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  1. The rain stopped the burning of the second stump, But you can see how much deeper I got into the root.
  2. First burn done. I might have to burn again as rain put out the fire as it started to get down into root. Feels like charcoal.
  3. That is why I use Kamado Joe starter or Looftlighter to light my charcoal. From my youth I Remember the taste of bbq lighter fluid and I would never cook over open flame made with lighter fluid.
  4. Here is what it looks like at 31 hour mark. I took photo of Celsius and Fahrenheit readings.
  5. Both were soaked with kerosene to ensure whole stump down into ground would burn out. Temp still hot. Stump getting lower, It looking like this process will take 48 hours or lower before first burn completed. I am hoping it doesn’t rain tonight,
  6. Looks like I might have to wait until Sunday to start second one. It was 200C /392 F before moving some ash off of the top and temp went up to 302C/576 F. This was after 23 hours.
  7. Almost 16 hours after still going strong. 294 C/561F.
  8. Stump has turned into charcoal and is burning at 400C, 752F. i got second stump soaked with kerosene and will put some more on tomorrow morning when first stump done, Then transfer ring to it and start the process over,
  9. I am in process of burning out tree stumps. My neighbour was kind and lent me the steel pipe to do the burning in. I started the first burn at 7 am this morning and have water hose near by. It was been raining lots and surrounding lawn grass is very wet. I used my IR gun center of ring was about 900 F was reading in middle and 500 to 600F is outer inside edge. Free use of pipe and the cost of Lump charcoal much cheaper than $300 per stump it would cost me to have done. Since I am stuck working from home, and the rain had finally stopped since yesterday,I decided to do this today. I will update after the first one is done.
  10. Well done. First time I have ever seen Tofu made.
  11. What kind of pizza dough where you using. For high temperature pizza napoletana dough is typically used thin crust with light coat of toppings and at 800-900 F they are done in 60 to 90 seconds.
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