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  1. Most folks want brisket cooked to about 205. Probe tender is the goal, but generally speaking that happens north of 200 degrees. At 175 you will never have probe tender meat. Listen to Phil and CK. I think your temp range should be more like 225 to 275. 175 just won’t do.
  2. Ditto what CK said. I’m more interested in pullled pork neck. Never heard of that. Pix and review please!
  3. I think there is a reason KJ packs their product in a bulletproof shipping crate. Assembling and then shipping a two hundred pound top heavy ceramic out of the crate egg is risky. I’m not saying that I don’t support you in expecting the big box to correct their shipping issue, I completely agree. I’m just surprised that they allow an out of box assembled kamado on a box truck filled with less fragile items in the first place as a normal business practice. It’s just a different animal from assembling and shipping a steel gasser. It’s ceramic, and there is minimal assembly.
  4. prowe

    Joe 2 or 3

    I think most would say he clearly earns it. Great videos. Keep it up.
  5. That summit is pretty mint. So is kJ, and yeah lottsa toys to go with kJ. And there is just more and more toys as time goes by. But at the end of the day I gotta say you Got a beautiful cooker ( I’m fairly familiar with it. Never cooked on it, but handled it, eaten from one and read reviews and Justin’s videos). I would be hard pressed to part ways with such a wonderful cooker. But...always follow your heart. And wallet.
  6. Well there’s a rose ina fisted glove and the eagle flies with with the dove and if you can’t be with the one you love honey, love the one you’re with
  7. I’ll be stopping in tomorrow, before work, to pick up some leftovers for work. See ya around 4 :00 am!
  8. With a water pan under the deflector I can imagine lots of steam would be produced. I have never tried this. Forgive me if this a stupid question, but what does the steam do for the cook? Retain moisture in the meat?
  9. "grill grates" brand grill grates, and a kick ash basket.
  10. Soaking don’t matter. Don’t help, don’t hurt,. Just don’t use a lot.
  11. Use minimal wood chunks. Too much smoke is bad. Reasonable smoke is awesome.
  12. Welcome, brother. Worcester guy recently transplanted to Billerica. wooosta...is what I meant to say.
  13. That is a complete different site. Search bbq brethren.
  14. Be careful, CK. If @KismetKamadogets ahold of those snapshot she may be publishing an entirely different calendar this year.
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