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  1. Okay John, if you think I meant that as "fact" after prefacing as I did. I apologize for my rude comment. But I've seen so many posts here that seem to favor certain vendors and disparage others that I wrongly assumed you had sponsorship. For that I sincerely apologize. However, why, when people come here to complain about how they've been treated by a particular company, do you call it "bashing". Many of us consider that as venting and looking for some advice on how to go about getting resolution. If not on a public forum then where should we/they go? If you want to censor those voices whom may have a legitimate concern, what is that doing for the rest of us who may be subject to the same treatment if not for the enlightenment from them for their experience? Again, my apologies for my assumption but I've seen so many of these threads end in the same result.
  2. My apologies John, as I said I was just guessing. I assumed you received gratis from KJ and many others. If I'm wrong then please remove my post and I won't be back.
  3. Just guessing, but I think it has a lot to do with the basher and the bashee. If the basher is an outstanding member and the bashee is a non-supporting vendor, then likely nary a whisper. On the other hand, if the basher is just another "joe" and the bashee is a paying sponsor, then the result would likely be different.
  4. He's waited a month and repeated attempts to get resolution seem to be failing. How long do you think he should wait before he takes alternative action? Another month? 6 Months? Sometimes the only way to accomplish anything is to make some noise. Good luck OP getting this resolved.
  5. We were visiting friends in Ketchikan a few summers ago and he pulled some deep water black cod out of his freezer that he'd caught recently. They marinated in a soy based marinade and glazed it with teriyaki. It was phenomenal. Some of the best fish I've ever tasted. If handled properly should not taste fishy. It may not have been your prep as much as how the fish was handled once out of the water.
  6. It looks like the seals are unaffected so other than aesthetics, I don't think it will hurt anything if you leave it alone. That said, I'd use silicone. You could use high temp but IMHO you really don't need it.
  7. After seeing several videos on the subject of roast duck I finally decided to pick up a whole frozen duck (Canadian product but I don't remember the breed) from my local asian market. After deciding which method to use based on above said videos, I was really disappointed in the end result. I doubt I will ever try it again. I have enjoyed it in asian restaurants many times but decided, and especially considering the cost vs. chicken (no to mention how much we enjoy chicken off the Kamado) I simply don't see the need to go there again. Hopefully you'll have a different result.
  8. IMHO, the most important thing about cast iron cookware is never, ever use cleaning agents on it. I started using chain mail and warm water to get the crud off, then wipe with a paper towel (expect it will be black) then heat on the stove top until bone dry (a few minutes on high) and put away until next use. This method now keeps my pans well seasoned and ready to cook.
  9. Lately I've been getting excellent fillet's from one of our local chain grocers, Albertson's. They've recently began selling much of their beef in choice cuts and I will say that the choice fillets that I've been paying $17-$19/lb. have been simply fantastic. I always bacon wrap them (partial cooking of the bacon in the microwave first) and cook direct over moderate/high heat (400 deg. f. or so). Pre-cooking the bacon gets them to finish rendering and even char just a little bit. The flavor of the bacon mixed with that great cut of beef is.............
  10. Man o' man, I gotta' try this. Just a few hours ago I spied several slabs at my local Costco. Problem is when Wifey hears "pork belly" she immediately thinks nothin' but fat and wants no part of it. I think I'll surprise her for my birthday! Great job on the cook, post and pictures!
  11. If it were me I would keep it as simple as possible. A Weber Kettle and you can throw a fresh bag of Kingsford in with each new renter (included in the cost of the rent). This way you don't have to worry about someone leaving a burner on over an extended period. And as others have mentioned, there is a learning curve to the Kamados and likely, unless you are familiar with them, most people would quickly get frustrated and wish they had a simple briquette burner.
  12. Interesting......I don't think I'd ever cook ribs like that but partly because I simply enjoy the time spent smoking. I do take umbrage with you however for polluting a perfectly good single malt with ice cubes.
  13. I use the Swamp Venom and out of the jar it has a remarkable kick. It is hot but with a sweet finish. Once absorbed through hours of slow cooking it just leaves a subtle note of sweet/hot. My family are all "heat hounds" but I've presented cooked meats to others who are not so much, and nobody's complained!
  14. If you're a So-Cal resident, the local Albertsons is running a sale on the Tri-Tip at $2.89/lb. Choice no less! Time to fill the freezer.
  15. Bacon wrapped fillet and skewered jumbo garlic shrimp.
  16. Watching all you guys with the great JT cooks makes me feel a bit depressed. I've had my JT for almost a year now and I've only done 2 cooks on it. . One was a whole chicken and the other was a pork loin. Both came out great, but I honestly didn't think they were any better than a spatchcocked bird or a butterflied and stuffed loin (which is my preferred method on the loin). As a matter of fact, I think my particular method for spatch-cocking a chicken is the only way to cook them now and I doubt any of your spun birds would change my mind on that. Considering the extra effort it takes to truss and balance the rotisserie, as well as the additional clean-up, I've just plain put off using it. I would never tell my wife as she bought it for me for my birthday, but I regret having asked for it in the first place. But you guys keep up the fine spun cooks. I'll keep reading about them. And maybe pull the JT out of the shed again.........someday.
  17. Gonna' try it. I eat almonds every day with lunch. John, do you have a favorite wood for these?
  18. Most will tell you never leave meat on the counter to defrost. The refrigerator is the best source but you need adequate time. For small cuts of meat or chicken pieces I usually put them in a sink full of cold water and put some ice or a blue ice block in there too. Much faster and safer than just leaving out on the counter. Obviously they need to be in a leak-proof bag.
  19. How long did that load of cherry last? At 4" diameter and 2" deep there can't be much fuel in there. On a long low and slow I can't imagine you'd get more than minutes out of it, let alone hours.
  20. I have a Classic B and it extinguishes the coals fairly quickly although coming down from 550 F. I would expect it to still be hot after 2 hours. To bring it down to 100 F. in 4-5 hours does not sound unreasonable, depending on ambient temps, especially considering the entire concept of the ceramic cooker is to efficiently maintain heat. Burning embers however after 2 hours would, I believe indicate a leak somewhere.
  21. Lately I've been using Sweet Baby Ray's but I mix in some different things depending on the theme. Over the weekend I smoked some baby-backs while the wife made an asian style slaw and brown rice. I mixed in some sweet asian chile sauce and a little bit of ginger ale to thin the sauce as I like it more of a glaze than a thick sauce.
  22. I have not but I will admit that every time I walk thru my neighborhood Korean market and I see all the nice looking frozen ducks they have I get to wondering. Maybe next weekend.
  23. For me, I like to put a mixture of garlic, olive oil and various seasonings under the skin, as a paste. Once spatchcocked, the bird will lay nice and flat on my counter or cutting board allowing easy access all around to get under the skin and massage the paste well into the nooks and crannies. Once on the fire the bird cooks untouched for 1.25 to 1.5 hours depending on size and particular fire. I'm sure you can get wonderful results using various methods, however for me, this particular method delivers the absolute most consistent results and my family members all agree. I have the Joetisserie and so far have not been able to duplicate the flavor and consistency. I'm sure with more practice I could eventually get there but right now it's not broke so I'm not going to fix it.
  24. I may not be the best one here to answer since I've not done too many multi-item cooks that required temp variations but given the circumstances you've noted, this is how I would approach it. Take your loin to 130 and double wrap in foil, then wrap it in towels and put it in an empty cooler. It should easily raise to your desired temp of 135 and it will hold in the cooler (cambro) for at least a couple of hours while you finish your higher temp items. The Kamado should take only a few minutes to go from 300 to 400.
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