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  1. Make sure to post some after pics. What part of S.C. you in?
  2. I usually go around 250 indirect for around 3 hours. I usually fli them about every 30-45 minutes depending on how they are looking. Skin gets crispy, then toss in sauce.
  3. Yes. They come in a bag in the poultry section.
  4. I cook the wings around 250-275 with the smoking Stone in place. I flip them about every 45-60 minutes as well as rotate the Akorn grill grate depending on where I see hottter spots based on the wings cooking. I like my wings crispy, so I usually have them on the grill for 3 hours again depending on how they look. This renders the fat down that is in them, the skin is crispy, and they have a slight smoker flavor which I really love. I do not season them with any seasoning, as they always get tossed in my sauces (I use to fry wings until I tried them this way). I get the wings from Kroger in Aiken, SC.
  5. Finished product. Left side are buffalo style, right is teriyaki. I keep running wing sauces in the fridge. The buffalo sauce is Louisiana brand base, unsalted butter, and what ever spices I have on hand. The teriyaki is the KC Masterpiece honey teriyaki marinade thinned out with kikkoman teriyaki sauce. The wing chips are just potatoes.
  6. Dang they look good. Making my stomach growl.
  7. Cooking 5 lbs of flats for dinner the next few days. Just my better half and I.
  8. The brisket was delicious. The wife really liked it. She thought it was going to be corned beef brisket. Yes good old fried fat back. They are really good if you like collards, and corn bread. We used bacon this time.
  9. A collard sandwich is when you take two hoe cakes (thin fried cornbread), and put a heaping mound of collards between them along with fat back, and a hot pepper. I used bacon instead of fat back, and no hot pepper. My wife introduced me to the collard sandwich. My best guess is that it is an eastern North Carolina thing. Try it sometimes, I thought she had flipped her lid the first time she mentioned them to me.
  10. Finished product. Gonna have some collard green sandwiches with this.
  11. The brisket cooked really fast. Took about 5 hours. It is a small 3.5lb flat. Got it wrapped in foil, and a towel. Gonna have it for dinner later.
  12. Just put a small flat on the Akorn. Used a homemade rub with only coarse kosher salt, coarse black pepper, and Seatle's Best number 5 dark roast coffee. The wife has her reservations about brisket (she is from eastern NC), but she agreed to try it this time. Hopefully all goes well.
  13. Welcome aboard. My brother lives in Easley, as well as a cousin. Go TIGERS!!!!
  14. Just received my jr. Ordered it this past Monday evening.
  15. Nice looking ribs Marshall! You need to bring some of them bad boys down to Grovetown with ya next week! Cooked of course!
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