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  1. Works very well on the Costco Polish sausage hotdogs.
  2. Tormek is a very good sharpener. In my city there is location that carry both Tormek T-4 and Tormek T-8. Getting the different jigs like regular knife jig, small knife jig, large knife jig, scissor jig, tool jig, tool rest adds to cost but if you do enough sharpening you can recoup the cost and then start making potential profit. I eventually would like to move in this direction. Myself.
  3. I use A-MAZE-N inside my Kamado. I use deflector plates to ensue indirect. What I like about the A-MAZE-N is I can smoke multiple batches of cheese. Once I am done I can move pellets which haven’t burn to stop the burning in the A-MAZN-N. I prefer this of the tubes. I allow one day to rest in refrigerator wrapped in cheese paper before Vacuum sealing.
  4. I usually smoke cheese for about 1 &1/2 hours to 2 hours. I have never thought of putting toppings on before vacuum sealing.
  5. Preliminary test run on making 30% Einkorn Levain Bread. This recipe was based on a recipe from Breadtopia, I made some minor modifications to the recipe based on what I have learned so far from working my way through Jeffrey Hamelman’s book Bread, A baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes. I have learned lot and I am continuing to learn more from the book. I am still working on improving my techniques. I estimate I still have 1 year to finish trying all the recipes in the Miscellaneous Dough recipes section. This test run also gives me chance to test using my EmileHenry Round Bread Baker for my first time which I got for Christmas. I like the taste of this bread.
  6. Method worked very well. I included picture show pro dough hook in bowl so you can see how it extends to bottom of bowl. The other picture is the original dough hook and whip drive after using the cleaning method you described to clean both. It took work but was very effective at removing oxidation. I have two bowls for for Bosch Universal plus I can use one to make batch of dough and while I am cleaning bowl and dough my wife uses other bowl with whip drive with cake paddles and bowl scraper to make muffin batter.
  7. Thank you for sharing. My wife did that to my Bosch dough hook as well. After that incident I got a Pro Dough hook for my Bosch. It is Stainless Steel dishwasher safe and it doesn’t need dough hook extender because it has built in extender so I can do a single batch of 454 g dough. My wife now knows not to place drive or original dough hook into dishwasher.
  8. I have used Maple and Apple with good results. My most current batch used Maple Pellets. It was big hit this Christmas.
  9. I had to have it well done for Philippine side of family as they won’t eat beef medium rare. The meat is still very juicy and very tasty.
  10. For this roast I applied a dry brine and then sealed in 12x13” 3 mil chamber bag which vacuum sealed with my chamber vacuum sealer. I kept it in refrigerator for 3 days, On my Joe Jr. I partially roasted at 400-450 F for about 20 minutes and then I finished roasting in my Vision Classic which had been heat soaked and set for 250-275F. When middle was within 10 F of desired internal temperature I pulled off and wrapped with foil to all to get to desired temperature while resting. Both Kamado’s were set for indirect roasting.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone. Here is photo of BAGUETTES DE TRADITION that I made for my Italian Friend for Christmas. They came out of oven, close just a few minute after midnight. .
  12. I made some pizza tonight. The pizza dough used Yeasted pre-ferment. Recipe was located in the miscellaneous dough section of Jeffrey Hamelman’s book Bread, A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes. Nice tasting pizza dough. I used Apple Bourbon Honey Glaze for sauce and I put shredded rotisserie chicken on and then used Havarti cheese and pizza mozzarella. I baked the pizzas on my Kamado at 475-500F. This made very nice tasting pizza.
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