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  1. Appreciate the feedback once again. I ended up picking two @ 9:95 from Digikey. Shipping was cheap to. Definitely more expensive than Amazon/eBay, but perhaps worth it. Time will tell, anyway. Still awaiting RD in the mail. Servo's should be here next week, I would assume. All I need to do is order probe and, if I choose, adapter.
  2. Hey gang, thanks for all the tips. I went ahead and purchased the pre-soldered boards, case, and PS as mentioned in the OP. I had emailed the guy who makes the MicroDamper but I noticed he seems to have slowed down posting on the forums and I haven't received a response in a few days so I just asked Ralph to make up a RotoDamper for me (thanks @cschaaf) I still have to do a little more investigation into probes, but I was thinking of something like this (same as cschaaf again) for a food probe and this for a pit probe. They're straight off the HeaterMeter GitHub wiki so they should work, but I'm open to other compatible options if anyone wants to share. The hardest part of this journey is the damper/servo, I think. Ralph suggested Tower Pro MG90s servo for the RotoDamper but I'm having trouble finding it from someone.. reputable. Hobby King has this but it says "Turnigy", not Tower Pro on it. AdaFruit has one called the MG90D, not MG90S. Amazon has some but they get poor reviews and I'm wary of buying from them because of counterfeits. Anyone got a suggestion on where to get this thing? @cschaaf Finally, after I get the servo I'll have to "punch" the wires into the jack. Does anyone know if there's an accurate wiring diagram out there to help guide me. Ralph suggested it was as simple as matching colors, and it may be, but heck if I know. I've read the GitHub guide and I'll admit I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with it. Not much seems to make sense. Once again, thanks for the help.
  3. psych

    flame boss 500

    This is one of those things that has scared me off from a temperature controller. Wireless connectivity is awesome but when their servers crash, company decides it no longer wants to support your few year old model or, worse, the company folds it seems you would be left with an expensive paperweight.
  4. Just wondering if there are others around here that can help me figure out exactly what's needed for the Heater Meter and give tips on how to connect it to the KJ Classic 2 when the time comes. I've scoured their website and get the basics. I plan on purchasing the following: Heater Meter Soldered w/ fan 12 volt power Case I already own a Raspberry PI 3B and SD Card. I need to do more research on probes since it seems the Maverick 733 probes I own won't cut it, but that should be easy. I also feel pretty confident in my ability to set up the PI and configure it. Here's where I'm not so sure: 1. Servos/Dampers - What are they and do I need one? *Edit* I think I answered this question myself. See here: https://tvwbb.com/showthread.php?54072-Kamado-Joe-Classic-Do-I-need-a-damper 2. If I do need one - is there one kind that works best for my use on the Classic. Between "Adapt a Damper", "Roto Damper", and others I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. 3. Finally, how do I connect this mess to the Classic I'm not opposed to putting in a bit of work to get this up and running, but I'm not mechanically inclined so soldering anything is a bit beyond my comfort level.
  5. psych

    Temperature Controller

    I didn't even see this above. I have a spare 3B+ sitting in a drawer, a case for it, and a power supply. Also have a Maverick laying around that I might be able to harvest the probes from. Going to have to look into this further. Great find!
  6. psych

    Temperature Controller

    This is as good a place to ask as any. Are there any controllers out there that don't depend on a remote server/company to keep them functional? Companies come and go all the time, and I would hate for a functional unit to be otherwise worthless due to a company shutting down or re-prioritizing resources elsewhere.
  7. I had cast iron grates on the Akorn and decided to purchase the griddle first when I bought my Joe. They got great sear marks on steaks, better than the stainless steel ones that came with the grill but that was the only added benefit in my mind. I think there's a lot more flexibility with the griddle and actually plan on buying the other half some time during the holidays. Only done burgers on them thus far but plan on doing breakfast or something one of these days.
  8. I just picked up one of the 35 lb bags in the gold/yellow bag and 2 black bags. Thanks a lot for the tip with the promo code. Saved $15 bucks and I needed the lump anyway. Anxious to see how it compares to royal oak.
  9. About to place an order for some Fogo. My only experience thus far has been with Royal Oak and a few bags of big block I bought at Costco when I got the Joe. One of my wife's only issues with grilling is that "not everything needs to have a smoky flavor". I haven't quite gotten around to asking about that yet, but I see this Marabu lump advertises a more neutral flavor than let's say the black bag which states it is a more "oaky hardwood" flavor. Any thoughts on these statements? Does Marabu have a more mild flavor profile than RO or KJ lump? It's a bit pricey, but not unreasonable and I wouldn't mind giving it a try if it gets the job done.
  10. psych

