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  1. prowe

    Replace metal firebox with ceramic

    Oh, my, put me on the spot. No, I don’t know. I love the keg but as it is steel, corrosion will be an enemy. Give a ceramic firebox a shot. I would love to hear how it works. If not ten...eleven years....a pretty good run. I suspect it may be difficult to find a nice fit on a ceramic firebox, but if you can do it on the cheap, try it out.
  2. prowe

    Pastrami and Ribs

    I will take 1 lg. Pastrami w extra mustard and a half rack...to go please! Nice work KK!
  3. Wow. That’s a great price.
  4. prowe

    New Kamado Joe Big Joe - Gasket Damaged

    Just my 0.02. But that looks fine. I wouldn’t even bother replacing that. But, it’s up to you.
  5. I agree that the meat is juicer and tastier when foiled. I don’t always foil, but I can taste the improvement when I do. So i would recomend listening to Fbovs advice and impress the heck out of the 50 folks. Just my .02.
  6. prowe

    PK360 Walk Around Demo / Review

    That’s a sweet grill. Can’t wait to see it in use.
  7. prowe

    Ceramic Grills Is It Too Cold ?????

    Ha...winter in NC. ha. Grill on my friend, grill on. When real winter hits I will share some pix of my annual blizzard butts.
  8. prowe

    Spin Spun Spam

    I’m certain that while in college I exceeded 2 weeks from time to time. Though I’m not recommending it.
  9. prowe

    Spin Spun Spam

    Wow, that’s much better than anything I created in my spam days (I.e. poor college kid trying to pay for school, rent, and food). I remember the spam/ mac n cheeses, and the spam/ramens, but you really pulled it off.
  10. prowe

    Hell has frozen over and it's time to Smoke!

    I have also heard that anything and everything orange causes cancer in California.
  11. prowe

    Hell has frozen over and it's time to Smoke!

    It’s a scientifically proven fact that blue buckets produce a better turkey than orange buckets do. They are also stronger, safer, last longer, and more aesthetically pleasing. Just a scientific fact.
  12. prowe

    Hell has frozen over and it's time to Smoke!

    Dang, I wish it was 20 out. At least I don’t live on that hill in Woosta anymore. My poor tenants.
  13. Oh ,my....dude, that looks like heaven. Enjoy bro!
  14. prowe


    Oh , dang, I always yearned for a p.k. Don’t think I can get away with it right now.
  15. prowe

    1st Time ABT'S

    Atomic Buffalo Turd