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  1. @John SetzlerI know i've seen it before but can you show how you're clipping your ambient probe to your dome thermometer? I can't seem to find the picture. I use a fireboard temp controller on longer cooks and I want to get the dome temp reading but I can't figure it out how you're doing it.
  2. This most likely happened during shipping. They aren't that fragile and after they get to the area you'll be cooking and leave it there you more than likely won't have any other issues.
  3. I have the DoJoe as well but I have a very different opinion. To me, I think it's a fun accessory to use. If I wanted to crank out pizzas all the time I'd have a dedicated pizza oven as you state. But, for having another couple over and doing a DIY pizza night this thing has been a hit. It pretty much sets itself up at 600 degrees and using the recipe for dough provided, it makes great authentic Italian pizza dough. I can usually get 4-6 12-14" pizzas before it starts to cool off. It does burn some fuel but honestly I use my KJ sometimes just to get to 900 degrees to sear a steak and that burns a ton of fuel. These things are like a swiss army knife, not spectacular at any one thing but the most versatile tool for cooking outdoors you could have.
  4. My Main grill is my Kamado Joe Classic II with all the fixins except a slo roller, I'm really proud of all my Joe Accessories. But, my side chicks are my Rec Tec Stampede with Competition Cart and Shelf, Weber Performer, and Weber 18.5". My wife says I have a problem, I agree.. I need a Joe Jr. and a big joe
  5. I have a fireboard thermometer and temp controller and I'm a big fan of it. It works off of bluetooth and wifi and has been a great improvement for me. I also have a RecTec Stampede pellet pooper and my fireboard is just about as steady as my rec tec.
  6. Looks delicious! I know what i'm making this weekend
  7. Turkey can get oversmoked in a hurry. I wouldn't add any smoking wood but I think you'll be fine at 275. I would say it'd be 20-25 minutes per pound at 275, Don't forget your rest period.
  8. Aaron has made a few briskets. I follow his trimming, and you will probably get an idea that however long it takes is how long it takes.
  9. I think since time is such a consideration, I would put it on the night before. for brisket I'll usually put it on around 9pm the night before I want to eat it so that I can make sure it's had enough time to cook as well as having enough time to rest. You can't forget the rest period, in my mind it's equally as important.
  10. Charcoal is too cheap to worry about it with the Dojoe. I typically just make a pizza for my wife and my self and then I just let it do it's thing. The next day I'll have clean heat deflectors and an empty ash basket. It makes for a good time to shop vac the ash and have a nice clean grill for the next cook. I have yet to try the Tri Tip but it's on my list. John, I do have a temp control system that I enjoy, I also have a rectec for dedicated low and slow now so the swiss army knife (Kamado Joe) doesn't get as much of a workout on the low and slows.
  11. I have a Kick Ash Basket and I love it. Makes cleanup a breeze and you don't have a ton of the little trash pieces in there after a cook. I struggled for a bit at first on long cooks because I ran out of coal quickly, I then learned the importance of good lump vs bad lump. I switched to KJ lump and Fogo and I haven't had an issues since.
  12. My buddies father in law got a BGE, and passed his Weber Performer to my buddy. We were all crazy about it and within a few weeks a big group of us had performers. About 2 years later I got an Akorn to try out kamado cooking and I was hooked. 2 years later I saw the Kamado Joe at Costco and went home with a Classic 2. I love the thing, and I'd honestly only cook on it if I had the space.
  13. An update to this. I got in touch with fireboard and they recommended an adapter from a third party for their fan, I’m assuming it’s who actually makes the fan. Anyway after adding it to my fan and installing it in the grill this morning it works like a charm. So much easier than before. Happy customer here.
  14. Is this really that much of an improvement over the KAB or the Kamado Joe basket? I like the handles but I honestly don't think you will get rid of as many of the smaller junk pieces of lump as you can with the KAB.
  15. I have them now, the picture is before they arrived.
  16. I agree, I'm going to a buddies house this weekend to see his new Rec Tec Stampede. I've already told my wife that there's a good chance I'm going to have to add that to the porch. She asked if that meant I was selling my Joe? I tried really hard not to laugh.
