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  1. You panicked in the stall. Don’t panic. The temp will stall. Chill out, crack open a brew and let it ride.
  2. Outside on a block patio. Away from the house a bit. These things contain fire.
  3. I would like an order of your Peking duck and one house lo mein to go, please. Looks delish.
  4. Got a food truck near me that uses twin huge green eggs. Fred’s Franks. Dude has simple food done right. I admire that guy.
  5. Wasn’t marketing it to ya, bud. I also didn’t say they, nor I, know it will crack. As none of mine have ever cracked I have no experience with my ceramics cracking. However as a reasonable person I have more confidence that my steel Kamado will remain crack free much longer than my ceramic ones. I also expect ceramics to rust less than my steel Kamado. My steel Kamado got hit by a forklift. For real. And it’s fine. Bears a little scar. But fine.
  6. I'm no expert on ceramics nor the modern manufacturing process....but it's ceramic
  7. Yeah, I was being a bit of a wise guy. Sometimes it just comes streaming out.
  8. You say kamato I say kamado, you say potatao, I say potato
  9. Welcome from Billerica
  10. Welcome aboard from Billerica Mass.
  11. What's up bro? I lived in Woosta till about 4 years ago. Up by the airport. Welcome to the guru. Where abouts in the Woo do you live?
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