out very good,
  10. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Pulled Pork - My First Kamado Cook

    Your pulled pork looks very good.
  11. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Glazed St Louis style ribs

    Looks delicious
  12. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Joe Jr getting a work out.

    You did a great job with JR
  13. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Pastrami and a ham

    Pastrami looks awesome
  14. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Happy New Year

    Everyone have a Happy New Year
  15. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Closing out 2018 on a High note

    Everyone have a Happy New Year