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  1. New User intro

    There must be something I'm missing...
  2. Newbie

    Welcome aboard brother
  3. New User intro

    Please tell me that the slightly torn gasket isn't preventing you from firing that bad boy up...that would be silly.
  4. The wife is gonna kill me

    I gotta say I love that hinge.
  5. The wife is gonna kill me

    I was at work and called her while the pats were down by 2 TDs. (She gets very emotional during Pats games) I told her I got her a gift and texted her the pic of the Joe. She was with her mother at the time. They both thought I bought a snowthrower. And we're pretty much like your wife..why do you Need it, where you gonna put it? believe me....it was not the price.. the store had a clearance event on all display smokers including the KJ as they are making space for Christmas stuff. Btw, if anyone needs a smoker there were still some clearance displays left. Mostly char broil/Oaklahoma Joe. One was a pellet, one was dual fuel, a couple offsets and a vertical. There was an Akron too. I think it was about 65 bucks.
  6. The wife is gonna kill me

    A few weeks back the wife left and came back with a new Cherokee. It's a one way street up here buddy. Wish I lived in a free society.
  7. The wife is gonna kill me

    Ditto on the red color. As I am a big boy you and Mrs.PRowe ,at have to contact someone like @bosco with a big 32 for a full roast of me. Imbet i would be delish. I'd come pre salted, but some cayenne, pepper and some paprika for color would do wonders. Don't hold back on the garlic powder, cilantro, basil etc...
  8. The wife is gonna kill me

    The keg is something near and dear that I will keep for camping and tailgating (yeah, I know, I recently admitted I usually use a gasser for those occasions, but I intend to transition). i intend to lose the Bayou Classic. I have one person in mind to offer it to. If She don't take it I would be looking to find another person interested in kamado kooking. If you have someone interested let me know. If they are VERY interested you should prolly let me know like now, as I will be speaking with her tomorrow morning. I am not interested in money. I am interested in passing it to somebody with a passion for kamado cooking. It's not in great shape. Has some chips. Missing some nuts. And the felt is beat up. It cooks good food despite this. you have my digits, don't be shy to text.
  9. The wife is gonna kill me

    Thanks Shuley. Remember me by this pic of the classic II s first cook
  10. The wife is gonna kill me

    It's not even home yet. If you see my driveway blocked off with police line, and detectives lurking, please say goodbye to the KG folks for me.
  11. The wife is gonna kill me

    Just added this beauty to the family.
  12. What’s your favorite rubs

    I got some assorted stuff from butcher's Bbq and liked a lot. Got some meat church honey rub and like it on ribs. Of the several rubs i tried from butchers i was happy with them all, though i cant remember the flavors at this moment. Maybe peach and a pecan, um and a few others
  13. Wicked good is produced out by Springfield. I was quite happy using it. I got a great deal on mine.
  14. Does anyone tailgate with their Jr?

    Dang, I haven't been to a Pats game in a while. But I'm not gonna lie. My little gasser comes with me to Gillette. My little Bro got me that gasser specifically for tailgating at Gilette. It don't see much use other than that.
  15. New Kamado Guru T-Shirt Design

    That's pretty cool. I may order one for my old bud Gary.