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  1. That is the most visually appealing pizza I have ever seen.
  2. Often I find it of 200 is not enough for probe tenderness. If it's not probe tender let it keep cooking. If dry it's quite probable all the connective tissues didn't render.. I would ditch the water pan too.
  3. I think "Grill Grates" brand grates are awesome. I don't know about pizza on them, but awesome for just about everything else. Game changer for fish imho. But also great for just about everything else, but I would be hard pressed to suggest it for pizza. Imho the best accessories you can get for actual cooking. (Instant read thermo and remote thermo are must haves imho, but they don't DO the cooking)
  4. 15 hrs left. Welcome 2021! You don't have very big shoes to fill. But you must at least meet minimum expectations. Please learn from your predisessor and be better. Cheers to a year that must be better! Some requests for baby 2021: Wide distribution of an effective safe vaccine Harmony Reformed Buddhist hornets Brady back to New England 2 million dollar stimulus checks No cracked firebox Extra toilet paper...or widespread use of bidets. Please avoid things like sharknados, large asteroid strikes, godzilla, skynet
  5. Turkey dinner I get, that monster would prob not make a great salad
  6. Freds Franks in Wakefield. The Kamadomobile.
  7. My wife has a friend who is an art teacher/professor...idk. she does sculptures on the side. Had an exhibit where she displayed monsters sculpted from organic materials but needed space and we have a big back yard. This is a mother protecting the kids from one of the monsters
  8. There are already lots of websites dedicated to that topic. I mean, that's what I have heard
  9. I don't have a classic 3 but I do have a keg with that set up and a classic ii. I don't think it would work nor would I see any reason to try and make it work.
  10. Oh, my ,I don't think I have had beef wellington in 4 or 5 years. Quite some some time at any rate. I am drooling.
  11. If you use small amounts of wood chunks the smoke won't be thick enough to obscure your view of the TV shows. I think you are fine ,its a great location.
  12. Dude, those look great.@babybackmaniac has a original one and loves it. I can’t wait to hear your reviews once you get to light er up
  13. I don’t have one and have never had a pk, but if not for my kamado’s PK would be my choice. I suspect it is just a matter of time. Those things seem sweet.
  14. Oh my, the autocorrect. I apologize. Have gone back and forth on this a few times.
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