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  1. Thanks John, looks like a keeper recipe once again!!!
  2. Amazing cook (YET AGAIN!) and great story as well CC! Congrats on converting an overcooking "griller" to the real world. Sous Vide wins again!!!
  3. Great cook. Looks like my kind of meal!!!
  4. I use to do Lance Armstrongs' cancer research ride every year in Austin,Tx until I got cancer myself. Good luck on the ride/fund raising and I'm looking forward to seeing the end results!!!
  5. Excellent cook to inaugurate your Big Joe!
  6. I sometimes get headaches but not eye irritation problems due to smoke. I will however use goggles and a good quality mask when I'm cleaning out the ash.
  7. CC, that's an amazing money plate shot!!! I'm sure it tasted as good as it looked!!!!!!
  8. Day-Um that looks like Money!!!' Great job.
  9. Really nice looking color on those steaks. Great cook!
  10. Great looking wings, congrats!
  11. Cooked a few slabs of beef ribs yesterday that turned out pretty good. Used McCormick Grill Mates Applewood rub and three chunks of applewood for the smoke. .
  12. Excellent cook!!! And yet another dish I'm gonna have to try to duplicate.
  13. Congrats, great looking ribs!
  14. Great cook. I'll have to try your marinade next time I grill chicken.
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