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  1. Nice. And then you don't have any unburned wood chunks to throw off the flavor of your next cook. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  2. Love the colors, the school, and the table. A GA Tech fan would be in the engineering phase of the build for at least another year. A Florida fan would have to install a hook for his jorts. A Carolina fan would have to make it a chicken free cooking zone. An Auburn fan would just go down to the jail house and recruit a table. Now that I have upset half the users...... Go Dawgs. Just kidding about the schools any football fan is a friend of mine.
  3. Heck some grills, some brews, and some meat would work for me. (the swimsuit models would of course make it better).
  4. My parents had one and had the same things to say about theirs. Very slow cooker....not ideal for wide ranges of temps. It was seldom used. See that sort of bumms me out. They always advertised them as the best thing since sliced bread. Glad I never forked out the money back in the day.They are, if that is what you like. Judging by your last purchase, that ain't what you like!
  5. The coloration on the inside seems normal to me. My Big Joe does it on about every cook over 450f. I never thought anything about it. That much moisture would have to be from something soaking it. Seems like if you heated saturated ceramic it would steam out and not condensate in the ash pit. Sounds like a jealous neighbor sabotage.
  6. Welcome. Post pics of you good cooks, heck even your bad ones.
  7. Hollands are made near my home town. They are well made grills, and I have owned one and sold it. It is more of an outdoor oven. They are terrible if you like char or sear. You can't really push them over 450 degrees. I know people that swear by them, but they are also the people that think coal is too much work.
  8. That looks awesome. How many families are you feeding... Or what countries are you sending relief food too. That is a beast.
  9. The 11th commandment, do not covet thy neighbors grill. Congrats!
  10. Well well, there goes my feeling of all is right with the world........ Cause now I want one of those!
  11. Buy the grill! I have never heard on anyone regretting buying a kamado.
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