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  1. WAY TO GO! (and I kinda like the paisley one too... but yeah.... not much use for it)
  2. All rightly then.. I'll give that a shot and well go from there!
  3. 90%-95%+ percent of the bread I've made has been in a bread machine, either from dough or from making the whole loaf in the bread machine. It normally turns out ok.
  4. I'm going to give this a shot....What's a good bread recipe? How much do you feed the starter? The King Arthur directions stay to feed it weekly.
  5. Really?? It's just flour and water? How long can you store it?
  6. The most important thing to remember about soldering is: When you thing you have enough solder, you already have too much.
  7. Soldering is easy once you get the hand of it. I have a RapPi and was thinking about trying to do something like this! I was also thinking you can use a computer fan and a motor controller for a temp controller. I should have most of the parts laying around.... just never got around to putting the assembly together....... Do you have the link to the forum?
  8. I've just been using propane rather then MAPP, I can get 2 or 3 bottles for the price of 1 MAPP bottle. I just leave the torch in the coal for a minute or so and it's good to go.
  9. Correct. We don't like Horseradish so I omitted that from the recipe. My kids said it tasted a little more like ranch dressing.
  10. wiping the drool off my keyboard now........man that looks good.
  11. What do you do with left over pulled pork? Why throw it on a pizza what else? I didn't have all the ingredients to make to dough from scratch, so I got some Publix pizza dough. The dough can out pretty good, I would buy it again. Pulled pork + white BBQ sauce + pizza dough = awesome! Forgot to take a pic before we cut it up and devoured it!
  12. Derald, I love it, so far it's the best grill I've ever owned! I can't compare to any other Kamado since I've not used any other brands (no reason to try anything else either). I've cooked a ton of food on it. Results are consistent and keep getting better at I continue to learn more about cooking on it and help from the Guru's here.
  13. Just wanted to share my experience with Primo's customer service. I purchased a deflector set for my Primo round kamado. When I brought it home and opened it, the deflector had a crack in it. I called Primo, they asked my to send them a picture and fill out the warranty claim on their website. A couple emails and a week later I have a new deflector sitting at my door, didn't even have to pay for shipping!. Thanks for your great customer service and standing behind your product!!!
  14. I'm game.... How do you may be a starter and then what do you do from there?
  15. I'm game.... How do you may be a starter and then what do you do from there?
  16. Not 100% sure, 4-6 hours... about 4 on the grill and then a couple more in the oven. I had actually forgotten they were in there, so probably longer then they needed to be. When I remembered about them I just shut the oven off. I just left them in the oven until we were ready to eat then warmed them back up on the stove top.
  17. What's the point of the starter vrs dry yeast you can buy?
  18. Looks great, what's a starter?
  19. My new thermometer showed up today :D, it was as easy to install as it looked. The only thing I did different from the video was to use water while drilling the hole out. Ceramic glaze is really hard on drill bits and wanted to make sure I could reuse mine. The whole process took under 15 minutes and the included finding the drill bit..... Fresh off the UPS truck Old Thermometer Additional towel to soak up any water. old 1/8 hole New hole, easier to drill out then expected. Ready to go! Size comparison
  20. yep, everything turned out fine in the end. I just had to move the butt down to the main grate, the beans were about done anyways. I just finished them off in the oven.
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