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  1. Got it working with the help of my brother in law. The push lock fittings were leaking replaced with brass fittings and hose clamps. pegs the gauge now.
  2. So far, not as lucky with mine. It came crated but looked like it was handled roughly. Some hoses were disconnected and a power wire was ripped loose. It's working , but it's not generating enough negative pressure in the chamber. There is a slit in the gasket that goes around the lid, I think it's leaking there. Can you tell if your gasket is 1 solid piece with no seam? Also, I could be slightly over filled on oil, could that be a factor?
  3. John, just bought one of these on ebay based on your positive experience, it looks different than yours( hopefully an updated version). I hope it works as well.
  4. I've already got a Vision kamado that I'm pretty happy with; but I saw a good price on a new classic Joe($600). Hard to pass up a bargain. I've had to replace my gaskets on my Vision , which honestly was pretty simple. I just got to wondering how long the wire mesh gaskets are lasting?
  5. tried to post photo, taken on my oneplus 6t. It's 3.4 mb and is jpg format.
  6. 6 hours cold smoke ( it was 20 F this am), used amnps on the bottom of vision grill with ice pan on bottom rack. I iced bath for 30 minutes in plain water after dry brine in fridge for 60 hours. I didn't really wait on a pellicle, but I did air dry on a rack for as long as I could stand. My temp never got above 70 f. in the kamado. It's a little salty, but delicious, my wife even liked it ( I explained twice that is was uncooked).
  7. ://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipO7jFlFVLafCrzqo7HaIIZodpe2JsH65OzS2rHm
  8. I guess that's where my confusion lies. I know almost no recipes call for nitrites, I just didn't know if plain old kosher salt and sugar where enough to inhibit C. Botulinum. It must be fairly safe, you almost never hear of someone getting sick from smoked fish. Next time I'll skip the plastic wrap, juice was seeping out, I removed the plastic and squeezed off the juices back into the bag, but a lot of dill stuck to the plastic. It smells good right now. Like fresh fish and dill.
  9. I'm trying it with 2 pink salmon fillets( frozen). Each weighed 1.25 lbs. I used 1/4 cup kosher salt, 1/4 cup white sugar, about a tablespoon of dried dill and a level 1/2 tsp of prague powder 1. I put some cure on some plastic wrap, placed a fillet skin down, more cure on top, cure on flesh side of second fillet , stacked it flesh side to flesh side( head end to tail end) and last of the cure on top. Wrapped up and then into ziplock. Plan on cold smoking Wednesday, I'll rinse it Tuesday night and let it dry on rack in fridge overnight. If this turns out good, I'll try sockeye next.
  10. Thanks for the replies, I guess the only time I would be worried about pathogens would be during the time the salmon was in the " danger zone" temp wise (during cold smoke). I think I'll try a variation of the cure recipe and post the results.
  11. I've been wanting to try making this for a couple years. I've seen a ton of recipes, almost none call for curing salt( Prague powder 1). Is the risk of botulism close to zero in salmon? I buy some pretty good (imo) cold smoked salmon at Sam's for a reasonable price, don't want to make anyone ill. Thanks Tom
  12. Haha, you are correct. My vision is pretty stingy on fuel though. Plus I usually just top off my charcoal and reuse, unless I'm doing a 12 hour brisket. I'd have to quit work to burn 180 lbs of charcoal this summer. Starting to sound like a good idea
  13. Bought six bags today, that should easily get me into 2019
  14. My vision shelves both split and broke, I went without for a few months but I do find them handy. I found some large 1/2 inch thick cutting boards at sams for $8/each. Traced and cut with jig saw and reused original hardware. I'm not sure how well they'll hold weight( I would prefer the support to extend the full width of the shelf), probably not uv resistant( neither were the originals). Should be easier to clean/bleach. Btw, I have had a phoenix gas grill with hdpe side shelves since 1997( fully supported). Stainless grill is starting to deteriorate, but the shelves clean up well( white also
  15. Hworx, I copied your design exactly. I cut my legs to 19 inches. Didn't even paint the legs. It was $20 in parts and should make it harder for someone to walk away with. Very happy with the results. Stable, no wobble. I bought the Jr for my son, but I had to "season it' before I let him take it. I really like the jr, lights fast and uses almost no lump, perfect for 2 people. My only complaint about the Jr, was installing the lid handle, pretty sure I stripped those screws. Thanks for the how to
  16. unable to upload finished product, I'll see if I can resize
  17. Yeah,I guess it's not a spectacular deal. We usually have the 4kg bags for $ 6 something, but they're usually smashed and beat up. I guess i was just excited that it's time to get outside and start grilling
  18. red bags, its all ive seen in arkansas. and yeah theyre 8 kg or 17.6 something pounds . the price is $9.94 plus tax in arkansas
  19. Grabbed 2 of the 17.5 lb bags of royal oak at walmart just now. Havent opened yet, but they were on top of new pallets in grocery section, not smashed or beat up. i assume they have these in the regular outdoor side as well. pretty good price on decent lump. I keep hoping i can figure out which royal oak is made at the old ozark oak plant. May get more at that price
  20. It's kind of funny, in this case a picture is not worth a thousand words. The cast iron griddle is larger than the pizza stone. The griddle was over the intense heat for an hour or so,and the 13 inch pizza stone appears unharmed. I'm thinking of adding another larger stone purely for heat deflecting on high heat cooks
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