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  1. that was the best bbq video I've watched in a long time. Havin' fun, drinking and talking like a "regular guy" rather than the perfectly scripted and edited videos I normally see. Watched it all the way through and loved it! Great job.
  2. Sure, next time I'm out there cooking - I'll take some more pics of the drawers/cabinets pulled out.
  3. Table top material is rated to around 400, so I won't be putting any pans on it or anything. Jeez... I couldn't even bring myself to rest the grate gripper on it because I didn't want to get it dirty lol
  4. So excited to have finally finished my table. My Classic II has a new home now. Table is made of cedar, countertop and drawer front inlays are epoxy resin with a copper metallic pigment. The three drawers on the right are for various toys/tools/accessories and the larger left side is a pull out charcoal bin. Just have to order a cover for it as right now it's just a big blue tarp... which doesn't look the best, but gets the job done for now
  5. while I wouldn't worry about sparks and flammable dangers, I would be concerned that the smoke output (over time) would discolour that ceiling you have. Looks beautiful, I wouldn't want you to ruin it. I'd imagine you'd be ok though, if you simply cleaned the ceiling every once in a while?
  6. Well for starters, I'm glad that you've had a pleasant experience in the support department getting this sorted out for you. For the Classic I - I understand that the firebox cracking was "normal", or at least happened to a fair number of people. Hence the redesign of the segmented firebox later on. The gasket issue is unfortunate though, I haven't heard of a gasket only lasting 3 months. For the Classic II - the control tower paint issue is pretty common among owners from what I've read on the forums here. I also have noticed it on mine, but I could care less at this point... it still works the same. I have no comments/advice for the ash pan and fire ring though :/ As for the heat deflector, I haven't had any bad luck with mine (knock on wood), but from reading other stories - it almost seems as though they crack for the strangest reasons. Many people take care of their stuff, handle the deflectors with care, etc. and sometimes it seems you just have to look at it the wrong way on the 2nd tuesday of the week and they crack in half. Other folks I'm sure have had deflectors last through everything they can throw at 'em. So to answer your final question, I think some of the issues you described are "normal", while others are not :/
  7. Wow that's pricey. As Charcoal Addict pointed out, for Canadians, that'll be $300+ for this thing... which seems like a piece of metal to prop open your lid and a pizza stone? I suppose if you use it enough, it's worth it though.
  8. I'd agree - but refine to say that any charcoal grill makes the best burger. I found that eating a burger cooked on a gas bbq vs charcoal? No contest :D I like to switch it up between your style of burgers and then smash burgers... oh my. can't get enough of either one!
  9. https://www.kamadojoe.com/dealer-locator/
  10. Two of my cooks come to mind. 1 - Christmas Turkey. It always turns out great, so little effort and everyone that comes over for dinner is absolutely blown away .....every.... time. They think it's just so much work 2 - Ribs. I struggled maintaining lower temps when I had my Akorn, but when my wife got me the ikamand when I got my Classic II - the first test run for it was ribs. Wow... another dish that didn't take a lot of work (especially once the temp is dialled in) and both kids and my wife can't get enough! Sorry, no pics :(
  11. I was around 350-375 and if I remember correctly it was roughly 3.5 hours to complete. Every time I know that I'm surprised with how quickly the bird cooks, as for some reason I'm always expecting 5 hours or so.
  12. no Joetisserie here, and I've done Christmas turkeys on our Akorn (and most recently Classic II) for several years now. This year, we put a 23lb bird on the Classic II with no issues. No spatchcocking, etc.... just set him right on the grates and let it go.
  13. interesting with having the can empty. I always put something in mine (even if it's just water with some of the dry rub thrown in)... I figure the steam coming out of the can helps keep the bird moist.
  14. They look fantastic! Great job - keep on enjoying that KJ :D
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