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  1. Current price update for Brentwood TN is $3.99 for full packer ... still very reasonable it seems ...
  2. Go with the dimensions of the 5 quart lodge which fits like a charm and is relatively price-worthy as well ...
  3. I don't think it holds up better or worse than the CI one i just think that it looks better but that's just me either choice is gonna be fine. I'm a big fan of a table style configuration since you'll be buying accessories that you need to store and it'll add some needed work space as well ...
  4. I'd get the stand-alone, it just looks nicer and holds up good (got a Classic for close to 3 years now ...) especially in a table which by the way is way more practical than the nest / cart ...
  5. Looks as if,considering the 1cm thickness of the new seal, the older KJ Classic might just get away with the base gasket only and the weight of the dome with the regular hinge would provide sufficient weight to seal ??
  6. I have a galvanized medium sized pale with a lid, works like a charm although it could have been slightly bigger to more effectively shake the KAB over it ...
  7. Great thanks been looking for weeks, just ordered mine !
  8. I've ordered my KJC lasercut stainless (And some other stuff) from Firecraft.com ...
  9. Hot air circulates in the dome ... i'm no expert but i assume the circulation occurs randomly as opposed to neatly structured patterns hence the temps the thermometers read will most likely be random as well ...
  10. I'm on my 3rd box ... light them with my Benzomatic mini torch ... works great!
  11. That looks great ... how long and at what temp should i give this a try? Thanks in advance!
  12. http://shop.vaughnwoodproducts.com/main.sc Just ordered my 1 batch of Applewood from these guys ...
  13. So just to make sure here, you dry age them and then you cut them into separate steak and freeze them separately correct? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  14. I was wondering about the all summer long thing ... how do you keep 'm that long? Do you freeze 'm after you cooked them or am i missing something entirely and you're just buying more and more steak since you saved yourself +$400 ??
  15. My eyes just got teary watching this ... can you post the link to that video you mentioned pretty please ? Thanks, Erik
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