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  1. What a lovely thing to say. Thank you. As I said. My background is fine dining cookery and then equipment sales. Kamado's are new to me and I feel very lucky to have found such a good bunch to help me with getting to grips with a new way of cooking. A wise man once told me that only the dead have nothing more to learn so all methods and recipes shared is always a positive thing. I have no secret ingredients in my recipe. Food shouldn't be a secret. Forums like this keep everyone sharing. I like that a lot. Cheers Mmmmm
  2. You've largely described the auto industry, among a number of others. The devil's in the details as they say. You can't reinvent the wheel as they say
  3. Yes it is a fixed welded piece, that drops into the place were a standard fire grate would be. Then all you need to do is fill and light one or both sides depending on desired set up.
  4. Thats the one dude. I love how manufacturing works. I worked for the biggest manufacturer of combi steamers and multifunctional bratt pans in the world (Rational and Frima) Their factories are amazing, everything is tip top but many components are outsourced, its not viable to manufacturer 100% of your finished product under one roof. It would be insane, like a furniture manufacturing company also growing and felling the trees all on one site. No sense and not economically viable. Think about this, charcoal is from wood and no Kamado company makes their own from their own trees, just sources a product and bags and tags it.
  5. My belly dictates me being unable to mountain bike for toffee, but I do enjoy having a look, used to BMX as a teen!
  6. Bferne This is how we do http://www.monolith-grill.de/en/monolith_lechef
  7. It's all good. Nice one dude. Let's kill this thread, my pork is in and needs some attention. Haha. See you in another thread. Mike
  8. Dave Monolith and KJ are decent stand on their own products,no rip off's there. I couldn't comment on Vision, they are not in the UK that I have seen. The stands are shared across a couple of manufacturers, generally the ceramics are made by one factory and stands are contracted out, this is standard in nearly all major manufacturing. Apple make phones and laptops in China but use Korean hard drives etc, all outsourced parts are pieced together in one place. Less obvious in the inner workings of a phone than the obvious same stand scenario that has happened here. The smaller and larger monolith's have different stands and the classic medium sized with get the same stand early 2015.
  9. Thanks CeramicChef. Will post some pics for you laters. Got some pork in now. Probably doing an overnight on that so tomorrow!
  10. Thanks for your comments guys, both positive and constructively critiquing, Bferne especially appreciate your honesty! Perhaps Bferne, you are right, I could have mentioned it first thing in the introduction that I am the importer, however I signed to the forum late last night UK time, said a brief hello and that was virtually it, the second anything has been challenged about who I or Monolith are, I have coughed up, so I don't think I have hidden away from anything. It wasn't even a direct challenge to who I am, I offered the info and did so as I just wish to be friends. On your other points, I meant no offence by anything I said, and I agree that "unwarranted insults levelled against other companies" shouldn't happen, I do not think that I did this and have even stated that that wasn't my style. I believe there is a place in the market for everyone, all competition is healthy and also as you said companies like BGE have paved the way for all that have followed. No BGE didn't invent Kamado cooking but I do believe that they have been the single greatest influence in making the scene what it is today. There is no denying or escaping that. As for the use of the term "Chinese knock off's" I am sorry that you do not like this. However it is not an insult, racial or otherwise to anybody, Chinese or otherwise. It is a fact though my friend, that it is evident in all countries that there is original product, and then knocked off/copied/imitated products. China being the brilliant manufacturing nation that it is is obviously rife with both original and knocked off. I come from the UK, home of Only Fools and Horses, the Great British dodgy market dealings, British knock off's account for a large chunk of our economy and I do not see that as a bad thing, again as I said, there is a place for everything, and at the end of the day, everyone has a different budget. Please accept a further apology if I have left anything else out, in the meantime, lets not sweat the small stuff, again we are all here for one thing, to share appreciation for all Kamado's and the cooks we get from them.
  11. Seems like it. Just like the Sapphire, which is also Auplex-made right? I believe they are all Auplex made. Just slightly different designs. Same cart as a Vision from the looks of it. Look at the stones and grids.....look familiar? How can they get away with using the same designs? They look like KJ stones to me. Don't tell anyone it may break their hearts. Dave Hi Guys and girls Ok so I will clear a few things up... Auplex is a rip off of the Monolith. Monolith have been around a while in Germany and a few other European locations and have done really very well, almost as soon as they launched Auplex ripped them off, not even BMW and other major car manufacturers are safe from Chinese knock offs. I have pictures of the Auplex next to a Monolith, taken during a trip to the factory and they are very different, for a start the ceramic shells are half as thick and after 5 cooks the firebox cracks. The metal work is also really bad, the Monolith is clearly the better unit As for Sapphire... they, along with Kamado Joe started using the same factory's as Monolith in China a few months later and started to produce the same sort of units as Monolith. Both Sapphire and KJ focused on the American/Canadian market and Monolith on the European markets. None of the 3 companies at the time had intent to cross borders of the other, and so the similarities never seemed terribly important. As Monolith grew in Europe and KJ grew in the the US and Canada, Monolith decided there was no room for a third party and had Sapphire fired out of the factory leaving just Monolith and KJ at the party. The Sapphire grills now sold are made in another factory, very different and not as well made. The grills they now sell are different to the images they have on the websites, and are now not the same as the Monolith's. Sorry to waffle, I sell catering equipment and have been a chef for 14 years, so I tend to know these things. Oh, and so I don't get busted at a later date for being misleading or a bit of an imposter, I am also the owner of Monolith Grill UK. I am here to share recipes and cook, and make friends with like minds, naturally I am biased about my product but I am not here to talk trash about my competitors, that is not my style at all. Both Green Egg and Kamado Joe are doing well in the UK and for good reason. Thanks guys, if still allowed and wanted I will post my cooks and recipes, I will give advice and I am sure I will damn well need some in return as although I have been a cook for 14 years, owned a restaurant and worked michelin star, these Kamado's are somewhat new and exciting to me. I will also certainly spread the word of this fine forum to other cheffy friends and cooks I know who have a passion for BBQ and Kamado's as I am sure we are all here for one thing, to learn through sharing. Thanks Peace Mike PS, Yes it is a smoke tray loader thingy in the lower centre, its really helpful when you want to add chips/pellets every 20 mins or so, you do not need to lift the lid of your Kamado and lose precious heat and smoke, it drops the pellets straight onto the coals. (Sorry product plug over)
  12. Hey thank you so much, you guys are really speedy on here at getting stuff done.
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