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  1. New York-Style Sourdough Pizza Cubano, recipe from Kingarthurbaking website, I scaled down recipe down to 700g to make 2 thin crust pizzas as my initial test run. I made a modification to recipe instead of using 2.5% medium rye flour and 2.5% whole wheat flour, I used 5% whole rye flour. To support local businesses I got the pork shoulder and rub from Charlie’s Place in Sherwood park. I spilt the shoulder into 3 pieces. 1 piece I coated with avacodo mayonnaise, after rubbing with Salej Spice Sweet Heat seasoning I then chopped some rosemary and put some whole rosemary with chopped ros
  2. Welcome aboard, sorry about loss of BGE, the plus side is you will have a Kamado once your Big Joe II arrives.
  3. Looks delicious. I would never have thought of doing chips with rotisserie
  4. Looks tasty. If you had skakshuka on parchment paper, you likely could have transferred without disturbing the raw eggs on top, by dragging it off peel. With semolina on peel, you would have had to have eggs close by so after pizza has placed on your hot pizza stone to be able quickly crack eggs and place on area desired on skakshuka being careful so that no shell goes on top. I think I might have to give this a try with my sourdough pizza dough.
  5. I did a preliminary test run on making small scale batch for recipe I designed for sourdough baguette with 10% whole rye flour for only 2 baguettes. I will be doing larger batch for 4 baguettes to be ready for my official taste tasters to be ready for Saturday morning. I weigh out 320g per baguette before shaping etc, My shaping has improved significantly from last year, but I still see room for improvement in regards to shaping and scoring. The crust was nice and crisp, crumb very good, this baguette recipe tastes very good.
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