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  1. That fish looks delish. I might go try and catch a few. Once I have themI will be dropping by and you can cook em up for us.
  2. I opened my first bag of kJ big block yesterday. I can say it preformed quite well. Lasted on a low n slow, no funky flavor, also have had good luck with fogo, wegmans ( I think that is royal oak) and black diamonds. At the moment I would say fogo and kJ big block might be my all purpose favorite, but black diamond seems to heat up quite on an ordinary night with time constraints BD might be a more logical choice.
  3. Wish Ms philpom and Ms Philpom's mom the best for me. Enjoy your knife set.
  4. Are we going to be seeing your face on "wanted" posters?
  5. Would prefer to do 1 order than several. So I would appreciate any feedback. The kjbj comes with everything needed, but I am looking for the items that will enhance the experience. Thx for any advice.
  6. Ok, gotta order some stuff tonight. A big joetisserie is in order. I am going to orde either a soap stone or CI half moon as well. Is the soapstone worth the extra dough over the CI? Also, since I am placing an order, if there is anything else you think I should really consider ordering please feel free to chime in.
  7. Stop thinking about it and just do it.
  8. The hat is one heck of a deal. Nice find.
  9. Btw Freddy, I meant to hook you up with some black diamond and kj Big block. I guess I forgot with all my excitement. Stop by and grab some lump. Got plenty.
  10. I was asked earlier how things are going with my new grill. I will share with everyone. Thanks to Fumba for posting a great deal on a Big Joe near me I am the proud new owner of a Big Joe. Special thanks to John S for keeping this site up and running. If not for him i would never found that deal. So I got permission, made a call, gave my credit card digits, picked it up. It was even bigger than I imagined. Then kind of panicked. This thing must be like a 2 tons. Freddy J to the rescue and we got this thing set up a week ago. Great guy. Extra special thanks to Freddy. So I got a 2016 Kj. First night I cooked chix cordon blue. Started to fill the fire bowl. Dang that thing took a lot of charcoal. I didn't even completely fill it but it had a lot in there. That seems to me like a great sign that I will never have to worry bout running out of fuel when doing a long low n slow. ( have not done a low n slow yet. Soon.) so, I light her up. I started taking her up slow. Just to get used to it. But dang, when you swing that top vent out the temp just shoots up. I was quite impressed by that. Like, not much slower than my keg. And it's huge and ceramic. Wow. Its a pleasure lighting her up after work with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. I can't find a single thing to complain about, this beauty is a joy to work with. DNC is a great system. I will admit, when I purchased this I was not sure if it would replace my keg as an everyday cooker. I only need Big Joe real estate now and then. The keg is enough space for every night cooks. But it kind of has taken over. Great build. Great vents. great control. Producing great food. This is a great investment in happiness. btw, we have a 2017 in classic II at my store. The counterbalanced lid is awesome. Those new gaskets look nuke proof. Fire owl is a great idea. That should read bowl, not owl. Top vent looks pretty cool. Kind of think it's a solution to something that wasn't a problem. But pretty kool nonetheless. thx to everybody else who over the years has helped teach me how to cook edible food.
  11. I guess All retrofit hinge sales would be for pre-existing customers who purchased the Joe at a lower price. Soooo.....I guess you could make the argument that ALL retrofit hinges are priced according to a program for pre existing customers.
  12. Inquiring minds want to know
  13. Thank the lord that is not me. But now that I have seen the pic I may start having nightmares.
  14. In the box?
  15. Enjoy your day, your family and some good food and beverages.