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  1. Likely you pressure canned it, High pressure increases the temperature. That is why I like using high pressure to sanitize jars before I use for canning.
  2. I have finalized cheddar cheese Ciabatta recipe. Earlier in week I did pilot test run and for actual batch change I made was also to add some extra shredded cheddar cheese on top. Ciabatta method used was Poolish method, and I used 25 % cheddar cheese half was cubed and half shredded. This recipe is now family favourite.
  3. I thought I would share how far my skills have come along. Here are some photos from Baguette De Tradition recipe that I finalized weights for that take into account scale tolerances and potential lost dough during process. I will be guest on zoom session for Barb’s Kitchen Centre teaching how to make this style of Baguettes in October. I am really looking forward to be being guest for teaching how to do this style of Baguette.
  4. My retort pouches arrived today. Very impressed how quickly they arrived. Although I paid for on Tuesday, payment processed Wednesday and then shipment arrived Friday afternoon.
  5. Small briner doesn’t fit, just a little too tall. This time I sealed small jar of Atahara, and large jar of pickled beets that both have been previously opened. Worked very well
  6. I also love the JVR Vac100. JVR inc are a very responsive company. I also tried sealing a jar that had been opened. It worked very well with resealing bread and butter pickle pint jar. Make sure you wipe the rim before placing lid on. My small Briner looks like will fit inside the 3 gallon accessory. Next time I use the small briner I will put it under vacuum using the 3 gallon accessory. I also used the the Vac100 to vacuum seal a Costco cheese bun. I used 10 second to vacuum time other settings remained the same and bun was vacuum sealed without crushing it. I love using the Vac100 to seal frozen 1 cup portions of stone ground oats, and I. 1 tsp and 2 tsp portions or frozen lemon juice. Also sealed chicken thighs etc, I am impressed with how well it works.
  7. I just tested my setting #3 programmed for use with the retort bar with retort pouches. I tested setting JVR Inc recommend for Retort pouch. Looking forward to being able to make my own MRE’s for camping and Backcountry hiking. After sealing the pouches with stew, chilli etc will be pressure canned.
  8. For medium crust 373 g for thin crust 258 g. I calculate using 3.3015 per g square inch for medium crust and 2.285 g per square inch for thin crust. I calculate area of circle for size I desire and then multiply by factor for thin or medium crust depending on what I am making. I using make a small bit extra to ensure all pizza balls will have similar weight,
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