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  1. Seems like John is closing up shop. Let’s hope for a Christmas miracle.
  2. This news breaks my heart. John, your site has been a pleasure.I have met great people on here and in a few instances met up with these folks in the real world. I wish you the best. Thanks for all the great years.
  3. Lowes in Saugus ma has 3 kJ classic 1’s for three hundred something bucks. I think it was around 350.
  4. Slightly longer going in. Getting out the 95 traffic kills me.
  5. Doing great bro. I'm at the Saugus location now.
  6. this was my first winter in Billerica. Billerica winter is nothing in comparison to Worcester winter. Either way, the kamados don’t mind the snow. I love cooking in a blizzard.
  7. Your pastrami looks insane. I too love the katz pastrami but have never tried to do my own. Perhaps I'm intimidated...idk. I would love to see your recipe and techniques posted so that I could maybe plagiarize or tweak it. That pic makes me want to order a sandwich from you right now. Do you diver to billerica Mass?
  8. prowe

    Non stop adds!!!

    And yet, here you are...
  9. prowe

    Non stop adds!!!

    and if there is ads I don’t care dont make no difference to me and if there is ads I don’t care dont make no difference to me -Doobie brothers second cousin
  10. prowe

    Non stop adds!!!

    Do you like the site to be free...or free of ads? A few ads to keep this site running is no prob at all. In the past I have been more than happy to donate to the cause and would be more than willing to do so again as I am well aware that is an expense as well as a lotta effort to keep this place up and running. You want HBO...gotta pay, want ABC...gonna be ads.
  11. Ben, that link isn’t working for me. good to see you again. Hope all is well. Happy to see you doing this.
  12. Babybackmaniac did some videos on the summit. Search for his videos. Perhaps they could help.
  13. Nope. I inspected it myself. Already sold.
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