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  1. Nice score, dude!,! Post some cooks.
  2. If you need some help with a lis something something please look me up.
  3. As CK said...anything Fogo. Close second I’d KJ big block. Then Diamond, wicked good, rockwood. In some applications Diamond is bear, but I gave my “ overall” list. Royal oak is a great every day fuel.
  4. prowe

    BBQ Shed

  5. Ok, truth be told, if I have a large amount of smalls, when I stir I direct them to the perimeter. Then dump and light. But that’s about it. Smalls on top is a sound idea in theory, but imho in practice makes only a slight improvement. Though I will agree there is a slight airflow improvement with smalls away from the bottom.
  6. I don’t do a lot of brisket, but my moister, tastier briskets we’re wrapped. Some folks swear by butchers paper. I will try that someday. I have just used foil. I usually inject too. And to be clear I live in Mass and generally find choice at best brisket, so that may be part of my findings.
  7. The idea of stacking charcoal with the big pieces on the bottom and medium/smalls on top is a solid idea. Prob starts one percent quicker, keeps it spreading, and minimizes choking. However, it’s unnessicary and time consuming. I get it. If you have lots of extra time and energy ...go for it. But not a MUST by any means. Just dump it in and go. No probs. Just fill er up. This isn’t that difficult. Dump it in, light it. Throw on dead animal. Eat. Enjoy.
  8. Load it up bro! If ya don’t use it all it will be waiting for ya. If ya don’t use enough, fire don’t spread. Load er up!
  9. Lucky, Dusty and Ned. BenMewantkj might not know, but I know, the 3amigos are Lucky, Dusty, and Ned. @Ben S
  10. THEY ARE LOUISIANA RIB!!! GET IT RIGHT! They will be St. L. Cut ribs once the NHL playoffs have concluded, but for now we will abstain from using that word. For now Louisiana ribs, Boston ribs, Massachusetts ribs, New England ribs. All OK. Bruins ribs would be the preferred choice.
  11. Dude, I haven’t made lasagnas in a bit, but love em and I learned from some masters. Yours looks great. Hope you all enjoyed. Still love big blue.
  12. We now have a dedicated charcoal review thread. Thanks CK. I am suggesting we maybe expand on this. One dedicated to rubs. One to sauces one to hot sauces etc. As CK is doing all the heavy lifting on the lump review I think we could spread the lifting on these other reviews amongst the rest of us. Now, I understand that there have been folks thT have reviewed a rub, or a bbq sauce or a hot sauce etc... I’m suggesting a one stop shop for each where folks can introduce new folks to products that may not be known to everyone. Thoughts? Mods, if this is not a possibility please delete this. Just a thought.
  13. Yo, dude, I gotcha...just , please stop slinging all caps at me. Ouch. If you are in New England please let me know what you are looking to get for the summit. Quite interesting. Btw, I got a big joe and a classic joe. You will be quite happy I’m sure. Great kookers.
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