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  1. Hello All This morning I went to the local farmers market and found a booth promoting there BBQ sauce. I'm always looking to try something new. More often than not I'm not to impressed. Today however I hit the jackpot!!!! this stuff was so good as soon as I returned home I fired up the grill and made burgers to put it on. The company is MotorCity Barbecue. They have 4 different sauces. I bought one of each. I tried 3 of them. The 4th is the super hot one and I'm not into that but some of my family are. If you get a chance check this stuff out. It's only $7.00 a bottle
  2. Hello everybody a friend of mine went duck hunting and gave me some of the duck and challenged me to Kamadoize them.So I turn to you my fellow guru's to find a tried and true way to cook the Malard.I have been told each type of duck cooks and tastes different.
  3. This last Sunday I made my first pizza's on the grill. I reviewed many post and great advice from many of you and it paid off. I held my temp around 550 and used an extended rack to raise the stone upin the grill. The pies were done just right for my family in 8 minutes. Pizza number 2 came out just as well 5 pizza's in all
  4. I used whisky barrel wood chips and low and slow for 6 hours.
  5. Hey thanks they will be on the party menu for next week.
  6. I opened the kamado and was wafted with smoke. When I entered the house my wife said hey you smell good! So I responded with its my new cologne Ole Smokie by Kamado! !!! Lol
  7. Hey Edsland we have a winter storm on us right now. Suck it up and show mother nature the kamado can't be stopped brother. Have a great game day
  8. Going to be a great grill day. Started smoking the salmon at 7 am. When that is done a fun variety of finger foods and to finish some bacon and bourbon burgers. Have a great day all
  9. Thank you everyone for your input. Happy grilling
  10. Allycat i'm wanting to grill it or do it brisket style
  11. Has anyone done a beef roast on the grill not in a crock pot?
  12. I have 3 cooks planned for this coming week snow be dammed
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