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  1. Oh by the way, I bought it for $9.99.
  2. Stainless steel handle, everything else is cast iron
  3. Welcome from Bham! My advise is to study this sight, practice practice practice, & don't drive yourself batt s..t crazy chasing temps. Have fun!
  4. Of coarse: Lynard Skynyrd, "Sweet Home Alabama"
  5. TJinBham

    Yeti cups

    Check out Ozark Trails at Walmart. I got two 20oz tumblers & two cusses. Like them a lot. $7-8 each.
  6. What a great job! Very informative & entertaining. Thanks for doing it.
  7. Welcome from Bham. I've been loving my Akorn about a year & a half, i'm sure you will too. This is a super site to include in your Kamado education. I live in the N Shelby county part of Hoover.RTR
  8. If he came in third, I would love to here 1sr & 2nd. What an impressive job & young man!
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