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  1. prowe

    Blackstone cooking

    Lol, I don’t use it. Actually only used it once. I’m not a big fan of pizza, so....it’s me not the cooker. I still plan to try and acquire a taste and plan for it. in my mind I kind of planned to use it when the wife’s friends have their kids over, but that is infrequent and when I have had the popportunity I have gone with burgs and dogs.. i will I’ll say I use the KJ skillet several times a week...so much thanks Freddy
  2. prowe

    Too-Small Bits of Lump

    I’d open a bag that wasn’t used as a punching bag and put the Bigs on bottom and smalls on top. or glue a bunch of smalls together to make some bigs. (J.k. Don’t do that)
  3. prowe

    Outdoor temp thresholds

    I have done plenty of blizzard cooks, and bomb Cyclone cooks. Never experienced anything like negative 60 though. There are plenty of Canadians on here who use ceramics with no probs, and they are great cold weather cookers due to the insulation, but dang, negative 66 is quite extreme. Might want to consider a keg or akorn. Or go AWOL. ( just kidding, thank you for your service)
  4. prowe

    Beef it's what for dinner

    You sir, had one heck of a Daddy’s day! That cow did not die in vain!
  5. prowe

    Blackstone cooking

    They should comp you one. I bet you just sold more black stones then the Home Depot.
  6. prowe

    Decent Blueberry Crop This Year

    I love blueberries too. I go to Maine and pay a premium with no afterthoughtgs. However, a bear, now that would get me to drop the berries and become a devout carnivore.
  7. prowe

    Another Prime Rib

    Consider me a friend!
  8. Ditto what Brad said.
  9. prowe

    Proud Owner of a New Kamado Big Joe

    I f Big Joe is lit meat must be applied. Just do it.
  10. Looks great. Next time you can invite my in laws. I have no prob loaning them to ya.
  11. prowe

    KK pics, coming my way!!!

    Yeah, we know...while we lure you to Mass in search of Black Diamond, scrapple, and a lunch box, @Bgosnell151 will be loading up the KK that belongs to KK in the pickup, and then heading east...as you head west. we got it all planned out.
  12. prowe

    KK pics, coming my way!!!

    Lol, glad to hear. Though I think I should reimburse you for the Mario Bros lunch box.
  13. prowe

    KK pics, coming my way!!!

    And after a year I still have yet to have the common decency to return Jackson’s lunch box to him. I feel ashamed. Poor kid is probably starving while at school (clearly he gets fed quite well at dinner at least).
  14. prowe

    KK pics, coming my way!!!

    Nice work @Bgosnell151 with those CI grates! @Freddyj is an awesome guy for sure, and I knew you would put those to work better than I could. Still love my CI skillet. You won’t be able to pry that away from me. @KismetKamado let me know when you will be in the neighborhood...I’ll keep a box of BD stashed for ya.
  15. prowe

    New Big Joe