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  1. jrakutt

    Christmas Turkey on the Classic 2 - How big?

    I was around 350-375 and if I remember correctly it was roughly 3.5 hours to complete. Every time I know that I'm surprised with how quickly the bird cooks, as for some reason I'm always expecting 5 hours or so.
  2. jrakutt

    Christmas Turkey on the Classic 2 - How big?

    no Joetisserie here, and I've done Christmas turkeys on our Akorn (and most recently Classic II) for several years now. This year, we put a 23lb bird on the Classic II with no issues. No spatchcocking, etc.... just set him right on the grates and let it go.
  3. jrakutt

    BBQ Chicken on a can

    interesting with having the can empty. I always put something in mine (even if it's just water with some of the dry rub thrown in)... I figure the steam coming out of the can helps keep the bird moist.
  4. jrakutt

    First Smoke on KJ

    They look fantastic! Great job - keep on enjoying that KJ :D
  5. jrakutt

    Temperature Controller

    Well I just got a KJ Classic II with an iKamand at a local demo show. I was a bit hesitant with some of the feedback I've been reading about the iKamand (I was leaning towards a Flameboss). I ended up getting the iKamand simply due to price ... it was more than $100 more to get a FlameBoss 200. Today was my first cook using the iKamand and I did ribs. It couldn't have gone smoother. Connected to Wifi no problems and held 225 for 5 hours with no hiccups at all.
  6. jrakutt

    DIY kamado table

    Wow that's some table. I do like the guide too! Thank you for adding something to my bookmarks :D
  7. jrakutt

    Chimney cleaning

    interesting thought. I personally wouldn't do that as I wouldn't want all that grease and gunk in my dishwasher clogging it up. I've also heard of other folks just hand washing it with some dish soap (at least then you can control where the gunk at the end goes).
  8. jrakutt

    Chimney cleaning

    pretty common topic. I think the general consensus is do a couple high heat cooks and it'll clean it all out no problems (cook more pizza :D)
  9. well that's too bad indeed. I visit the site daily, so it will be missed for sure. If the assumption is correct about this being for financial reasons (unless I missed a note somewhere confirming this), I understand the move to a free platform that has the capability to reach a large audience. Shame though that the chosen platform is not targeted to the demographic that uses Kamados for the most part.
  10. jrakutt

    First Pizza night

    good looking pizza! Congrats on the successful first pizza night, many more to come
  11. jrakutt

    Uneventful Prime Day

    Yeah I was holding off on buying something on Amazon for Prime day in the hopes that it'd be on sale. No go and now I find myself just searching for something worthwhile so I can feel satisfaction.
  12. jrakutt

    Kamado Big Block at Lowes

    Yup, I grabbed my first 3 bags of KJ lump during this sale. I'll see if all the hype is worth it Lowes also has the KJ Classic I on for $999 for those that are looking.
  13. jrakutt

    My XL Egg restoration

    a great read and an inspiring story for sure! Gives hope to us other canadians that we'll find a steal like you Thanks for sharing your project!
  14. jrakutt

    The cart is here!

    wow! That's pretty ballsy to price a cart at nearly the same price point as the grill. I was looking forward to the cart, just for interest's sake - but this is ridiculous. Thank you for posting the info though
  15. jrakutt

    Breakfast Time

    looks great! I've never made soft boiled, but I'm tempted to try it now