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  1. JP646

    Came into an old egg...maybe???

    It's actually a Dragon Fire Kamado, I used to own one but sold it some time back. It'sa great cooker!
  2. How much are you asking for it, feel free to DM me?
  3. Do you still have the nest handler?
  4. JP646


    For some reason My Walmart put the 17.6 lb bags on clearance for $7. There were 11 bags left. I asked a nearby manager if I were to buy them all could she knock some more off the price. $4.55 for the win!
  5. Im in Texas and what I found is this item called a Comal. They are 11 inches and fit right on the tabs, I just drilled the rivets out and off came the handles. The Hebs here carry them. For about $6. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  6. JP646

    Love my Egg:

    I happen to be a Big Green Egg owner. I started my Kamado journey with the Akorn. I was originally looking for more information on BGE years ago when I stumbled across this forum. It talked me into buying my Akorn. Soon after I purchased a Vision because I still wanted a true ceramic. I then found an eggcellant deal I could not pass up on a Large BGE and bought it. I recently purchased an Akorn jr which brings me to a total of 4 Kamados. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  7. Very nice picture. One to cherish for a lifetime!
  8. Nice pics, cant wait to get mine. It should be here Tuesday!
  9. I pulled the trigger as well this morning, cant wait to get my hands on it!
  10. JP646

    Royal oak on sale

    Try Academy, i stocked up on Western Lump, $9.99 for 20 lbs here in South Texas.
  11. JP646

    Royal oak on sale

    Try Academy, i stocked up on Western Lump, $9.99 for 20 lbs here in South Texas.
  12. By chance do you still have your Jr? Would you be able to tell me the length between the diffuser tabs and the diameter of the cooking grate? I am already planning on using this indirect? I am patiently June to arrive and get me one.
  13. JP646

    The League 2015

    Is it going to a 14 team league?
  14. JP646

    Vision XL

    Sorry guys, I was in a hurry and didn't have time to spec it out. I just had time to snap a few pictures. I am just sharing this information since I am a vision Classic B Owner. I think the size is awesome, and am happy to see vision is in the Big Kama do Game!