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  1. I have a few things that want to find loving, new homes before the upcoming season gets underway. Items are located in New Jersey (07866) For the "smaller" items, I may be able to get decent ground shipping rates. I also get around the northeast a fair bit, so if you are in NY, PA, CT, DE, Ontario, Quebec, etc. it might be possible to work something out with delivery or a closer exchange spot. First up, a new on the pallet KJ Classic II. Got lucky at Lowe's when some stores cleared them out. Originally had a friend in Germany interested in having me sea-freight it to him, but his wife won't let him buy it now. Asking $825. BONUS: Pick up the KJII this weekend, April 13 or 14, and I can compensate your travel expenses with up to 20 gallons of gas at a nearby Shell station using some extra Fuel Rewards points I have. If picking up between April 15-20 I can only offer $1.55 off per gallon, up to 20 gallons. Char-Griller Akorn, black/Slate. New in the box. Asking $225. Char-Griller Akorn Jr, red. New in the box. $100 18" Weber Smokey Mountain. NIB, but box has some wear. $225 22" Weber Kettle Premium. NIB, but box has some wear. $90
  2. Ah, didn't know that. For some other roadshow style sales I've seen on other items, they just had some displays and then it would get shipped to the customer. Wasn't sure how this one worked. $30 and losing the cover (or $5 if you can snag a coupon) really isn't too bad to have something this size delivered, in my opinion.
  3. Is the boxed stuff the same as the bags? Roadshow is definitely a better deal if you are near Costco with a Roadshow. No roadshows scheduled near me in NJ yet. I also don't have much room to stock up after getting 59 bags of Stubbs Briquettes for $75 on clearance. Hopefully any nearby one is a bit later in the season after I've burned some of that off and have a bit of room. Using the $25 off $250 coupon I received and getting a Joetisserie and 4 boxes of lump seems like a good deal. I end up paying about $0.1725 more per pound than the Roadshow price, which comes out to $13.80 more for 80 pounds. Not too bad considering it gets delivered. The last time there was a roadshow in NJ, it was an hour away. $13.80 to save 2 hours of driving and the 30-60 minutes it always takes to get in and out of Costco is a good deal in my book.
  4. Isn't delivery an option when buying at the Roadshow though? $25 off $250 coupons were sent to a lot of Costco members over the past week. If you didn't get one, you may have luck asking on the Costco.com live chat. It's a YMMV thing, but I had luck asking if I might have accidentally deleted the email because I get the daily emails from Costco. Also, you can use cards other than Visa Costco.com, which may be an advantage if you have any cards that earn rewards that are not Visa.
  5. It's probably cheaper to just apply for a business license as a sole-proprietorship to get a sales tax collection certificate. In NJ it's free to do so. A quick search of Google comes up with $25-50 in MA to register a "DBA Certificate" valid for 4-5 years, depending on your county.
  6. I spotted one of these at a Lowe's this week, hidden on a top shelf. Clearance price at that store is $149. Don't need it myself, but at the price it's tempting to go back and pick it up anyway.
  7. I've only done been cheeks a couple times, but I smoked them for a couple hours with my standard beef rub to get the bark going, wrapped in foil (didn't add liquid, IIRC) and then unwrapped to firm up the bark. Came out great. Since you'll be using in empanadas as opposed to slicing, the bark won't be as important. If you wrap it with the red wine and Worcestershire, it'll be like braising it, so no real risk of the meat being too dry unless it dried out during the smoke. Should turn out well. Maybe now I need to go find some cheeks and try a smoke + braise with green chili sauce
  8. I ordered one at $600 on Saturday for pickup, to reserve it, not expecting it to last but not sure if I really need it. Today I went to check the dimensions on the box to determine if I should pay delivery or rent a truck. Down to $299.75 and I had a 10% off coupon. Bought 3 just because... Now to see if I can get the price on the $600 one that I didn't pick up yet adjusted.. and figure out where to put the extras temporarily.
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