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  1. My last couple of cooks I’ve been able to dial in my temps but I think I might look into the set up mentioned by m-fine. Thanks for the input.
  2. I found the benzomati propane torch a life saver once I figured out how to use it properly, lol.
  3. For my low and slow cooks I usually use the top grill. I have my diffuser turned so I can put a water pan on it just belowfirst grate. Then I usually use the top grill for my meat. I find if I use the lower grill I get more hot spots. I would like to hear how others use their grill for low and slow cooks. I know earlier I was having issues with burning through fuel so fast but learned I wasn’t filling up the basin enough. Since filling it up I find the cooks so much more efficient. I went from an Akorn to the ceramic, thinking there wouldn’t be much of a difference but I was a little surprised at how much different they are. Any thoughts? Brewsterb, Calgary,AB
  4. I did have my top vent open between 1-2 for most of the cook to try and keep temp at what I needed. Looks like more practice is needed for temp regulating. I thought I had enough charcoal when I started but maybe combination of both not enough charcoal and poor management of top vent.
  5. I picked up a PB24 on clearance at Costco the end of August and have been smoking on it quite a bit. I have done a couple of pulled pork cooks and a bunch of rib cooks as well fairly successful but all of these have been low and slow cooks. This weekend I tried a 16lb turkey and tried doing it at a temp of 300-325 but after 3 hrs found it hard to keep temp up so I finished off in the oven. After putting in the oven, I checked out my cooker and found that he majority of the charcoal had burned up. Could part of the problem be that the outside temp was around -3 C when I started? What do can I do different to get my full cook in? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. I picked up a PB24 near the end of August when Costco was clearing them out and got it for half price. I had the Akorn before that and actually have been using both lately on some of my bigger bbq’s for friends. As much as I enjoy the larger cooking surface of the PB, I am still trying to figure out the “ins and outs” of cooking with a ceramic kamado. I haven’t completed any of the mods yet but have found the Akorn more fuel efficient than the PB. Curious what everyone else has found in that respect. Of course I had been cooking on the Akorn for about 3-4 years so that maybe has something to do with it. Maybe next summer I’ll have this all figured out. Peace out, Brewsterb
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