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    Also have KamadoJoe Jr, Weber Char coal grill, Weber Genesis gas grill, Castle smoker and and Castle 30" commercial Gas broiler. I am a KCBS judge.
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  1. Tspud1

    36" Blackstone cover

    I have a couple of these stainless covers for Blackstone griddle, $90 plus UPS
  2. Tspud1

    Table for Kamado Joe Jr

    Where did you find this? How well does it stand up to heat?
  3. Tspud1

    Blackstone 17 inch griddle

    Yes, I have the brackets and can spot weld in place. It will leave a small mark on top but no hole with bolt head sticking out. $25 for shipping
  4. Tspud1

    Blackstone 17 inch griddle

    I put my 28" in a egg table
  5. Tspud1

    Blackstone 17 inch griddle

    Haven't made one yet for a 22". Can you get me measurements? I have been making Longer to cover the drain spout on right front. I guess about $60, about same amount of work as 28".
  6. Tspud1

    Blackstone 17 inch griddle

    I can put brackets on but it makes for a point of entry for water. I put handles on ends so lid can be used to set things on when not in use. 28" $70 plus UPS
  7. Tspud1

    Blackstone 17 inch griddle

    Made some covers for Blackstones
  8. Tspud1

    Blackstone 17 inch griddle

    Made some covers for Blackstones
  9. Tspud1

    New table for my KJ and KJ Jr.

    What is the bigger one sitting on?
  10. http://campaign.thermoworks.com/2018_04_19_smoke_openbox_launch_cons.html?utm_source=Nl-2018Apr19&utm_medium=email&utm_term=vib_link&utm_content=inbox&utm_campaign=April2018-Smoke-Open-Box-cs
  11. I doubt the new style hinge on Kamado Joe will go in this table with that hinge assist on back. Not familiar with Monolith hinge
  12. Tspud1

    Kamado Joe Big Joe / Joe Jr Combo table

    New style hinge?
  13. Tspud1

    BigJoe Ultimate Table

    Where does water go in sink?
  14. Tspud1

    Big Green Egg new products

    Who knows how new tables will be priced. Bet they are made in China
  15. Starting today we will send one bag of Rockwood Lump charcoal with every stainless table. This is #1 lump on Naked Whiz ratings site. You can also add up to 10 bags at $20 each with free shipping. These must ship with table to take advantage of shipping discount for weights. http://www.outdoorkitchenequip.com/