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  1. wow, nice piece of meat and very well done with the cook!
  2. Thanksgiving Turkey Practice

    looks like a delicious bird you've got there! I always tell myself I should do a practice bird before Christmas, but I never do and I'm always nervous on the big day
  3. I don't see why you'd have any problems with opening the lid a tad to fit your hand in there. Nice looking start btw - that's a monster table.
  4. Joe's at Lowe's

    The lowes here in Niagara Falls carries the KJ lineup. I've noticed recently that they've started stocking a ton more accessories. I'm still yearning for my KJ, but until the Akorn dies... I'll just window shop
  5. Baking directly on the inside off a kamado

    Sure - it's easily done. With the stable temp capability, you just get it to the temp you need, throw your dough in and let it bake just like a "normal oven". There's a whole forum here on it (Pizza and baking). After all - making a pizza on your manado is baking dough... just really quickly and with delicious toppings :D Baking things right on your grill and not using a stone should still work I suppose. I think most people use a stone for even heat across your dough and direct flame deflection as you wouldn't typically want large flames licking your loaf of bread, etc. Baking things on your Joe with or without a stone should pose no threat of cracking your unit - you'll be fine.
  6. A whole bunch of MEATLOAF!

    that is a lot of meatloaf! Looks awesome though. Is all that crammed on a classic?
  7. I use this one all the time. Rise for a couple hours and we're good to go! (recipe says it makes enough for 1 large pizza, but I can't imagine a pizza that large fitting on my akorn... we can make 2 adult pizzas and 2 kid pizzas with this batch. http://saffiregrills.com/wood-fire-pizza-recipe/
  8. New KJ Classic II Owner - great deal at Lowes

    good deal for sure! Enjoy the new grill.
  9. New BBQ Wizzard

    Well let's not get ahead of ourselves here It's not actually released yet, if I'm not mistaken. For all we know, development/finalization/etc. could take another 1-2 years and who knows what innovations might be out on the market by then.
  10. Feet For Stand Alone Joe

    just from looking around at various table builds, etc. people use a variety of items to lift the kamado off of the table surface. Ceramic feet (if KJ gets back to you or you find a dealer with them, paver stones, bricks, granite, etc. Really anything that allows some airflow under the grill so that the residual heat doesn't soak into your table and pose a fire hazard.
  11. I saw in Lowes today that they have the Classic and the BJ again for $1299 and $1999 respectively. I asked a chat agent on their website why I wasn't able to find the products online and I was told it's because those grills are in store items only..
  12. Wow - that increase is really something! I don't own a KJ, but I was really looking forward to getting a Big Joe when my Akorn rusts out. However, that steep increase in price is a bit much. I may have to settle for a Classic instead.... I would like to review all the changes they made in the new version that justifies that type of increase - I really can't get over that if that's the new standard pricing for it. I had been wondering why Lowes has apparently stopped carrying the Classic and BJ - this may be why. The demographic for the new version is now even slimmer than before and perhaps Lowes just doesn't see it as a viable product that'll move in their stores. As for the Costco roadshows - you're a lucky guy if you have them around you. If I could get a roadshow deal, I'd jump at the chance for sure! I'm in the Niagara region and there is nothing around me at all. No dealers, no roadshows :(
  13. pretty standard price from what I've seen. The "Sale" from $1699 is just a marketing thing I believe. The classic has always been around the $1k mark and with the new model expected to be slightly more expensive, $1200 would seem about right. There's no way that the classic would go from $1,000 to nearly double with the changes they made. It looks like the website just made up a price and then "put it on sale" for the regular price.... not uncommon.
  14. Kamado Joe Jr. - 2 zone cooking?

    I think the D&C system is not part of the Jr. as they may be going for the whole portability angle as the main versatility selling point for it. As mentioned above, it can be done (anything can be done), but not through what's included in the factory provided parts.
  15. Akorn Turkey

    Looks great! I do my Christmas turkey on the akorn every year. I was a bit interested that you chopped it up and used the second layer - I've never done that before. I usually just throw the whole thing on the main grate. Either way - makes me look forward to my own cook!