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  1. Early Father's Day present

    I hope they didn't change suppliers. I've been happy with the M I have. I do like the new look though. It's different from some of the ones out there.
  2. Early Father's Day present

    So a few weeks ago I was at Sams with the Family. I always make it a point to go down the "Outdoor" aisle just to check out the grills and see what else they might have. A few years ago I picked up an M series for $199. So you never know what you might find. That’s when I saw the new B Series. I wanted to pull the trigger but since I had an M it was hard to justify buying this one. Last weekend I had a coaching clinic in the morning and when I came home this it what I saw in the garage!
  3. Which Vision should I get!

    Can you tell me what Bass Pro you went to, I live in Olathe KS Thanks
  4. Which Vision should I get!

    Thanks for all the help. Does anyone know anything about Vision's new line, the signature series. I have looked all over the place and can't really find any info. I emailed Vision directly and was told that Bass Pro carries them. I live about 5 mins away from a Bass Pro and they had no idea what I was talking about. I even called the main store in Springfield. Again, they acted like they have never herd of vision.......
  5. Which Vision should I get!

    So I have the M series which has been great. However it's time for a bigger one. Does anyone have any opinions on which model is the best. I was on the website and the new signiture series looks great but I can't find info other than it stating "coming soon" Ideas on who is selling them. I bought my M at Sam's club about year and a half ago. My brother has the classic B but he has told me that at times he has had trouble keeping the heat consistent. He thought it might be the lower vent or user error. We are both pretty new at using a kamado.
  6. HELP Maverick 732

    Ok, So I called Maverick the lady was nice. She said that I can send it to them and they would send me a replacement, which is great. However they won't pay for shipping. I though that was a little odd.
  7. HELP Maverick 732

    Thanks everyone. I will call Maverick customer service today.
  8. I need some help, My sister in-law got me the Maverick 732 for christmas. I have done two cooks with it. The problem I am having is the range is terrible. If the receiver and transmitter are sitting right next to each other it works ok. Most of the time it will sync and update. My grill is only about 30 feet away from my living room. Anytime I move away from the grill 10 feet or more It will not sync and update the temp. Or it loses the temp all together and beeps. I have gone through all of the trouble shooting and nothing has seemed to work. Anyone have any ideas. Is there a chance I just got a bad one. All the reviews I have read were excellent that is why I asked for the Maverick. Thanks
  9. Help for Christmas

    Thats great! Yes I do to the BBQ store from time to time and Smoke and Fire. The BBQ store employees have always treated me very well and are quick to offer help. I just like going in a checking out all of the different types of smokers at the BBQ store. Their inventory is great. Have you been to McGonigle's Meat Market? I have gotten a few Butts from there. It kinda pricey though. I couldn't really tell much difference from Sam's club brand. Where do you get your Meat from? Does Paola have a meat market?
  10. Help for Christmas

    Wow this is a great forum thanks to everyone! Also Jayhawk PHarmer I see you live in Paola, I live in Olathe!
  11. Help for Christmas

    Thanks for all the responses. Quick question, what does heat soaked mean?
  12. My awesome wife has asked me for a couple of ideas for christmas. I'm pretty new to smoking and cooking with a kamado. Everything I have read so far talks about having a good digital thermometer. I know it is taboo, but I have just been using the thermometer that came with my kamado that is stuck in the lid. Anyway, what are some of the best ones out there. I would like dual probe, Hopefully under a $100 bucks. Thanks
  13. Vision Accessory Kit on the Vision M

    How big is the top rack? I'm worried that it would be too small to do much with. I'll be honest I do not want to spend the money on the accessory pack. So I would have to put a stone (which I already have) on the bottom rack and the food on the top rack.
  14. Frist crack at ribs

    I think it was to much brown sugar and when I sprayed them (about every 45 min) I used an apple/ mango juice that we had in the frig.....It was my 2 year olds:)
  15. Frist crack at ribs

    Ok.....So my first crack at ribs on the vision I picked up last week .......Not too bad. A little sweet for my liking but they were cooked about right. Not dry at all. What I was amazed at was how well the temp held. It was about 20 degrees yesterday with wind and sleet/snow all day..... The needle never moved unless I opened the top. Even with that, it only took a few minutes to catch back up.....