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  1. Looks good. I like smoking cheese for 2&1/2 hours. I also found 2 hour's fine.
  2. Test run making Five-Grain Bread with Pate Fermentee. Taste is very good. I thought I had sunflower seeds but I didn’t so I used toasted sesame seeds in place of sunflower seeds. Happy with result. No picture of brotform loaf because I used expansion rack on Kamado and temperature gauge punctured one end of the loaf so appearance not nice. With baking loafs I shouldn’t use expansion rack. Small loaf baked on main rack.
  3. Brown Rice bread, test run. Happy with taste, crumb and texture. I should have stopped at 30 minutes instead I took off after 38 minutes. Bottom of both loaves charred. This is tasty recipe. If I hadn’t charred bottom it would have been perfect. Outside temperatures-28 C. Recipe is keeper. I like the taste of the bread.
  4. Those ones look a lot better than the original ones from the 70s.
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