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  1. The chicken looks great. How big where those two chickens?
  2. Congratulations John.
  3. I wrap 3 chunks with foil and put small holes in bottom and place one on charcoal burning and position the other two further away from fire then place my meat on.
  4. Looks delicious.
  5. Looks very good.
  6. Very good for first attempt. Looks delicious.
  7. That looks like it excellent. Turned out perfect.
  8. Too bad it didn't function properly. Glad you got your money back.
  9. Great score
  10. Looking forward to seeing pics of your cooks.
  11. Buns look very good.
  12. Looks really good.
  13. Looks delicious. Looks like the buns turned out really well. Sandwich looks very good.
  14. Here is the cast grate in my Joe Junior. It fits perfect on top of fire ring. Heigher up using deflector set, ensure is grate on then you can rest on pins in top. I have attached two pictures showing the two positions.
  15. I use small big green egg cast grate. I will take a picture later today. It is 13".