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  1. prowe

    Flame Boss 400

    You just piqued my interest
  2. prowe

    Latest owner of a kamado joe

    O clue what 5 kg means.....but heck, enjoy that cooker!
  3. prowe

    Hello from New England

    Welcome from Billerica Mass!
  4. prowe

    prehistoric pellet cooker

    Yeah, first year we had em, they were not even on our website. We sold maybe 2 all year. Now they are on the website. As you know we had them hidden in the back of the dept with the big block, but we have sold over a dozen this year. Not a huge seller, but an improvement over last year.
  5. prowe

    Hello from Mountains of North Carolina

    You will learn a ton here this place is great!
  6. prowe

    Gonna Cure a Fresh Ham

    This is quite interesting. I. Looking forward to The end result JS gets. I’m drooling right now.
  7. prowe

    Vortex Wings

    Fine looking wings indeed Ms. KK!
  8. prowe

    prehistoric pellet cooker

    I gotta say, I’m not surprised a bit. I work at a place that sells gassers, traditional charcoal grills,electric smokers,pellet smokers, electric grills as well as ceramic and steel kamado’s and most folks have no interest in the kamado’s. Even when folks visit my house they always find the red twins to be a bit curious. I always get questioned about them, always explain the Swiss army type appeal...yet nobody ever goes out to buy one. Every once and a while we have a destination shopper who comes in with the specific goal of buying a kamado, but I can’t say I have ever heard of someone coming in with an open mind, browsing various types of cookers and deciding on a kamado. Truth be told, it also prob has a lot to due with the fact the sales people are not familiar with kamado’s beyond what they have heard from me.
  9. prowe

    Charcoal Consumption Rate

    THE WAR IS ON! The evil empire sells the RO and the good guys sell the KKBB! Down with the evil empire! ( just kidding, I have good friends that work there, and I like RO just fine. Great value. I do prefer kkbb.)
  10. prowe

    Golden's Cast Iron Kamado Review request

    great review. thx man.
  11. prowe

    Greetings from New England

    thx man
  12. prowe

    Alphonse joining in

    Some pix please
  13. prowe

    Greetings from New England

    Welcome from Billerica Mass, lunchman.
  14. Nah, I’m pretty full on ceramic cookers
  15. That price is half off retail....and well below cost. Great deal. My store recieved its first shipment yesterday. 3 of em. We are now sold out.