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  1. Looks delicious
  2. Dish looks very nice
  3. I like the look of the diamond cut.
  4. That looks great.
  5. I use roasted garlic in my pizza sauce. The sauce tastes much better with the roasted garlic.
  6. Great job on the table. Looks very nice.
  7. Looks good.
  8. Ribs look delicious
  9. Looks like a very delicious meal. Nice jog on the plating. It looks really good,
  10. That looks delicious
  11. Looks delicious
  12. I find because of the spaces in the Joetisserie that I have had to make a minor my vents settings. If I use my normal settings to 350 I end up closer to 400 so I make I minor adjustment and I reach 350 (330-360). I like you idea of foil in the space.
  13. If I do one chicken I use no drip pan, if I do two chickens I will use drip pan.
  14. I have had no issues with direct cooking on Kamado.
  15. Thank you for showing the pictures. I am thinking of getting stand so that I can reload my 30.06 ammunition. I need to do some bracking loads with 165 and 180 grain bullets, my plan is to see which load gets required velocity and best grouping. The 165 grain bullet would be used for deer and 180 grain I would be used for Elk and moose. I like the idea of stand because I can use in basement but move to garage once I have garage built, which will be a few years away. The rifle I use is a Remington model 700 BDL 30.06. I had the rifle glass bedded and also had trigger adjusted to 7 lbs pull to be safe for hunting but still allow for smooth trigger squeeze. I believe I have the same model of Dhillion press shown in your picture.