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    Do you have a setting in your browser preferences to not keep cookies, or to delete them upon closing the app? Forum software usually relies on a persistent cookie saved on your computer to show your login status.
  2. We have those all over the place here in AZ and I used to see them in Southern CA also. Got stung in the hand by one in the Southern CA desert when I was a kid and they ain't lying about the sting - that sucker hurt! They don't usually mess with humans, I'd be a lot more worried about Africanized bees (which we also have out here) than Tarantula Hawks. Africanized bees are very aggressive and people have died from being attacked by them. [ETA:] And I'll gladly live with Tarantula Hawks AND Africanized bees (and even throw in the scorpions we have here) over -35C winters!
  3. I've used the Maverick on a number of my cooks and it's been my experience that once the temp stabilizes, dome temp and grill temp are within a couple/few degrees of each other. I still put the grill probe in sometimes, but I've gotten hit & miss about it since I don't feel it's really necessary. I do still use the Maverick for the internal meat temp, though.
  4. You're lookin' mighty lean and mean these days, John - congrats and great job! I enjoy the "ritual" of kamado cooking - it's an opportunity to escape from the hustle-bustle and enjoy the journey before enjoying the destination. Besides which, the KJ holds temp so well and will burn so long that the cooking part is virtually effortless! Do the food prep and get the kamado lit, put the food on, then relax with some tunes, a cold drink and maybe a good cigar while Big Joe does all the work.
  5. You've already fallen down the rabbit hole, Philpom!
  6. ^ Exactly what I was thinking. If I was choosing one to eat, it would be carne asada all the way, all the time. But for a contest, where presentation certainly plays into it, the jerk shrimp taco wins out of the three, IMO. It would probably also make the biggest impression flavor-wise if it were similar to the "one bite" sampling at a BBQ competition.
  7. KJ doesn't specify or recommend it, but it certainly couldn't hurt anything.
  8. I'll bet you could get an inferno raging in no time with that thing huffing through the bottom vent!
  9. Congrats Philpom - beautiful 'scope! Looks like the bug bit you quickly, you've found yet another rabbit hole. When you get a chance, aim your telescope at the second star in Orion's sword (Theta Orionis) and check out M42 (the Orion Nebula) - it's easy to find and a beautiful view! Also - go to http://www.skymaps.com/ and you can download really neat monthly Evening Sky Maps to help with your observing. They show you what's in the sky every month and also have guides to what things are visible to the naked eye, through binoculars, and through telescopes. Very helpful aids!
  10. When I was a kid, my dad was grilling steaks for dinner one evening and my brother and I were out playing in the yard. I suddenly heard my dad yelling at our dog, and saw the dog running away from the grill with one of the steaks in his mouth. The scene was comical and I started laughing, but it quickly became a lot less funny when my dad said "Go ahead and laugh, smart guy - that was your steak!".
  11. I love Marcela's products. She has a whole line of pre-cooked meals, along with tortillas and a few other goodies. Her stuff is about as authentic Mexican as you can get in pre-cooked foods, and very good quality.
  12. Great looking tacos! Carne asada is always the bomb, but fresh made tortillas add the coup de grace to that meal. I also love using the Mexican crema instead of sour cream, and cilantro is a must. Nicely done!
  13. Great looking ribs, I'd say you hit it out of the park on your first at-bat! Once you get the hang of cooking ribs the way you like them, you'll never be satisfied with ribs from a restaurant again! I almost never order ribs when we're eating out because I know it's a 99% chance they'll be a letdown. The best part is, you can spoil all your friends and family members too, then hear about it every time they try ribs from somewhere else.
  14. I go by the bend test also. Pick them up in the middle of the rack with tongs, the bark should crack and the rack should bend/droop almost 90 degrees. I've found it to be the most reliable indicator of doneness. If you let them go a little longer, they'll start to fall right off the bones when you pick them up with tongs.
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