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  1. John, Did you have any issues with grease dripping from the butt into the coals?? Thanks!
  2. Jeff, What is with the non-KK half moon grates on the main grate under the stone?? (just caught my eye)
  3. I have been experimenting with chicken breasts and sous vide, trying to get better tasting result. One of the experiments has proven to be a winner. I take the boneless, skinless chicken breasts and put them into a freezer zip lock bag. I pour my different marinade into the bags, fully covering the meat and then seal them getting a much air as possible out of the zip lock bag (it is easy with the amount of liquid in the zip lock). Then I vacuum seal the meat (in the ziplock) with my Foodsaver machine. I put the finished package into the freezer. When we figure out what flavor chicken we want that evening, I put the frozen meat package into the SV at around 135*F. and usually keep it in the bath for about 3 hours. I take the meat out, cut off the vacuum bag and carry out the zip lock bag to the grill and throw it on for a quick sear. I have found that the taste of the marinade goes all the way into the center of even the biggest the chicken breasts. The sear adds a nice flavor and you can throw on a little smoking wood if you desire! Is one little extra packaging step but you don't have to worry about the vacuum sealer sucking up the marinade. Have found that salad dressing works great as a cheap marinade. Zesty Italian dressing is great. Vidalia vinaigrette is also excellent. It is a quick and tasty way of cooking that works great for us.
  4. I had the same problem with bland tasting chicken no matter what I did. Probably not what you want to hear but my solution was/is sous vide cooking my chicken in liquid marinade for 3 hours.......now I have the flavor of my choice in the center of the lean meat. Edit - Always throw it on the kamado after the SV.
  5. We use our SV all the time. If it died today, I would have another on order tomorrow!
  6. Was able to pick up a Weber "Char Q" before they discontinued it a few years ago. Same size as original Q but with no side shelves and designed to burn standard briquettes. Decent air control and It burns lump like a champ. Great for camping / boating / tailgating.
  7. An electrician would love that addition! Nice work. Once you paint them black, They will look even better!!!
  8. David, I have a makeshift charcoal basket (fry basket) and it is really handy to dump the coals after cooking and cool down the JR quickly. Might want to invest in one. Jon
  9. Move mine all the time...........same as Rak.and Freddyj (all pieces inside).
  10. Jon B.

    Big News!

    Having had the pleasure of meeting Rak in person, breaking bread with him and talking to him many times on the phone/e-mail..........................this new job could have have happened to a nicer guy!!!!!! Kamado Joe just hit a home run in Canada! What a wonderful compliment to his recovery from the medical issues and starting a new chapter in life! Rak, If you are anywhere near the New York border, let me know and I'll drive up and help do some cheer-leading. So happy for you and the family
  11. Treat Mom Right This Mother's Day! (get her the grill you always wanted) (just trying to help )
  12. Big Welcome from Syracuse, NY!!!!! You are going to love your KJ.
  13. As a life long "stink-potter"......................, all I can say (with admiration) is......."Where does the outboard motor go?" Way too much work for this old fossil fuel burner!!!!!!!!
  14. Nice cook!! (that KJ Jr is one sweet little kamado)
  15. To address this point, I am pretty sure KJs are rated to 750 F. No problem with 700 F. Just a personal preference.................... to preserve the fire box and gaskets....................but a lot of guru's do cook at 700* with no problems. .
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