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  1. Been there. Done that. It turns out just fine. Simple as that. Wrap. Throw it in the oven. Eat. Enjoy.
  2. Be sure to post some pix when you get it
  3. A bunch of new englanders on here. @Bgosnell151 and @freddyjbbq are a couple locals as well. Keep an eye on their cooks, they are outstanding.
  4. Born in Cambridge. Raised 10 min north of boston. And I have never mastered the art form of Boston driving. If you are heading north you wind up south. If you are heading east you end up west in a traffic jam. I hate driving into that city. Thank God for the T and uber. Welcome from Billerica. Boston Strong!
  5. 225, 240. Same thing. You are right there.
  6. Melted cheese makes everything better
  7. Salt, pepper, garlic powder.
  8. prowe

    Sales Big Joe II

    Sorry bro, I was talking bout classic. Check the roadshow schedule.
  9. I doubt it was grease from a burgie that caused such a spike by itself. Did you have the lid up for an extended period possibly?
  10. prowe

    Sales Big Joe II

    That big blue home improvement place often drops the price to 999.00 in my experience, but I have no first hand knowledge of anything upcomming. That said, the roadshow price is even better iirc. Check the costco roadshow schedule, maybe you get lucky and one is in your neck of the woods
  11. I have had some bad campfire tasting meat off my kamado before as well. It was always due to too much wood chunks. Now I rarely add wood chunks and when I do its minimal.
  12. prowe

    New to Kamado Joe

    The first thing i would recommend is set it up for your first cook.
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