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  1. Looks delicious, glad it worked out. That was a different kind ketchup, even the Filipino ketchup is tomatoes based.
  2. I haven’t noticed any compromise in flavour but when I make sourdough baguette I feed for at least 1 week sometimes longer until I smell strong sour smell when I aerate starter. For baguettes I like stronger sour flavour. Even after 3 days there is decent sour smell when I aerate starter but, the smell gets stronger each day and then levels out usually after a full week.
  3. It is my dehydrated starter, I did this with the Gold Rush Sourdough starter along with the starter I made myself from whole wheat. I did this so I don’t have to feed it while in refrigerator or freezer. When I plan to make sourdough bread or pizza dough I plan ahead as it takes 3 days typically to resurrect to mother culture. I weigh out 20 g of the powdered dehydrated sourdough starter and hydrate with 20 g water. After 30 minutes to 1 hour I do first feeding cycle, I typically aerate twice a day, second day I feed again. Then on day 3 I am normal feeding cycle with removal of part before feeding. The longest it took me was 4 days but most time only 3 days. So when I plan to make, I start resurrection 4 day prior to my dough making day. In powder form it makes it easier for me to share starter. The second picture was starter that was ripe that I used for pizza dough earlier this week. When I am maintaining by feeding with making any dough I feel as I am wasting starter. With using dehydrated starter powder I am wasting much less.
  4. I spread it out thinly on parchment paper and let dry. If you use dehydrator still use parchment paper and kept temperature on unit at 95F. Once dry, I use spice mill bottom on nutribullet that I own to make into powder. I then put in a sterilized jar. I store in refrigerator but you can store in freezer.
  5. I have stored in my refrigerator my dehydrated sourdough starter that after dehydration,I made it into powder which is kept inside a sealed jar. When I need to use, it takes about 3 days to resurrect into mother starter. I weigh 20g out and place into container then I add 20g of warm water to rehydrate. Then after 30 minutes, I do a initial feeding. In morning I mix to aerate, in the evening I feed again with aeration. Then repeat aerating in morning, Then in evening I do some removal and feeding with aeration as normal cycle. Usually by day 3 or 4 I have active mother starter which I ensure is ripe before using in bread or my pizza dough. I will be resurrecting soon to do another dehydration as I gave my dehydrated starter a 1 year expiration which expires next month. It may be good longer but I wanted to be sure when I need I can resurrect in a few days, rather they trying to create from scratch. I do plan on trying to use fruit mash to get a different flavour sourdough starter later next month and if it is successful will dehydrate some to keep in refrigerator. Benefit of dehydration is I don’t need to feed it until I plan to resurrect some.
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