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  1. I'm sure this is covered ground....but i am going to take the plunge this week. What are your suggestions? Digi Q? BBQ Guru?
  2. Massena! That is God's country up there - that is where my pop is from
  3. I have had the same issues with igrill2 and iphone 6+
  4. This is AWESOME to do. I like using my homemade adobo on it as well. Super nice for a change.
  5. Was curious how many you can get on there. Does anyone have any pictures by any chance??!
  6. Does it make sense to open a "For Sale" section for folks selling kamados, parts, unused accessories? I often see these on forums and thought it would be useful here. Your thoughts?
  7. Anyone have any experience with these? Would you recommend? http://smokeware.com/collections/chimney-caps/products/kj-chimney-cap
  8. Right on- if you cut em and they crumble. You've over cooked your ribs brother!
  9. Finally nailed it. 2-1-1 mins at 235 and i got the perfect bite I was chasing after. Smoked with some cherry chunks. Used my home made rub and dressed with my famous pepper jelly. As one judge from our local Pigs n Peaches likes to say - "Any moron can cook ribs so they just fall off the bone" lol Gotta have some bite but pull clean from the bone when you do bite it! Proof that even a blind squirrel nails a perfect cook once in a while. I just don't post most of my screw ups lol
  10. I cook brisket this way every time. Who has time to watch a smoker for 12 hours. That is what makes the Kamado so great - set it up correctly with enough lump and it will hold temp for 12 hours! I know when I put it on roughly how long it will take.
  11. Father's Day Feast ready for the Kamado Joe. Pork shank, Beef Rib, and Baby Back Ribs. ‪#‎deathbymeat‬ ‪#‎fatkidproblems‬
  12. Kids loved it! Peppered Duck stuffed with oranges, garlic, onions. Roasted on the Kamado Joe with some cherry chunks basted with soy and honey glaze. YUM 375 till it hit about 165. Cranked it to 500 last couple mins to crisp it up. Put the glaze on 8 or 10 times during the cooking process. Sauce was honey, soy, dripping, juice from roasted oranges, red wine vinegar, broth.
  13. The wife brought this home yesterday. Says its tri tip - but there is no way, right? Just noticed it folded over where it said "Tri"...it said "Tri Sirloin tip"
  14. Addertooth - where did you get those feet?
  15. yes it sure was it may have spike a bit overnight. I probed and temped and it said it was right on though.
  16. I like injecting for this reason. What temp did u pull?
  17. Set up a 15 pound brisket today for Memorial Day tomorrow. The brisket has injected with my secret injection solution Then covered with garlic powder, Salt, pepper, and a little bit of my homemade rub which has a lot of paprika for color. It's been set on the Big Joe at 225 degrees with a big load of large lump augmented with soaked chunks of pecan and cherry. Time for bed! This is why I love my Kamado!
  18. Man I wish I had seen the scratch and dent before I bought mine! I love them. The other thing they are good for a grilling chicken on the kamado. It prevents flashbacks and burning.
  19. Not affiliated with these folks - but if you are on the fench. There is a coupon code this weekend for 15% off. "Grateful15"
  20. I have the same problem with my iGrill. Mine can't broadcast through the length of my garage. Great idea, poor performance sadly.
  21. Dumb question. I can't find anything that seem to be wide enough to set my Big Joe on in a table. Been to Lowes and Home Depot and the concrete pavers are not big enough at either retailer. What do you all use?
  22. 1/4 French Canadian. This is f'ing retarded... My French Canadian G'ma would say the very same!
  23. First of all. NOT MY COOK. NOT MY RECIPE! This was posted by a gentleman by the name of Jeff Cowley on "Big Green Egg BBQers" on Facebook. HOW AWESOME DOES THIS LOOK?????????? __________________________________________ The Muffuletta is one of my favorite foods. The original sandwich is from Central Grocery in the French Quarter, New Orleans. I wanted to egg a Muffuletta, so I skipped the Sicilian white bread and went with a pork loin instead. I filleted it open, then added a layer of Central Grocery's signature olive salad. The salad is a mix of various olives, peppers, cauliflower, carrots, and oil and spices. I then added one layer each of the following: provolone cheese, mozzarella cheese, ham, mortadella, and Genoa salami. I tied it all up, then cooked indirect at 350 for about 90 minutes. This was so stinkin' good! Seriously good. The meats blended together well; the thick slices of cheese worked well even though some leaked out; and the olive salad gave a great flavor throughout! And thankfully I've got enough of everything left over for more!!
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