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  1. Hey everyone. My wife and I are road tripping to Texas in December. Was wondering if the folks from the Houston and San Antonio areas could recommend the best BBQ stores that hopefully sell KJ stuff as well to stop and shop at.
  2. John- I tried foiling wood for some smoke on porkchops. The grill was 400-450. I set the pouch to the side of the grill, not directly in the fire. After the chips were off, I went to pull the foil pouch out it pretty much pulled apart and was dust more or less. I would assume that the heat and the fact of it being Aldi brand foil did the trick. I assume that this happens to you since you referenced steaks in the video which I assume you do pretty hot. Is there any way around this? Anything from a health perspective to worry about? I would assume not from a one time deal, but doing it this way more often this may be cause for concern. I appreciate your thoughts.
  3. Was searching Amazon for Kamado Joe products and went into a couple of the grills and noticed that these were sold/shipped by Amazon. Does anyone know if these products will carry the KJ warranty and support like buying from a dealer does?
  4. I posted over on the KJ forum. Going to see if they say something otherwise I am going to call. It works dang slick, obviously. Haha
  5. Nope never do that I hold it. I made 4 little spots and did not notice anything. Pulled it out from the last spot and it is melted. Have done this numerous times. Clearly, it got to hot. Just curious if it is anything to worry about.
  6. So my joe blow melted. I did not use it any differently then usual. Should I be concerned with the missing piece in my kamado? Has anyone had similar experiences with this? Is it still useable? Should it be replaced? See picture attached. Let me know your thoughts folks! Thanks.
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