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  1. My front camera didn’t pick up anything. Only back camera. If it had come on front side my camera would have picked it up in sky. My front camera can see sky while my back camera is trained just to be over the fence. That was how I was able to get Video for police that helped them catch catalytic converter thieves.
  2. It impacted somewhere in Edmonton, on the news they were asking people to look out for particles but they didn’t confirm if it hit inside or just outside of city, But based on flash over my home, it can’t be too far away from south east side.
  3. My security camera caught flash from meteor that hit somewhere in Edmonton area. Flash is near end of video. IMG_6255.MP4
  4. Why insurance companies like to write off car is they typically have a amount they are prepared to pay but if repair goes over what that are prepared to pay they write off car and pay less than repair. A number of years ago before I got my Prius V, I had older vehicle which was hit and run. The repair estimate was $2100 and had been $2,000 or less insurance company would have paid instead they wrote vehicle off and paid me $600 because they found adds with similar year and car being sold for $550 etc,
  5. Myself when use starter in charcoal I wait 10-15 minutes before I close my dome, I have bottom vent and top vent fully open and then I am about 50 degrees away from desired temperature , I set my vents to reach temperature I desire. Note: I spent one weekend temperature mapping my Kamado. So I look in my log to look up which vent setting to use, I am glad I did the temperature mapping. I always wait for thin pale smoke.
  6. That snow fall looked very wet and heavy. That was a very big snow fall.
  7. It was, my family liked it so much, that I made another 2 naan butter chicken pizza’s with the left over butter chicken and also made one Naan to use for last portion of butter chicken.
  8. I use Kuhn Rikon, pressure cookers they are Swiss Made. I really like them. Here is the big Bertha one I was using for pressure canning. All American makes very good pressure canner, Much larger than what I am currently using.
  9. This weekend I tested making Butter chicken recipe from Milk Street Book, ‘Fast and Slow’ by Christopher Kimball. Only change I made was use roasted garlic. I made the Naan Dough with Poolish method. I used a portion of Naan dough to make a Butter Chicken pizza. Here are the pictures of the final result, Both where very delicious.
  10. Citrtus-Fennel rotisserie chicken. This chicken was from farm and was much larger then what is normally in grocery store. You can see how much breast meat there is and size of legs and thighs. After marinating for 24 hours I rinsed off the marinate and air dried chicken in refrigerator for 24 hours then melted duck fat and applied rub and I cooked on rotisserie on my Kamado and I had two chunks of pecan wood mixed underneath charcoal. The meat is nice and juicy and taste is delicious. First time I tried this type of marinade, I would definitely make this marinade again for poultry. Th
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