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  1. Looking at the manual it looks like bottom vent is set at 1/4” and top vent showing 1/4 or 1/8 of first hole. I would recommend spending a day to determine response curve of your kamado. Here is a one way. Establish a fire for 7 to 10 minutes with both top and bottom vent fully open. Once 100 F reach close both vents 2/3 once 175 F reached close both vents by another 1/3 once 200 F shut both vents remaining 1/3 once 225 F for 30 minutes. Ensure bottom vent only about 1/4 open and open top vent a bit once 250 F reached wait 30 minutes adjust top to reach 275 wait 30 minutes, adjust again to reach 300 F, keep repeating unto top vent fully open once max temp reach at 1/4”open the close top vent. adjust bottom to 1/2”open the slightly open top vent once temp reach wait 30 minutes then adjust again. I did did this for both my kamado to learn which setting I need to reach certain temperature range. On my Vision Classic B if I want 250 my bottom vent would be on setting 2 and top vent setting 1. On my Joe Jr bottom vent would be 1/2” open with top vent slider opened to 1/2” with inner hole closed I would reach 250-275F.
  2. Looks delicious, corn not in season here until September/October
  3. Cast iron. Taste from stone was fine, but cast has better look for naan but taste very similar. Next batch I will try to roll a little thinner and maybe use 400 to 450F cast to get some air bubbles in naan. That way it would resemble traditional made one in tandoor oven. I will try Thursday/Friday as that is date I need to used by no later than Friday.
  4. Here is the rest of the dough done in more naan shape. Just finished . Used cast iron instead of pizza stone.
  5. I have prepped my dough, and I am currently heating my kamado up to 575 with pizza set up for naan baking. I used poolish style pre-ferment. I instead of have left over pre-ferment,I scaled up final dough recipe based on total weight of pre-ferment. For dough I used Greek whole milk yogurt. To pre-ferment add the Oil, yogurt, yeast and salt, mixed and rested to all active dry yeast to hydrate in mixture, then after resting I added fresh ground whole wheat flour one cup at a time until I add my calculate weight needed. Dough currently proofing, later I will be putting into 100 g balls and I will used my tortilla press to save some time. I will add more pictures once I have baked some. i just added the baked ones, taste is kind on nutty which I think is from the hard red spring gain that I milled for fresh whole wheat flour, Will have to try making more the naan shape, but I am happy with taste for first try,
  6. Happy Birthday John and many more,
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