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  1. Hello Fellow Kamado Gurus, It has been a while since i have visited or posted. I have run into a dilemma and would like for some input. I have always wanted to put together a decent wooden table for my Primo Oval XL but never found any plans that were simple and clean, so I decided to build my own. I am not that big of a wood working person, so I wanted a simple table that could hold my grill, utensil and lump coal. Below is the tabletop shelf. I thought this was the most important part as it would be where the product would be delivered, so I built a base for which I am trying to decide what type of surface that I want to use to show off my work. I did a poor stain and seal job after getting all of the support pieces and called it a day… If anyone wants, I posted the dimensions that I used for the table top support. Its all relative to the type of grill that you want but this would support just about any type, just cut the table top to the grill of your preference. Just need to decide on the surface that I want. I added legs and casters. The height is also at your discretion. I used 36” with a shelf that was installed at 12” from support base surface to table top surface. There was a primo cut-out that I use for the distances, After squaring everything, it was time for the grill support self. The legs could have been position differently and I decided to get as close as I could to the grill for better support, without getting to the tip over point and keeping some room for second shelf storage. Added a second shelf for storage, Found a stain and sealer that I liked and completed the table, minus the top. Now the big question. What type of table top do I want?
  2. Hey Timtogrill, Just picked up a used XL from a friend. He dropped the cover, shattered it, and because the dealer did not give him the band kit, they gave him a new grill. Only 7 months old. His girlfriend wanted a hot tube and his backyard setup would only accommodate that and one of the two grills that he had. well he decided to get rid of the Promo for $750 w/ an IQ120 included. Man I tell you, I am excited. I sold my Akorn to another friend and took the deal. it is a beautiful accessory to my back yard and I can't wait to get started.
  3. Thanks to all...my next plan is the deep dish that i saw on one of the post in the pizza section. Just got to find a ceramic dish...
  4. Well, started the morning doing a high temp burn to clean the grill from a rib smoke on Saturday and my son comes over and asked me when we were going to do that pizza on this Akorn. We tried it when I first got my pizza stone (17.99 at Lowes) and it was a flop. The thing tasted great, but it did not come off the stone so easy, but it is well seasoned now. Well i have to say it was wings and pizza Sunday. After getting the CG back to 220 I put on the wings and let them brew while we got the dough ready. My wife does not eat pork ( I know right) so I used a Turkish sausage-Sujuk, onions and peppers. I must say the sujuk turned out pretty good. To make a long story short I had to share this , it was, as my son put it, AWESOME. One thing that he was impressed with was when I was rolling the dough it was not coming out in a decent enough round shape so I took the stone, laid it on the dough and then cut the excess off, leaving a perfect circle. It did shrink a little but i think it came out okay. Almost lost it though, it was a bit heavy for the raised extension and you can see where some of the cheese started to drift off the topping. Thought the kid was going to have a heart attack.
  5. This is an excellent thread and I wish that I had it explained that way when I did my first pizza. The monstrosity was delicious, but my mother in law made the crust too thin and I only hit about 450. The other things is to season that stone. I got a decent one from Lowes and it was very porous. I thought it was season but the first cook prove me wrong. I then just left it in the Akorn when I was starting my first high temp burn and the thing change from a tan color to a dark brown and I know its ready now. I have not done another but my son is dying to try it again. Kudos to philpom. Very nice, professional response.
  6. Thermapen is discounting the brown thermapen. Get them before there gone.
  7. Just picked up a thermoworks thermo pop for $23.99 shipped. It was a open unit but has the full warranty from thermoworks. I suggest subscribing to the newsletter and email subscription and getting the deals the offer.
  8. Thanks for the tip on this. I got my basket and grate hook last night, just in time for my first high temp burn. I don't have much grilling on it but I wanted to run it up and also have the basket installed during the process. I also added the gasket around the top of the base were the original gasket rests. Got it up to about 650 on the dome probe for about 5 - 10 minutes then shut it down. Its pork chops and pizza tonight so hopefully I can get some pictures up.
  9. Thanks jfweekley, Besides ribs, wings are another favorite of mine and my wife would not let me get rid of my vertical smoker until I could produce these results. I must say, the temp held and the product was awesome. Let me know how yours turns out.
  10. Welcome from Virginia. Looking forward to some good cooks.
  11. Neither did I. I was only going by the description of the one that I saw in Wally World as it stated that the cooking area was 306 and the one from Home Depot advertised 447 which i guess is including the the cooling rack. If that is the case, the 288 is much better than the 349 @ HD.
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