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  1. Quick question about ambient temperature when smoking. So when doing a low and slow smoke for anything from ribs to brisket I get my temperature up to what I like either 225 for brisket or 200 for my first three hours for ribs. I just want to know what everyone else does after first putting your meat on the grill. Even though meat is at room temp or maybe a little cooler, my ambient temp drops by about 15 degrees. Do y’all wait for temp to gradually come back up with the settings used to settle in or do you open vents up to get temp back up a little more quickly? Funny how you can consider yourself more of an intermediate BBQ guy, but then you start to question yourself about something like this and I’m back to feeling like a newb, lol.
  2. I just did a 15 lb brisket yesterday. Filled my pit up with charcoal and was able to get 17 hours at 225. I’m still not confident to set it and leave it so I slept on the couch and was up every couple of hours to mop and check temp. Temp stayed fairly consistent now that I’ve figured out how to regulate.
  3. So I’ve had my Pit Boss for about two years now and have basically just done low and slow cooks on it and usually I keep what I cook to whatever can fit on the top rack only. This summer, once all these COVID restrictions are over, I wanna have a big bbq to celebrate with friends and family. Just want to know if any one who uses both top and bottom racks, do you find the bottom cooks faster than the top? Thinking it would be nice to be a little more efficient and be able to do something like wings on top rack and maybe ABT’s lower one at same time. Or even to be able to do 4 or 5 racks of ribs using both racks.
  4. Ok, so I’m gonna smoke a couple of spatchcock chickens today and I was wondering how you all season your bird. I’m rubbing it down with Kosmos Dirty Bird on the skin but then started thinking, usually that just gets pulled off because it is so rubbery and hard to eat. Does that flavour permeate through the skin into the best of the bird as it cooks? Or am I just overthinking all of this, lol?
  5. Thanks brother for the reply. I might go back to the 225 degree cooks. I do have the Maverick wireless thermometer to help regulate. Nice to see a fellow Canuck not afraid to get out in this weather and smoke it up!
  6. So I live up north in Canada, not sure that makes a difference, but I find that when I smoke brisket,or any meat for that matter, my times are way faster than what I have read. Example this morning I got up at 3am to start my smoker for a 14lb Brisket, got it on around 4am. Smoked it between 250-275 and about 8 hrs later I am within 20 degrees of pulling off. I’m not complaining about being done early, it’s just if I knew how fast it would cook I coulda got a few more hours of sleep, lol. Is it due to altitude that it cooks faster, I would have thought that the higher you were from sea level the longer the cook should take. Any input?
  7. My last couple of cooks I’ve been able to dial in my temps but I think I might look into the set up mentioned by m-fine. Thanks for the input.
  8. I found the benzomati propane torch a life saver once I figured out how to use it properly, lol.
  9. For my low and slow cooks I usually use the top grill. I have my diffuser turned so I can put a water pan on it just belowfirst grate. Then I usually use the top grill for my meat. I find if I use the lower grill I get more hot spots. I would like to hear how others use their grill for low and slow cooks. I know earlier I was having issues with burning through fuel so fast but learned I wasn’t filling up the basin enough. Since filling it up I find the cooks so much more efficient. I went from an Akorn to the ceramic, thinking there wouldn’t be much of a difference but I was a little surprised at how much different they are. Any thoughts? Brewsterb, Calgary,AB
  10. I did have my top vent open between 1-2 for most of the cook to try and keep temp at what I needed. Looks like more practice is needed for temp regulating. I thought I had enough charcoal when I started but maybe combination of both not enough charcoal and poor management of top vent.
  11. I picked up a PB24 on clearance at Costco the end of August and have been smoking on it quite a bit. I have done a couple of pulled pork cooks and a bunch of rib cooks as well fairly successful but all of these have been low and slow cooks. This weekend I tried a 16lb turkey and tried doing it at a temp of 300-325 but after 3 hrs found it hard to keep temp up so I finished off in the oven. After putting in the oven, I checked out my cooker and found that he majority of the charcoal had burned up. Could part of the problem be that the outside temp was around -3 C when I started? What do can I do different to get my full cook in? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. I picked up a PB24 near the end of August when Costco was clearing them out and got it for half price. I had the Akorn before that and actually have been using both lately on some of my bigger bbq’s for friends. As much as I enjoy the larger cooking surface of the PB, I am still trying to figure out the “ins and outs” of cooking with a ceramic kamado. I haven’t completed any of the mods yet but have found the Akorn more fuel efficient than the PB. Curious what everyone else has found in that respect. Of course I had been cooking on the Akorn for about 3-4 years so that maybe has something to do with it. Maybe next summer I’ll have this all figured out. Peace out, Brewsterb
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