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  1. Grain properly stored can last 45 years and still be very nutritious.
  2. Had my first harvest of cherry tomatoes last night, 984 g almost 1kg. I ate some that ripened earlier but this was the first time I got harvest a decent amount. Before only two of three were ripe. Glad more ripened this time,
  3. Pizza tasted very good. I used my Joe Jr. to Roast the Chicken Reshmi Kebabs and used my vision Classic B to bake the individual pizza. For the cheese I used paneer cheese, extra old cheddar and pizza mozzarella. The sauce for pizza was the serving sauce for Chicken Reshmi Kebabs. This pizza will now be part of my pizza repertoire.
  4. I like KJ big lump, Recently been using delicious devil and I like it so far.
  5. As long was weather cooperates I should have decent harvest of San Marzano Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes towards end of August to middle of September. On mistake I made was I should have watched more closely when it was a lot smaller to prune regularly. I am pruning regularly but for indeterminate it is now very bushy because I didn’t prune regularly when it was much smaller, I should have checked everyday.
  6. Hot weather with high humidity makes it feel so much warmer, I agree your region is brutally hot. I wouldn’t be able to handle the heat in your area without air conditioning. Here I can’t justify getting air conditioning system as it wouldn’t be used for most of year. I don’t think we have experienced hot weather for more than 2 to 3 weeks out of whole year.
  7. Had both Kamado’s going along with Camp Chef explorer 2. I used my Kuhn Rikon Duromatic pressure cooker to quickly cook the baked potato which were then finished in Kamado to dry the potato skin. It was nice to do the cooking outside with the hot weather. Enjoy the photos.
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