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  1. Holy crap, for all these years I thought I was too old or too dumb to understand. At least I’m not alone.
  2. I commend you for all the harrowing work you put in!
  3. if you feel you need to roll a kamado around often I would suggest looking at a BK Keg, not a 1200 dollar 300 lb top heavy ceramic on tiny casters. just my .02 . I prefer my KJ to my keg for everyday use, but the keg is light, steel and has monster truck tires.
  4. That is a good reminder that there is a support KG link. For those who are able, and feel they get great info from this site this is a good way to help keep it going. I think you need a paypal acct to contribute, but signing up for one is real easy.
  5. When I was in college, surviving on ramen noodles and spam, I went to visit my dad. Now my dad is a single guy who has never cooked. (Never cooked for himself, I will say on a very few occasions he has cooked for me and my bro, and he did a pretty good job ) He Eats out 3 meals a day. I noticed some Omaha steaks in his trash. I inquired about why the steaks were in the trash. He told me that for years his dad, my grampa, has given him some kind of subscription to Omaha steaks where he gets a shipment every week or maybe every month. And since he don’t cook, he throws them out. I didn’t know what to say. Still don’t. Ramen and spam build character. Oh, I kind of spun off topic, if ya don’t want to eat it at least let the pups try it. If they scoff send it my way. I have still never had an Omaha steak product, so I don’t know if it’s any good, but I bet I can find a poor struggling college student who would love to have a day of no spam and ramen.
  6. make it 31. what time should I plan to arrive?
  7. Good Grief, you need to tell me about the taste of that! My interest is piqued! Send me a pie and I will be happy do do a review. (J,k.) Enjoy! I’m sure that will be quite tasty.
  8. Your last thread was about char-broil. This one is about char-griller. I suspect you may be interested in info about char-broil but miskeyed a question about char griller...idk.
  9. I have used various interpritations of DerHuskers recipe listed above. its freaking awesome. one thing I always stick to is an i.t of above 210. I think I found 212 to be the sweet spot.
  10. I need a bite. just one bite. m mmm.
  11. Best “bang for the buck” may be a bit subjective. I will offer my opinion. Although I have never used one, the Akorn seem imho to be best bang for the buck. The only kamado you mentioned you like is the KJ. I think there are 4 trim levels of KJ, and the prices for each are quite different. Possibly a better question is what would make you happy. Figure out the features you want and go from there.
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