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  1. Mark, with the Primo I've found that a quarterly full cleaning works wonders. At beginning of football i took the fire box out, took a vaccuum, a wire brush, changed my felt....later that day i full-vented for cleaning only to have my 9 year old scream. "Papa! She's spitting out fire!" Ole girl got up 750+ and looked like a jet engine exhaust.
  2. for $405, I'd buy it to have a second round. I love my Primo. I've owned for 4 years now, sits in an outdoor patio uncovered. (Patio is covered, frill is not so still in the elements. The one thing is aftermarket for round primo is a bit tricky; I've ended up fashoning my own racks and cool zone separators (a box of fire brick from Ace hardware and some aluminum racks saved quite some money)
  3. @eric it’s from piece of meat, right by Bayou Beer Garden in mid city
  4. Ended up being about 5.5 minutes each side with a bath of oil for char at the end. @VanoleI used three Guys from Miami recipe for the churrasco, chimichurri, and plantains! Came out so great!!! A08CB959-C154-4CF7-AFE5-8E6A636F1AB6.mov B13436EE-BE9F-4B0D-AB3A-C32BDEFB10B1.MP4 F7763264-E720-47C5-8EF3-93CCE14B2331.MP4
  5. @Big Cat 305, even with that size still just 2-3 minutes per side? And this is a wonderful idea. We both love this style of cooking.
  6. So, my lady got me a 42oz cut of flank from our local high-end chop shop for my birthday. It is a glorious piece, and smells so wonderful before i do anything to it. Right now, it is airtight as I will not be able to get to it for 2 more days, but; any recommendations on cooking methods? Recipes? I'm not a typical beef cooker, but she knew I'm up for the challenge, so throw them at me! Thanks in advance!
  7. Oh, didn't even think about that one. I'm not sure if grate has a lifetime warranty. I'll call and check out.
  8. Need a replacement grate. Don't need anything fancy, just an 18.5" grate. If anyone has one for purchase, or can let me know where I can get the best deal. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, so Southeast LA has been pummeled with rain, and I finally went outside during a break to find an open Grill! It has had to be this way for a few days...question is, does this cause any reason for concern? Or just let air out, burn off any growth and proceed as normal? Thanks!
  10. Just finishing up these two. The party is about to begin!
  11. Spot I had probed read 125, but other spots read 135. Also, it cooked up about 3-5 more degrees while tented and awaiting the carnivores.
  12. It got good reviews, so either I have freindly friends, or I did kinda right
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