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  1. Interesting question. You need enough fuel to heat soak the kamado, and then suffice for your cook, but too much and then it does get close to any indirect assets. Best bet is to have a full firebox and then light the amount of lump accordingly to your cook. So if you are doing a 12-16 hour cook in the low 200's go with more lump. If it is a 4-6 hour cook less will be fine too. It is all part of the process, test, taste, repeat.
  2. I figured that I had it in the freezer and we could have chicken any night so pork belly it is! http://youtu.be/kw04L_Zgc5M 2016-02-21 17.51.19.mov Pretty amazing! Skin was crispy and meat was super juicy and flavorful. Not an every day dinner, but always fun to experiment. Dizzy Pig's curry style nuances worked well as a seasoning. Cheers- PS: Guess I am no good at loading videos on here :(
  3. No bosco- not yet. But after trying this, I am immediately addicted and am sure it will happen soon!
  4. Got the Joetisserie in the mail today and waited all day to put it to use. I really wanted pork but SWMBO wanted beef, so naturally we did both. I went with a 2.5# try-tip and a couple pork cutlets which I think were from the shoulder. I bookended the skewer with onions, and sprinkled some Dizzy Pig on liberally The Joetisserie went on the large Big Green Egg lickety-split, but it did take about 10 seconds of tinkering with to get the skewer in place Once I did, I was off to the races- The egg was stable at about 350 and I ended up bumping to just under 400 I really should
  5. Recently having made another trip around the sun, my thoughts turn to what I will changes I will make in the new year to become a little healthier. This past summer we had our first CSA share and got more veggies each week than SWMBO and I could manage. A few weeks, we got bunches of Kale. Most of it we gave away and some of it just went to the compost pile. But some of it got painted in olive oil, and sprinkled with garlic salt and cooked raised direct on the KK 23. I was pretty surprised how crispy and crunchy the kale got. Almost like chips, but without as much poten
  6. I have done a few @grillingmontana but my periscope goes ballistic with people I have followed when they record themselves driving to work or brushing their teeth so I temporarily have deleted the app. Was interesting tho- the times I did broadcast, it was mostly stabilizing my kamado and the smoke turning from black to clear. Got some wild inquiries with people wondering just what the heck was going on. I May have to give it a shot again soon in a snow storm- If anyone ever wants to DM me on twitter if you are going live, I would be stoked to watch if I am free-
  7. Great looking cook man! I am envious as I have not mastered keeping my KK 23 in the low 200's without it creeping up slowly out of the zone. Guess I need to light less lump or something. Practice makes perfect, so obviously I need more practice!
  8. With the holidays around the corner, I am wondering if there is a consensus on knife sharpening and what works best? I do have an electric chefs choice sharpener which works well but I am not shaving with it. I also have a oval shaped diamond hone stick from the restaurant supply store which I never have thought does much. Finally, I have a 4 sided harbor freight tool wet stone but also no real luck. So what do you knife aficionados use to keep an edge on your blade?
  9. I am so lurking on this thread and hope there is more GoPro banter! Cant wait to get one if they are worth it to make mind blowing kamado videos but otherwise I may stay with my iPhone 6 and DSLR. Please share your thoughts everyone-
  10. I got a wild hair the other week to embrace what I figure was the last warmish day of fall. I had a tri-tip going in the sous vide for about 28 hours at 121F. It got a hard chill and then on to the coals about 2 min a side. Turned out amazing! I shot a video of the process if you care to check it out- http://youtu.be/TTJ868yHlo4 Thanks for looking! Cheers-
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