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  1. prowe

    I like beef

    Dang, next time you got leftovers just give me a call. The dogs must love you so much now
  2. Jan 1 2019 will be a sad day indeed. Thanks to John, all the mods, and all the great members for all the great years. Not a user of Facebook. I have an account, but have never used it. Who knows, maybe I will jump into the 21st century. Well, KG is a great site and I am so glad I found it when I did.
  3. Not familiar with fat wood, but when cooking chicks I generally add no wood or very minimal to the lump.
  4. prowe

    My latest delivery...

    Nice work Ben! Sweet score KK!
  5. prowe

    Convection Grill

    And the dog is going to turn real angry when he gets no leftovers
  6. prowe

    Concrete top grill table w/LEDs

    Dang man...I didn’t even read the words, but looks like you have a great summer oasis
  7. prowe

    Question about temperature

    Dang that cow looks tasty.
  8. I haven’t seen baby back maniac on her for a bit. Miss that guy. great videos.
  9. prowe

    Is that you John Wayne???

    Dang....that’s a great price for char broil/Black Diamond lump. You should stock up.
  10. prowe

    Bravo Profire Kamado Reviews

    I don't think you should assume that at all. Look in the vision and pit boss sections of the guru. Lots of great cheers creating some outstanding meals with these things. that should say chefs...not cheers
  11. prowe

    Beef Finger Ribs

    Thanks for the info bro.. I’m a huge fan of short ribs, but I’m going to keep an eye out for these now that I have heard your review. They look delish.
  12. That was my first thought. Iirc primo has a rep for taking care of customer issues pretty dang fast and thoroughly. Still seems to be the case.
  13. Be careful CK, sounds like this is one of those Bears. Trying to lull you in.
  14. Great day at the beach. Shrimp tacos ...yum!
  15. No doubt he has me beat by a long shot. Great work DH. Enjoy those burgies!