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  1. I have stored in my refrigerator my dehydrated sourdough starter that after dehydration,I made it into powder which is kept inside a sealed jar. When I need to use, it takes about 3 days to resurrect into mother starter. I weigh 20g out and place into container then I add 20g of warm water to rehydrate. Then after 30 minutes, I do a initial feeding. In morning I mix to aerate, in the evening I feed again with aeration. Then repeat aerating in morning, Then in evening I do some removal and feeding with aeration as normal cycle. Usually by day 3 or 4 I have active mother starter which I ensure is ripe before using in bread or my pizza dough. I will be resurrecting soon to do another dehydration as I gave my dehydrated starter a 1 year expiration which expires next month. It may be good longer but I wanted to be sure when I need I can resurrect in a few days, rather they trying to create from scratch. I do plan on trying to use fruit mash to get a different flavour sourdough starter later next month and if it is successful will dehydrate some to keep in refrigerator. Benefit of dehydration is I don’t need to feed it until I plan to resurrect some.
  2. Bread looks very good. I see you also have a Bosch Universal Plus, it is an awesome mixer. Does very good job for kneading bread with dough hook. Open face steak sandwich looks awesome and delicious.
  3. Earlier this year I bought camp chef explorer 2 from Cabela’s when they had a good sale. I also bought the Camp Chef italia Artesian pizza oven 60 accessory. I have practiced using the pizza accessory the past 2 months making pizza on it, to understand how to use it effectively to get my desired look. I wanted a portable option for making pizza while going car camping. On a cold day with high winds I made some calzones and I struggled to keep temperature over 350F in high winds with single degrees C temperature while keeping setting of burner at medium. I didn’t take any pictures because although the calzones tasted good, I didn’t have the colour on top that I wanted, Yesterday was also single temp C temperatures but this time no wind, I was able to use same settings and maintain 600F temperature. The Pizza was hit at the lake with my friends. Photos I have attached are from tonight’s run. Today one of my sons requested pork lovers sourdough pizza. I used fried up medium Italian sausage, chopped up Black Forest ham and chopped upApple smoked Bacon which I had crisped up. The cheese I used was extra old cheddar cheese with my homemade crushed tomato pizza sauce. It turned out as good combination. I would highly recommend the camp chef oven with the pizza accessory. It is a nice option if you like pizza. I still have to try planked fish on it. I recommend practicing with it to understand how to get results you desire for pizza before taking it camping. One of the things I need to do to get cheese browned was after bottom of pie done, that I had to lift pie up close to dome for a couple of minutes. I never had to do this in my kamado. Glad I now have pizza option for car camping and that I practiced using it to understand how to be successful. Here are some pictures from tonight pizza.
  4. It about making sure nothing gets contaminated.
  5. Interesting way of doing rotisserie. Looks very good. I am going to have to try that.
  6. Yup. Two pieces of pecan wood chunks and juices dripping on charcoal. Temp was 450F. Taste was very good.
  7. Here is a better picture after the lessons I learned.
  8. Here is a picture showing two birds. Lesson I learned was to use pliers to make screws tight on forks. Also learned to not use drip pan. It got dumped and made a much larger fire.
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