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  1. I agree with what others have said. It's probably the lump or the grease burning off from inside the grill. I've experienced both when baking with my kamado joe classic. 


    The imparted flavours from the burning charcoal are very different from the smoke of burning grease. Burning grease leaves a distinct acrid taste in your baked goods. 


    I burn off at 600-650 for at least an hour before doing pizza cooks or any baking. 



  2. Has anyone found that the red bag kamado joe lump charcoal tends to impart an off flavour into food? I notice it with poultry especially as it absorbs flavours easily. 


    I've been careful to let all the the VOCs burn off and always make sure my fire is burning hot and clean. I always have thin blue smoke before I cook yet I always end up with a bit of an unnatural chemical taste in the food. 


    I've aused maple leaf and Basques sugar maple lump charcoals and they don't have any unnatural / chemical taste. 


    Does anyone have similar experience with KJ lump? I've tried a few different bags over the last year and my experiences seems to be consistent. 




  3. At my local Costco the tenderloin steaks are the only option for steaks that are not mechanically tenderized. The packaging label does indicate whether or not the meat is mechanically tenderized. 


    We typically buy a whole tenderloin, cut it into steaks, vacuum pack and freeze.


    If I'm looking for a nice NY Strip or ribeyes, I go to a local butcher.





  4. I plan on trying a beer butt chicken on the Joe Jr and it looks like there are a few ways to squeeze a chicken into the Jr.


    Has anyone experimented with more than one of these methods and have a preference? (Cook directly on heat deflector without grid, lower the heat deflector with hooks, remove the fire ring etc)




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