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  1. All the above mentioned and customer service is second to none Derald, thx for trying to help others on here see you on the Primo site
  2. Pork loin ribs are Baby Backs, st louis and full spare are spare ribs, take a picture and post them here and cook them like these gents said
  3. Welcome from South Louisiana
  4. Welcome from South Louisiana
  5. I'll be cooking a brisket,baby back ribs, and beef spare ribs. And Happy Fathers Day to all Dads out there
  6. Kingsford makes a caddy that I use for bag lump
  7. One of the favorites around here, great cook ck
  8. Just watch out for the smaller pieces they will clog the bottom grate and block airflow, do like Derald said and put big pieces on bottom and small on top
  9. Welcome from South Louisiana
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