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  1. I spent a few rounds thought the S&W mp 15 22. Shot like a dream but I am still having a heard time dropping 500 plus tax on a 22 but at 100'yards it was knocking gnats of a fence post. To be fair the 10 22 can to.
  2. CopPlusGrill

    AR 22

    Anyone in kamado land had in time behind a AR 22. With the current situation with the gun grabbers looking for a cheaper gun to shoot than my mini 14. Looked at ruger 10-22 but the prices are through the roof if I am going to spend that much on 22 might as well go all out. Need some impartial reviews on the ar 22 no rants and raves just facts.
  3. Real life conversation as follows Wife : " I thought your old grill worked just fine" Me: " Well this grill is just like the expensive one that's at the pool store that was $1000.00 but it only cost $300.00" Wife: " Well,..... Me: " your Mom needs a new grill and I was going to give her the old grill" Wife: " Okay,..yeah her grill has about had it." Me: " Hey food lion has chicken thighs on sale can you get some while I fire up the grill?" Oh yeah she liked the BBQ'd chicken too
  4. I am thinking maybe somewhere in the Raleigh area. Maybe the west side of Raleigh. Maybe the first of October would be good time the temp outside wouldn't be crazy hot. I like the idea of it being a family friendly. Like some one else kinda mentioned the key is finding a hotel that would allow us to use the PVA to set up some cookers and EZ UP tents. Maybe even a local community center that would rent to us. I know the Cleveland School area in wake county is near I 40 and has several hotels available. If we get enough people committed to come ( don't have to limit to guru members ) maybe we could get a group discounts on rooms. With permission of the head cheese on this forum maybe we can create a sign up list to see if we can get at least ten people. Then start working on a location.
  5. Sounds good to me! Need to see about how many NC members there are at this time. Then based on their locations try to come up with a central place to have it. Maybe see if we can get a topic/signup sheet going.
  6. At 180 you will start to see the result of the collagen breaking down hence pulled pork. Maybe cooking it to 170 and maybe have your smoker at a higher temp maybe 275 to 300. The longer cook times at slow temps lends to more collagen break down with a higher heat it will raise up to 170 fairly quick compared to going low and slow at 225 or 250.
  7. Pork cheeks are not shown. They are even better than pork belly!!! They are more of a fine dinning cut of meat but boy are they good!!
  8. Yup that would be it. One fantastic place!!! Mack and his son Larry are two good people. I love to talk with Mr. Mack I always ask him whats the price of steak. They have let me use their cooker on several occasion. It's amazing that it started out by people bring their hogs for slaughter there to one of the biggest pork displays in eastern United States. But back on the subject you be game for a gathering? Need to see about sparking some more interest in this.
  9. "Uni-tasker" some one here watches Good Eats by chance?!?!?!?!?
  10. For meat I would go with a poly board. The particular one I have I picked up at a food service warehouse. I would save the wood board for veg and fruits alike. I have a bamboo but it is kind of a slow board compared to something like a maple board. Buy two polys one for meats and one for veg.
  11. Yeah I came close to buying a push Troybuilt but I bought a husqvarna self propelled since I already had a husqvarna weedeater. I am kind of weird about keeping all the power equipment the same name brand. Next on the list is a small powered blower.
  12. I know yourself along with myself are from NC. Maybe if we can spark some interest in this maybe split the difference between eastern and westren NC. I also do off duty security at a fantastic pork market so acess to buy some killer cuts of pork will be easy. Lets see what we can come up with. Possibly make it family friendly it will be easier to get the wife's permissions! Either two routes this go either a competion or just a hang out with good food and a few cold ones.
  13. Okay this is just only an idea. Just throwing it out there. With my photography we have meet ups where a bunch of photographers get together and take photo and discuss topics have a beer or two. Usually they have them going on at the same time in different areas. Will lets do the same thing with Q. Come up with an day and different locations maybe this could be once or twice a year meet up. Have breakfast lunch and dinner all cooked on a grill. Split up responsibilities between people attended. Take photos maybe have a beer or two or three. I am from Eastern North Carolina,....let's get cooking.
  14. Looking at picking up a new gun for plain clothes duty and off duty. Anyone out here used the Para Ordance LDA? Looking at the .40 cal. Not a big 45 fan. I have two Glocks already so I don't want a compact been there done that.
  15. When I got mine out of the box the gasket around the lid was already coming off. It was not really secured the way it should be to ensure it would stay on. When I put mine together I noticed that the lid was not setting exactly on the bottom of the grill it was off by a quarter of a inch causing smoke to leak from around it. Customer service sent me a new dome to fix the problem but when the new one arrived it had a dent in it. Called back and they sent me a third one. So I have two extra domes lucky me! I would like to see a stainless steel cooking surface instead of a cast iron. The top self is okay for small items but it seems to need a little more reinforcement but I do like the way it pivots on the grill. Better sealing around the bottom damper. Would like to have the handle just a little further away from the lid. A little better quality hardware such as the screws and bolts used in assembly. I do applaud them on the cart design very easy to move around. Different color options would be a cool feature.
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