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  1. Nice work Phil...one of my favorites
  2. Bro, I was kidding. I know theft happens everywhere. You just can’t be consumed by the thought of being victimized. There was a dude that had a KK stolen. Prob 2x to 4 x the weight of most kamado’s. A brother on this site found it on a auction website and notified law enforcement and the KK was recovered. I had a joe stolen from the store I work at. No joke. It happens. Crime happens in all neighborhoods...criminals have transportation too, if they don’t, neck, they are criminals, they can steal transportation. My point is don’t obsess. A kamado is heavy and cumbersome. More likely they steal a bicycle or something. Don’t lose sleep. If they try to steal it in all likleyhood they are ill prepared and may hurt themselves.
  3. Dude, if it’s that bad get a big dog and a big gun. I’d be afraid to go out on that deck to put burgies down. where do you live?
  4. Dang,man, love me some beef backs...but never seen em taken to this level. You are insane in a genius kind of way!
  5. Correction,. They are not made to drive to Home Depot. They will break down if driven there. Bad idea. Other home improvement stores are compatible, but not the orange one.
  6. You burn it j.k. This fairly dense and largeish chunks take just ever so slightly longer to get hot. You might not notice much. It s slight. They are great on low n slows, but if using on a hot n fast. You will see there is a great amount of leftover next cook if you shut it down promptly after the cook.
  7. Idk, I always thought those holes were redundant with the possible exception of a long low n slow where the bottom gets clogged. I still see no reason to do this as I have no probs.
  8. Dude, forget about that slight chip. Crack open a brew, fire up that bad Larry, throw dead animals on it and enjoy life with your fam.
  9. Seen this in my Keg and some old gassers I had. Yup, it does look like paint. Nope, they don’t paint the inside of a grill, cause...ya know.. it would flake off. Creosote build up looks and feels like dried up flaky paint. Fear not. It is not painted on the inside.
  10. I was just driving through Lowell. I knew I could smell something wonderful.
  11. Nice score, dude!,! Post some cooks.
  12. If you need some help with a lis something something please look me up.
  13. As CK said...anything Fogo. Close second I’d KJ big block. Then Diamond, wicked good, rockwood. In some applications Diamond is bear, but I gave my “ overall” list. Royal oak is a great every day fuel.
  14. prowe

    BBQ Shed

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