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  1. Is that a camp chef pellet machine?? How does that work for ya?
  2. Is this the same lump everyone here likes so much?
  3. 2 Kroger ribeye sous vide 128 / 2 hours then seared off on Lil red akorn at 500 for 6min/side, grilled asparagus, open baked potatoes, slaw/salad, rolls, fruit salad, and sweet tea! Good eating!
  4. I have an akorn and would love to know how you cook this I'm a jerky nut but have done my own??
  5. @ckreef i was wondering reading this and the other thread your kk probably has the best insulation and all of just about any kamado does that help it to burn up more of the lump (meaning less ash)??
  6. Did my first sous vide steaks this weekend was so good 2 tbones in at 139 (family likes well done so......) 2hours then seared on acorn for 1min per side and served amazing steaks! Even a little more done than i love so tender and delicious!
  7. I just hope they don't stop selling the akorn metal version. The price and use of it is amazing for what all it does. Char broil kamander would be my next go.to.but at 399 I feel like it's a bit over priced (only a bit though).
  8. I have a small brisket I'm considering doing in sous vide and akorn to finish! I'm thinking 24 hours at 160 then finish on akorn low and slow 225-250 with some pecan wood till buttery soft??? Comments or suggestions as I'm learning new way here?? What ya think
  9. Yes that's min max lines but it doesn't move. Gave you a size comparison!
  10. Santa brought me a gourmia sous vide and a smoke with a water proffer probe!
  11. I have not been active on here in a while because i haven't been cooking for a while too busy. yeah i know you should never be too busy to cook. I opted for something non traditional for t-day this year. we are going to families on friday and i was told that they would cook the turkey..... not sure if they doubt my skills or just dont like smoked anything?? I decided to cook for the home team this thanksgiving and do some rib therapy. ran around 250 for about 4 and 1/2 hours, rub with mustard night before and sprayed with some apple juice, cider vinegar, jim beam, and brown sugar, every 40min or so during the cook. turned in some good ribs!!!! (had some baked beans, yam patties candied, slaw, shells and cheese, and rolls to go with it) Great thanksgiving!!
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