    Kamado Guru will stay ONLINE

    I browsed this forum regularly when my wife purchased an Akorn, but less so in the interim prior to my purchase of the KJ. When I read the site would be transitioning to Facebook it was really disheartening. I'm a part of a grilling Facebook group, but for some reason I enjoy this place over that. Forget about the wealth of content that's here. When I first bought my KJ I had a question about the extra hardware. One google search later and here I was reading the answer. Thanks to John for keeping this place around. I'll toss in some $$ to keep it alive. Is there an average or requested donation amount? I've no clue what it costs to run this but it seems unfair to expect it to be funded out of his pocket alone if advertising revenue (are there any?) doesn't cover it.
  11. psych

    My first pizza...

    I'm new to making pizzas on a stone and am fundamentally uncoordinated - launching pizzas from a peel onto the stone would result in disaster. I saw a tip about making the pizzas on a pizza tray and placing them on the stone for two minutes before removing. This allows the dough to firm up and makes it easier to move the pizza to the stone. You also seem to get most of the benefits of the stone. I tried this just the other night to see how it would work out for me and until I somehow get more coordinated with the launching of pizzas from peel to stone this is the way I'll be doing it. My wife said the crust of the pizza was crunchier than cooking only on the pizza tray and she likes that I didn't ruin a pizza by failing to launch properly. All the benefits of a pizza stone with minimal risk of making things fall apart.
  12. psych

    Decent price?

    Congratulations on your purchase. I've had mine for a few weeks and try to cook on it at least two or three times during a week. I'm coming from a few years ago old Akorn and really enjoy the "Divide and Conquer" system and ease of cleaning with the little ash drawer.
  13. psych

    Decent price?

    I picked up the Classic 2 for whatever they go for at the Roadshow. $970 or something? It came with some starters and a cover which were nice additions. I don't regret the decision at all. If you purchase at Lowe's you can likely get 10% off in store if you know someone in the military or, if you can purchase online it's trivial to find coupons to sweeten the deal further. I would bet you get free delivery and maybe setup for that price as well. Having lugged the KJ from Costco, into my truck, down, and inside, that's not an insignificant benefit. ACE will also deliver and setup though, so this is kind of a wash. If you have two guys to help it will make the process a lot easier, but my wife had a difficult time on the other end of it and my door was just wide enough to get it through. As to whether the new model is worth $300, I guess that's primarily up to your finances. Have you played with the old model at all? When I went to Costco I had an opportunity to play with another brand and can say I really enjoy the air lift hinge. I'm definitely a clumsy person and would probably drop and crack the lid. The new gasket feels sturdy and I can see it lasting a long time, but I can't compare it to the original as this is the first KJ I've owned. I haven't seen too many threads here bemoaning the loss of the original gasket so it may hold up just fine. I have doubts that the new airlift hinge and updated gasket are worth $300 but I can also say having used the updated model I do find the hinge design convenient. Like the above poster said, you can't go wrong. I've been satisfied with my purchase and have cooked some delicious meals. It's a solid grill that I can see lasting a few years with proper care. The warranty is also nothing to sneeze at, from what I've heard. Let us know what you decide!
  14. psych

    What to cook on the cast iron griddle?

    Just curious if you feel you don't lose control of the fire on the KJ? I use my Akorn frequently and often lose control of the fire especially when doing things like burgers and dogs for a few people. It just seems inevitable with all the opening and closing of the lid that I'm constantly introducing fresh oxygen to it. Is there something inherent about the Akorn that you feel makes it poorer to cook on with the top open for fear of losing control? Something that's bound to happen with anything? Or more likely, something I may just be doing wrong.
  15. psych

    Celebrating the New Arrival!

    Awesome thanks for the heads up. This looks like the last weekend the roadshow will be here so I'm going to try and hit it up. I love that I might be able to pick it up and take it home same day and it would be nice to chat with a rep if they're available.