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  1. Holy cow!!! Now I know that I'm around kindred souls.... Someone mentioned Tab Benoit...... That Houma, LA boy can make those strings scream! Saw him in little po-dunk clubs all aver LA for years, then happened on him again a few years ago in Athens, GA. Time to get this clinic jamming to some Tab! Thanks, ya'll!!
  2. I'd build the eggs towards the tongue and not the back, trying to get the eggs over the axel. Then you can have small cabinets with countertops that pop on and off for serving / display. That way you are up over everyone so your voice will carry better; and you can survey the crowds to see who else you need to try to coax in.
  3. Yeah, posting from iPhone and having pic rotation issues! And I can say that I can count on one hand the number of times they've had commercial pizzas! We like the local joints that also tend to favor my local brewery as well!
  4. Tried the first pizza on the green egg this past weekend. The kids asked for pepperoni and bacon; what can I say, those are my girls! They even shredded all the mozzarella for the pie. Used a fast rise dough from YouTube land and a sauce from there as well. This will be a regular activity for me and my girls!
  5. That is freaking BEAUTIFUL!!!! Excellent job!
  6. Stacked cinder blocks will make a cheap stand. Use a little masonry adhesive to stick them together and you'll be good. And cinder blocks are cheap.
  7. The more casters, the better load distribution, the easier the roll. You can cheat and make the skirting cover the wheels so they are "hidden" behind the fascia. But I agree, at 8ft, you'd be better off with 6 or 8 casters under that thing!
  8. The trailer is a rig that has shown up to the Georgia Mountain Egg Fest in the past. The gool old boys carrying the 2-part table is just something I found on the Google.... That seems like it'd be a simple option. Build a sturdy box and keep the egg in the small Table Nest that would be bolted to the base. During transport, I'd use 3 or 4 rubber doorstops to wedge between the egg and the cart top to stabilize and give some shock absorption. Then you can have the base built for whatever you wanted.....
  9. From experience on sidelines, the higher the humidity, the less effective a must will be at cooking. It work on evaporative cooling principles. And down here in the DEEP south, and especially in NOLA, the humidity can feel like its at 150%!!!
  10. Yes. Speaking from experience. I was at a friends house a few weeks back and he had a primo sitting in a wood table. We were making pizzas and about ready to take the second batch out to cook when we saw the flames. The table had burned thru and dropped the primo to the concrete patio, bursting the base, spreading the lump all under the table, setting the table on fire.
  11. I've got the igrill mini; actually 2 of them. I use one for grid temp and the other for meat. I enjoy it a lot.
  12. Oh, yes. I know Doug's page very well! I'm a big Rockwood and WGWW lump user. About to try Carbon Del Sur in a few weeks. There's sone good tables there, but I've seen a couple of really good ones here as well!
  13. @Gumbo - amazing table! The drop leaf is a great idea that I will definitely incorporate into my table. Question- I might have missed it, but did you fasten the boards used for the cabinet with pocket screws or anything like that? Building the pocket in to drop the bosrds in came out perfect in my mind. Again, very impressed with the table!
  14. Yep, they got me set up there from Ga Mountain Eggfest. But I've seen some kick-butt tables here; so I figure if join in the mayhem here! Thanks!
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