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  1. Ckreef doesn't need to apologize. I am good lots of people had wonderfull suggestions. While I don't think I had an attitude, maybe some people think I do/did. BTW This is the view from my kitchen window, they have their little chargriller right behind that bush, just outside of their patio awning. So unless the wind is blowing east through my yard smoke gets trapped between the two houses. All I want is for them to move the smoker 10 ft east from where it is so its next to their fire pit. This will give the smoke a chance to drift down the alley and in front of my garage where I dont care about air flow/quality. Also, the original tenants had fires in their pit all the time and never smoked me out of my house. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Mr Cue thanks for that link I am going to check it out, and send them an email and see if they have anything that works for my swamp cooler. I don't know how to find out who the owner of the house is and that is another thing I am using my brother for, he's pretty savvy about that sort of stuff.
  3. It is funny how many people got upset because I mentioned my brother who is a lawyer with a background in codes/ordinances that doesn't mean taking them to court or litigation. A lawyer is a resource for finding and interpreting information to help with a situation, there are a lot of things I don't know about as far as my rights, and the local codes/ordinances go. I ask him about these things cause he is an expert, and can help me deal with this correctly. I could try and google ordinances/codes but thats like trying to google your medical condition and play doctor. As for posting on here, my reference about classy BBQ guru's wasn't to call out any one on this forum it was just me talking petty crap on my neighbors, sorry if I offended anyone here. This forum has always been a great resource on the topic of smokers/kamado's, and I read several very well thought our replies here that I think are great advice and I will give a try.
  4. Let me get this straight. You have neighbors that are totally into Q and you're complaining about that?You are the neighbor most of us would hate to have. Complaining about Q smoke. I would give you the same response. I don't know what a swamp cooler is but if you can't close your windows and doors and keep the smells out of your house I think you need a different cooling system. With that system I would end up smoking myself out. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk hate to be that guy but have to see ck's point on this one...first time you meet is to lodge a complaint and already talking lawyers? you're probably the nicest guy but im kinda glad we don't live next door to each other lol. I would rather talk with lawyers aka my brother to know what my options are (He was a county attorney and now about codes and ordinances), sometimes I am not very diplomatic. One of the reason I posted here was to see if any classy bbq folk had this problem as the offender and find out how they worked it out. Hell I even offered to buy pavers or flagstone to help them make a place for it in a different spot. I think the guy would have been cool but his millennial woman was nothing but attitude.
  5. I would gladly move my Kamado if my smoke was bieng sucked into someones house.
  6. I ll need a tall fan but thats an idea!!!! I was really hoping to finally have some decent neighbors!
  7. The big problem is I have a swamp cooler, its only air tight when you winterize it :( and I don't know if they are breaking any laws but... My brother is a lawyer with a strong back ground in county codes/enforcement I might ask him if there is anything I can do? I know they are renters and more than likely won't be around for ever, but I was kind of shocked at their response.
  8. Gurus, I need some advice. Recently some new people have moved in next door to me. Yesterday I noticed my house smelled like smoke, I look over their fence and see a chargriller barrel smoker puffing away, I think sweet new neighbors like BBQ too, not so sweet its being sucked into my house by the swamp cooler. I went next door to introduce myself and ask them about moving the smoker to another side of the yard so the smoke doesn't drift between our houses and her response was "No this is how we like to cook, sorry for your inconvenience". I thought her response was pretty rude and I explained to her I am not asking you to not smoke, I just want to see if there is a place where you can move your smoker so it doesn't permeate my house. Fortunately, my Kamado is set up on the south patio of my house which faces the open street so I have yet to be the person who offends the neighbors. Have any of you been the ones whose smoke has drifted into neighbors homes? if so how did you remedy the issue? or am I asking too much to see if they could move their smoker? Thanks Keith
  9. Awesome! I've been doing smashed chicken burgers for my pseudo health kick.
  10. Gurus, need some advice. I thought I bought a 13 lbs butt, after taking it out of cryopack its two pieces and a little flappy where the bone was. My original plan was to set up the KJ at 250° and start between 6/8 pm and let it go over night. Should I still treat this as a 13 lbs cook? Or should I treat these as 8 and 5 lbs butts and start them later n the evening? My goal was to pull them from Kamado around 10-12 tomorrow morning and place them in a cooler till guests arrive tween 2-3. Thanks n advance.
  11. X2, I brine them for 24 hours then cook them direct around 400
  12. Tuned in for this one :-) What dome temp ya cooking at? I usually do 400-425 no heat deflector https://www.instagram.com/p/-9-vQLKgCb/
  13. Got my griddle heating up for some chicken smash burgers right now!
  14. I usually do direct heat top position 400-425, I place my meat ball on the griddle for 1 minute, then I smash it and let it cook for 4 minutes then flip and cook another 4-5 minutes.
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