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  1. Lamb looked very good. You will get there with the baking of sourdough bread. Here is pictures of my test run this past weekend. These loafs had 15% fresh Ground rye flour, base of other flour was hard white wheat ARW untreated flour.
  2. Don’t forget to add rolling pin to roll pasta dough to desired it thickness. Good pair hands and good prep surface no problem doing by hand. Just takes more time, ie kneading, rolling and cutting.
  3. I love tomato sandwiches. I made some fresh semolina angle hair pasta that I made so that thickness similar to spaghetti. Will be making meat sauce with ground pork and my own crushed tomato sauce.
  4. Welcome to forum . Enjoy cooking etc on your new Kamado.,
  5. Welcome to forum, lots of good info here
  6. Update, all Bread is now completely finished, none left. It was big hit with family so now 3 loafs will be made which will be ready Sunday as I retard loafs in refrigerator.
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