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  1. Jdc

    Joe jr

  2. Jdc

    Best Price kamado joe bj

    Where can i find thé best Price for a bj in Canada?
  3. Jdc

    Joe jr

    I Just ad a jr to go with thé big guy. Very please of my acquisition. What do you use to cook pizza on thé jr? Where do you get an extender for it ( Half if possible)
  4. Jdc

    I'm finally part of the club!

  5. Jdc

    Joe JR efficient for my goals?

    Where did you get your expender grill Smoothbassman?
  6. Still on this week-end
  7. Jdc

    Pizza on the Jr.

    Nice vidéo is the plate you use to cook thé pizza on is homemade?
  8. Jdc

    Direct fire brisket?

    Does anyome have done a brisket on a junior. Will it hold thé temp for the hole cook?
  9. Jdc

    Smoke meat

    Really, i did to post by mistake. I having hard Time putting pictures.
  10. Jdc

    Smoke meat

    I am not able to upload pics
  11. Jdc

    Smoke meat

    À bit to salty but good anyway
  12. Jdc

    Kamado Joe Jr Charcoal Consumption

    Thanks i am waiting for my jr i am trying to convice miself that i am ok with the bj