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  1. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Kamado Joe Smoked Meatloaf

    Meatloaf looks delicious
  2. Rob_grill_apprentice

    SRF Wagyu Gold Brisket

    Great looking brisket.
  3. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Hello from southern tier NY

    Welcome to forum looking forward to seeing pics of your cooks.
  4. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Beef back ribs

    Great looking ribs
  5. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Alkaline bath failure

    This weekend I did test using higher alkaline bath on a test run of Apple, sugar, cinnamon preztels, The ratio I used was 2 cups of dehydrated baking soda and 7 cups of water. When I took the pretzels out of the oven they had nice dark brown colour I was anticipatating what I didn’t anticipate was the apple pieces sticking out of the dough Absorbed the baking soda solution and had a strong metallic taste. Inside the pretzel tasted great but outside the outer apple metallic tasting outside. I will try the higher alkaline bath with just normal pretzel dough which will be salted top pretzels. My test was testing how much Apple to add, I chopped apple into tiny cubes tossed in mixture of sugar and cinnamon then placed on parchment paper on cookie sheet and baked at 400 F for 10 minutes. The apple filling tasted great, I let it cool and placed in refrigerator overnight, Brought it out the next day weighed out the two amounts I was testing, once pretzel dough had been out of refrigerator for 1 hour I incorporated each apple portion into dough, I had to add extra flour because of the addition of roasted apple cubes increased hydration of dough. I wll will have to test again with my normal strength alkaline bath which used 2/3 cups dehydrated baking soda to 10 cups water and see if the apples pick up metal taste.
  6. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Catching Up on A Few Recent Cooks

    Looks delicious
  7. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Hurricane Florence

    Stay safe folks that is one big hurricane from imagery that I saw on weather report last night,
  8. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Paella for 10 anyone: 9 lbs matfer bourgeat paella

    That paella pan is Huge, looks like that would feed 12 people, maybe as many as 20. ,
  9. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Filipino Pandesal

    It is a sweet kind of dinner, breakfast bun which is typically eaten with sardines at lunch, dinner time or cream cheese if in morning, It is good with nothing on it as well.
  10. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Filipino Pandesal

    I had a special request from Inay via my wife as my Tagalog is very limited. Inay really likes my version of Pandesal better than what they get from store and was wondering when I as going to bake more. After hearing about the request on Saturday, I decided to do on Sunday because Saturday was Chicken Pot Pie day. I made a small batch and after cooling packaged into paper bags and delivered it yesterday evening. Here are some photos from yesterday’s batch as I baked it on my Kamado.
  11. Rob_grill_apprentice

    New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp

    Looks awesome.
  12. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Mango Chicken with Yellow Thai Curry Sauce served with Farro

    That looks delicious, that might be something my Filipino side of the family may like as well.
  13. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Chicken pot pie

    They were very tasty, this was first time with me making my own pastry flour. It might be just me but I am impressed how much better crust tasted with freshly milled flour from the soft white wheat grains. Next time I will also try making my own chicken stock. Goal would be to take pot pie to next level higher for taste.
  14. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Gotta love pizza

    Great looking pies
  15. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Chicken pot pie

    Today I used my Nutrimill to mill soft white wheat and then I used the sifter attachment for my Bosch Universal Plus and removed the bran. I used the flour to make Flaky pastry dough. Two of the five pies had bottom crust which I par-baked for 20 minutes. Unfortunately I didn’t make enough dough to do the bottoms for all 5 pies. I could have had the bottom crust a little thicker. I am happy with result, next time I wil make more pastry dough, Three of the pies only have crust on top. Also I could have used a bit more salt other everything was perfect.