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  1. Interesting video. That restrauant looks like it is a very busy one,
  2. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Interesting RTIC entry

  3. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Spatchcock Chicken

    Delicious looking chicken. How much faster at 425F? At 350-375F. It typically takes 45 minutes for me when I do spatchcock.
  4. Rob_grill_apprentice

    The grates are here!

    Fit looks good. You should be able to get some very nice sear marks now,
  5. This weekend I converted a Peter Reinhardt multigrain bread recipe in crust and crumb to use sourdough starter in place of instant yeast. The process was a two day process, as a firm biga was made using ripe sourdough starter in place of yeast which needs to be prepared day ahead. Then the yeast was replaced with sourdough starter in final dough recipe. I also changed technique in recipe, as I have Bosch Universal Plus mixer. I added warm water and room temperature butter milk to mixer bowl to which I then added bread flour and multigrain mix 1 and mixed together and then allowed it to soak up the buttermilk and water for 2 hours. After the 2 hours then add all the other other ingredients including ripe sourdough starter. I scaled up the recipe to make 2 x 2 lbs loafs. The process I used for replacing yeast was use total bread wet weight and multiple that weight by 1/6. ( divide by 6). My sourdough starter was 100% hydration, the water and flour had to be adjusted accordingl. ie if 100 g sourdough starter used, flour was reduced by 50 g and water was reduced by 50 g. The final rise took approximately 3 hours which was longer than instant yeast process. The final taste doesn’t taste like traditional sourdough, it tastes more like gourmet multigrain sandwich loaf. My pans are 10x5, which I why I targeted final loaf weight of approximately 2 lbs for each loaf. Loafs baked at 350F until internal temp reached 205 F. I checked about 25 minutes into baking and temp was a bout 180F but my target was 195 to 205. Caught it just in time with second internal temp check. I will now work on scaling up to 4 x 2 lb loafs. For firm biga I will scale to use all of biga instead just using portion of frim biga.
  6. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Mad Malamute After Bath Won't Look At Me!

    My sons cats are the same way. After bath they are so mad. Next day everything back to normal.
  7. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Love my Kamado Joe's!

    Looks delicious
  8. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Common Mistakes when making Pan Pizza

    Very good video.
  9. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Cast Iron Smash Cheeseburger and Fries

    Looks excellent and delicious.
  10. Rob_grill_apprentice

    4 Sunday cooks MEATS

    Looks delicious. Nice to cook to have meat for 2 to 3 days,
  11. Rob_grill_apprentice

    4 Sunday cooks veggies first

    Looks like it turned out good,
  12. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Butter chicken and naan

    Looks delicious
  13. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Some call it a Trisket

    Looks very tasty
  14. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Vision S or Vision B?

    I have a vision classic B and I have had it for 6 years now. I am happy with it,
  15. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Colossal U6 Stuffed Shrimp

    Awesome looking meal.