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  1. Team Red v Team Green

    For the record. My yeti cups get zero use these days and sit at the back of the cabinet. Now days I have so many Ozark trail cups / ccozies / closable lids / jugsI can't even understand why I paid 70 bucks for two yeti cups and watched easily 6 hours of videos over 1 cup losing ice at 15 hours and 2 minutes and another one at 15 hours and 5 minutes. It's a freaking cup. Much like a clay pot is like another clay pot.
  2. Team Red v Team Green

    It's annoying. Ignore it. They are high priced luxury items (compared to a traditional kettles/grills) and we all have to go through a long mental process to justify to ourselves and sometimes wife why we are choosing a specific brand. So when we reach a conclusion everyone else is a flamming idiot if they didn't make the same exact choice. Cars, trucks,boats, mowers, riding mowers,FREAKING COOLERS!!! houses, lot size, clothing, watches, baseball bats, gloves, blah blah blah blah. It's an endless list. Just ignore it. With that said, I will gladly give props to early adopters of kj. Heck even bge. When there isn't alot of history of a brand (or cooking style) out there it takes a bit of gumption to make the initial leap.
  3. You cannot do a high temp Papa Murphy's pizza. There have been numerous treads about it and I've even ruined one myself.... But you can make an excellent Papa Murphy's Pizza by cooking it at 425 on your Akorn. It's incredibly easy and turns out excellent.
  4. I found this on slick deals for 100 bucks. Actually gets good reviews for an indoor plug in oven and I was surprised at how hot it gets. Any one have any experience? https://www.williams-sonoma.com/m/products/breville-crispy-crust-pizza-maker/ https://slickdeals.net/f/11168115-breville-crispy-crust-pizza-maker-99-95?src=SiteSearchV2Algo1
  5. LED Bulbs for Automotive Upgrades

    When I replaced them on my f150 they weren't perfect (because it's a two sided led bulb, 4 would be better to reduce hot spots), but the light increase was way too substantial to justify going back to halogens. And good halogens were more than the led bulbs I got on Amazon. After a few days I was positive I would never go back to halogens.
  6. LED Bulbs for Automotive Upgrades

    I've made the jump to LEDs in all of our cars/trucks. Pretty happy with the results.
  7. Enough with the Announcement s pop up

    Is there a way to keep the Announcement /site TOS / voting to keep from opening up OR showing up on each and every page? I've opened each of them individually looked at them but for whatever reason no matter what page I visit they always open when I first go to any page. Even when I was typing this post. I've been a long-time lurker (and don't add alot of post ) but honestly I've almost stopped coming to the site because it's so annoying. Now I may stop by to view only once or twice a week. I know I can't be alone and feeling this way about those things
  8. I was looking around for one of the 99 dollar black Akron Jr and came across this. $599 is quite the jump form $299 or $269, I wonder what other upgrades it has. https://lowes.com/pd/Char-Griller-22-68-in-Black-Kamado-Charcoal-Grill/1000365009 Sorry for the mobile link, you can search it on the regular Lowes site.
  9. Frustrated with new Akorn grill

    When I first got mine I put in a small amount of charcoal because I didn't want to waste it. Long story short I had to unlearn some bad habits. Fill at least halfway up to tabs, light it, check on it in about 10 minutes. As others have said, you will have more problems keeping temps down than up. Outside of that stop being so dramatic. As guys we tend to take failing the first few times at learning a new grill way to personally. Yes I'm speaking from experience.
  10. warranty problems

    Bingo. You just purchased a grill that is damaged from shipping. Return it to the store and swap it out. Heck of alot less waiting and transit cost than trying to reconstruct a damaged product. In the time it took you to file a claim and post this rant you could've already had a new grill.
  11. I’ll save you the sob story but I had a few drinks and was doing some high temp steaks, wind shifted so I nudged it closer to the end of the porch and it fell off. Bent the body and lid and scattered the ashes, so we had campfire/cowboy style steaks. Considering the circumstances they turned out pretty well. That was about 3 weeks ago and I’m kind of at a crossroads. I still have my gasser that I used last weekend and we have our local big green eggfest coming up in a few weeks and the cutoff for a demo one is later on this week. I just can’t decide what to do. We have the money for a BGE and the demo comes with a lot of goodies for $850 (with the exception of a side table), but I’m very put off by the idea of it potentially cracking, mower throwing a rock, and moving it around the porch. This last weekend I spent a few hours messing with our flower pots and I hate feeling like I’m always seconds away from shattering something. Plus I don’t like overpriced accessories that are overpriced for the sake of being overpriced. I thought about a new KJ, but even then its 400 dollars more than the BGE demo makes me wonder if it’s really worth it. It’s basically a BGE with the same modifications the Akorn has had for years. I thought about another Akorn for $299, mine had served me faithfully the last 3 years but even at 3 years old was starting to look a little long in the tooth. What I can’t get over more than anything else, is that I’ve been incredibly apathetic about it all. I’m not really in a big hurry to get any of them and nothing really sounds that great deal for around $1200. I’ve toyed with the idea of a going full bore with a Yoder pellet grill and that’s the only thing that slightly perks my ears, but knowing the tradeoff for high temp steaks makes me pause. We do less pulled pork and brisket lately and more burgers and steaks where higher temps are greatly preferred. I know a couple of other members have reached a similar crossroads. What did you decide and why?
  12. ego outdoor power equipment

    For the record, I'm not some tree hugger save the earth type. the biggest factor for me is that something works when I go to use it. On top of that what appealed to me is the gas comparable power that lithium ion tools make nowadays, not mixing gas or performing maintenance on each item, and not having a small 2 or 4 cycle screaming in my ear when I go to use it. ive used battery powered mowers and I think that if people tried them, they would gladly change. As for me I'm waiting for the gas push mower I have to go out and it's an easy decision to go to a battery powered one.
  13. ego outdoor power equipment

    I have the kobalt 80v lineup of tools and have been amazingly impressed with them the last two years or so. I have the chainsaw, string trimmer, and blower. I maintain an acre and do mother in laws city lot weekly with them. Great battery run time and power. In fact I like them so much when my push mower that I leave at my MIL dies I'm going to get the 80v mower. I have a gas riding lawnmower for my place, but outside of that I have absolutely no desire to use gas power tools anymore. Who knows when it goes out there might be an electric riding mower for a reasonable price, can't get onboard with the new Ryobi just yet for 2500 bucks. All my gas power tools have been given away or discarded.
  14. 20000 Mile Motor Oil

    I use Mobil 1 on all my vehicles and small engines, and do 10k oil and filter changes on the big stuff, and yearly oil changes on the riding mowers,generators, etc. I have over 100k on some of trucks and never an issue. I spent a lot of time on bobistheoilguy forum before making the leap. The problem isn't usually the oil with extended intervals, its cheap filters. Stay away from anything from fram. Go wix or motorcraft.
  15. Limiting My Smoking

    Although it isn't popular in here, any time I've lost weight and was able to maintain it for any significant amount of time has been through a mostly plant based diet. The honest truth is that meat has become so cheap (compared to any other point in history )that we eat entirely way too much of it. I also think similar results could be maintained through using something like the whole 30 where are you switch away entirely from processed foods and just eat actual food as it was intended.