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  1. Oh by the way, I bought it for $9.99.
  2. Stainless steel handle, everything else is cast iron
  3. Welcome from Bham! My advise is to study this sight, practice practice practice, & don't drive yourself batt s..t crazy chasing temps. Have fun!
  4. Of coarse: Lynard Skynyrd, "Sweet Home Alabama"
  5. TJinBham

    Yeti cups

    Check out Ozark Trails at Walmart. I got two 20oz tumblers & two cusses. Like them a lot. $7-8 each.
  6. What a great job! Very informative & entertaining. Thanks for doing it.
  7. Welcome from Bham. I've been loving my Akorn about a year & a half, i'm sure you will too. This is a super site to include in your Kamado education. I live in the N Shelby county part of Hoover.RTR
  8. If he came in third, I would love to here 1sr & 2nd. What an impressive job & young man!
  9. Mine is to be delivered today. I'll play with it & report my thoughts.
  10. That did it! I'll have to see who has ribs on sale tomorrow. Great job, thanks for posting.
  11. Know the area. Look into the history of the song "Seven Bridges Road", you will find it interesting.
  12. Welcome from Bham. What part of state?
  13. Welcome from Bham. You are going to love your Akorn! I also am interested in the adjustable fire grate.
  14. A tip of my hat to the Cornhuskers from a Bama lifer. No war here, hell it's only April! lol
  15. Welcome from Bham! I love the TTT on my Akorn. John did a very good video on smoke a few days ago. A review of that video might help you understand smoke better.
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