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  1. Congrats man. Let me tell ya, nothing changes.
  2. An Akorn as you said is a good choice. An akorn, however, is a kamado.
  3. Can wat to see some pix n cooks on that bad boy! Congrats bro!
  4. And yet again HD scoops me on a quality outdoor cooking product. Smh.
  5. I agree. I would describe it as an unconventional kamado. Maybe John could make a Weber summit section in the "talk about your cooker" section. I for one would think that would bring some value. (I know there are already sections for other kamado, and non kamado's but again...sleep deprived. Just an idea.)
  6. I think that PK is calling out to you. Would be sweet to see you do a review of them. Dang, would be nice to see a review of the new PK vs the old PK vs a kamado. I know that would be asking a lot. Forgive me. I am sleep deprived and incoherent. My mind is all over the place.
  7. Those look sweet. Thx for sharing the link.
  8. PK has undergone a redesign recently. Both new and old design look pretty darn awesome to me.
  9. I have never used one but PK grills would probably be my second choice to a kamado. CC said Weber summit would really be my next choice, but yeah, saying that is almost like avoiding answering the question. Next on the list would be old school kettle.
  10. Easy come easy go. Best of luck next time.
  11. Lots of bad people out there. I deal with them all the time. I say lock it down. I will also throw out there that it is not always the hamburglar creeping around, sometimes the creeps are people you know. Minimize the temptation.
  12. Few years back I was tailgating after a Pats game and saw some fools dump their charcoal in a dumpster after they finished tailgating. I notified a Police officer as I was leaving so I suspect it was all taken care of, but dang...who does that?
  13. Mmmmm...I'll take 2 please. With kraut and Russian.
  14. Great work bro. Save me a Sammich.