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  1. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Anyone Truss a Bird Like This?

    I have never trussed a chicken like that.
  2. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Rip Stan Lee

    May he Rest In Peace.
  3. Thank you for mentioning Ken onion edition work sharp system.   I picked one up from Cabela’s and I am impressed with it.   Last night I used it to sharpen all my sister-in-law’s knifes including getting the one with missing tip and ground to make new tip and you can no longer tell the knife had previously had broken tip.  I was able to do this because I had practiced on cheap knife before sharping up all my  chef style knives.   

  4. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Here's an interesting TURKEY project...

    Would that bird fit if it was spatchcocked or would it be too wide?
  5. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Char Siu Pork

    Looks very good.
  6. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Unspun Chicken Enchiladas

    Looks awesome
  7. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Prime rib roast cook.

    Great looking roast
  8. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Mileage from 15 inch Vacuum Sealer

    It would be very expensive, something like vacmaster VP545, VP731 most expensive I have seen is the vacmaster VP734 double chamber. All these models are out of my price range. I am considering either Vacmaster VP112S or VP215, Currently I have FoodSaver V4825 but when doing lots of sealing I have to let it cool down, I get the replacement rolls currently from Costco.
  9. Rob_grill_apprentice


    Great looking brisket
  10. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Wicked Edge WE-130 First Looks

    That system is more within my price range. Looked at some YouTube videos on how to use it.
  11. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Wicked Edge WE-130 First Looks

    I hope the CDN dollar improves without shipping and taxes I would be looking at $1762 plus the cost of digital gauge because I would want that one as well. With shipping and taxes I am likely looking at $2,000. I wouldn’t make mind getting one in the future as it looks like you could get very good edges with system.
  12. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Wicked Edge WE-130 First Looks

    Very interesting sharpening system
  13. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Mileage from 15 inch Vacuum Sealer

    Have you ever thought about chamber vacuum sealer? They are more costly but bags way cheaper.