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  1. I set up my Vision Classic B like this. I use Joe classic sized divide and conquer system with with deflectors and with expansion rack with pizza stone on top.
  2. Looking forward to seeing the dinner pictures when they are ready, burger looks delicious
  3. I did a Preztel test run using hard red spring wheat which was freshly milled and then I then Sifted out the bran. The main test was by applying alkaline by spray rather than dipping to 30 in hot alkaline bath. My used dehydrated baking soda to make my alkaline mixture. I heated to 160f and then sprayed pretzel and pretzel balls with it. I used coarse sea salt for pretzels and cinnamon/sugar for pretzel balls. I baked them on my Vision Classic b set up with pizza stone. I refrigerated dough ball for 32 hours before making pretzels and balls. I need to relax the dough more when I am stretching out for pretzel shaping. My co-workers liked the pretzels and pretzel balls. The pretzel balls were liked the most, So I will be making those for upcoming bake sale fundraiser where the proceeds will Be split between the 2 charities that the company is supporting for this year. This was test scale. For actual run will be 4 to 5 kg of dough.
  4. I love sugar maple smoke with pork. The nachos look awesome
  5. It was nice seeing the comparison pictures.
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