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    Also have KamadoJoe Jr, Weber Char coal grill, Weber Genesis gas grill, Castle smoker and and Castle 30" commercial Gas broiler. I am a KCBS judge.
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  1. I did hear the SOLO is changing the Yukon size from 30" down to 27" soon
  2. sure, i have made over 4000 covers in last year for Camp Chef and Blackstone griddles so yours should be easy
  3. My Bonfire with cover I made to put on when fire burns down or if it starts to rain
  4. I think most Ace can get Rockwood lump
  5. My Blackstone retrofit, a rear serving/warm shelf
  6. What is Blue Smoke BBQ? Cant find anything other than a New York restaurant
  7. Yes i made it, didnt think there would be a demand.
  8. I made it out of stainless perforated metal, I could sell but haven't tried. You might look for a used fryer basket and cut handle off
  9. Meatloaf in special pan, doesn't sit in a bunch of grease while cooking
  10. I made a few extra of these so if anyone is interested, message me Can get just cover or windscreen if needed. $90 for cover and $45 for windscreen delivered. Both for $125
  11. I have heard the paver under the cooker is not a good idea. Is the noth behind the KJ for their new hinge assist?
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