  17. I've been a lurker since 2013 when I got my Weber Performer. Spent more time when I got my Akorn, and check the site almost daily with my Kamado Joe Classic 2. Very thankful for all the info here. I'm originally from Mount Airy, NC and an App State grad. Lived in Charleston, SC, Philadelphia, PA, Tampa, FL, and now back in Charleston, SC and for good this time... hopefully. I really enjoy chasing redfish on the fly rod, working off my BBQ at crossfit, and tinkering with whatever project I can find around the house. Thanks for letting me join the community. Todd
  18. @Murphy-in-gtown I like that system, I'm thinking of something very similar but on the inside of my cabinet. I believe i can get two half moons on each wall of the cabinet and the door. then I'll have room inside for the rings and pizza stone. I'll take some pictures after I figure it all out. AppState has a bye week so Saturday will be spent working on the grill table with the game in the background.
  19. I made two grill purchases last night that may have completed my grill accessories.. So here's my setup. Kamado Joe Classic 2 Kick Ash Basket Custom Built Grill table Fireboard with Temp Controller and Fan Divide and conquer 2 Stainless Steel Standard Grates 2 Heat Deflectors 2 Cast Iron Grates 1 Cast Iron Reversible Griddle 1 Stainless Steel Laser Cut Grate JoeTisserie DoJoe And as of last night I got the Grill Expander and the Soapstone grate. What am I missing? Here is my grill table. Currently i'm storing my charcoal, dojoe, and Joetisserie in the cabinet on the left and all of the other things in the drawer. I'm going to change things up this weekend though, since the weight of the accessories on the drawer is causing issue. I'll be adding a storage system for the half moons in the cabinet and re-do the drawer to have plastic totes and just empty my coal in there. So how do you store your accessories?
  20. Well honestly, we had people coming over for some food and i was showing off for my buddy telling Alexa to adjust the temperature on fireboard and I had the grill open. As with most Kamados, its easier to heat up than cool down. Definitely nothing but me messing around with it. Here is the fan data
  21. 1. What Kamado cooker you are using? Kamado Joe Classic 2 2. What temperature controller do you have? Fireboard with Fireboard fan 3. What are your vent and fan settings on your Kamado? (Pictures when available) No fan Controls, Top vent open about halfway to the first notch. 4. Where do you place your ambient probe for temperature control? (Pictures when available) I put my "grate temp" probe on the grate about an inch inside the heat deflectors. 5. At what point on your cook you let the controller to take over I get the grill to cooking temp then put on the controller. I let that run for about 15 min before I add the meat. 6. Please share the graph from your temperature control with eventual fan output 7. What do you love about your controller? I have all the faith in the world in my KJ, but I definitely sleep better at night knowing that when I get up that everything should be as I left it. I had a few occasions where the wind picked up a or started raining badly and my cooks were almost ruined. This little thing puts all that out of mind. Plus asking alexa the grill temp while I'm watching football or doing some things around the house is really nice. 8. What would you improve about your controller? I hate the fan. I have a really hard time getting the fan in place as well as making sure the damper closes tight to it. I'm looking for a better solution. When buying I wanted to keep it all "Fireboard" I love the controller but the fan sucks. 9. Anything else you want to share Looks like the pit viper fan is the way to go. 10. And last but not least, share pictures of your cook
  22. Second weekend in a row that I've made pizza on the dojoe. I couldn't be happier with it. I've finally figured out how to make a descent dough and now it's perfect. A sad realization is that other than the soap stone and grill expander there really aren't any accessories that I don't have for the classic 2. What's sad about it is that I only have two more accessories left to buy. I guess unless you count the slo roller.
  23. @Lowcountrygamecock I tried my dojoe for the first time saturday, but I went with the recipe that came with it. Honestly, I didn't give it enough time to ferment before lighting the dojoe and I had to end up adding more charcoal before the dough was ready. Once the dough was ready and the dome temp was coasting around 625 the pizzas only took about 7 min and our tops were perfect for all three. I'm in West Ashley, what shop are you getting your dough from?
  24. Thanks, Been a member, and lurker for quite some time but just not a frequent poster.
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