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  1. If only that were in New England...
  2. I have used various interpritations of DerHuskers recipe listed above. its freaking awesome. one thing I always stick to is an i.t of above 210. I think I found 212 to be the sweet spot.
  3. I need a bite. just one bite. m mmm.
  4. Best “bang for the buck” may be a bit subjective. I will offer my opinion. Although I have never used one, the Akorn seem imho to be best bang for the buck. The only kamado you mentioned you like is the KJ. I think there are 4 trim levels of KJ, and the prices for each are quite different. Possibly a better question is what would make you happy. Figure out the features you want and go from there.
  5. Blizzard Butt nachos dont look like a fail to me. I'll take one large order to go please! Home run for sure!
  6. Headlamp. 2 free hands and its always pointing where you want it.
  7. dang man, tell us how those tasted. looks out of this world
  8. Dang, I I knew you were cooking those up I would have drove up and stolen them. Looks outrageous! Keep it up,
  9. Ah ha, I always thought the two were the same. Appears in most ways they are, but the bones are the key. Thx.
  10. Thanks for the link, man. I too do prime rib roasts on the rare occasion I do a large roast. In the past I have reverse seared. Had great results. Look forward to trying this Dutch oven method. Perhaps on Turkey day.
  11. Wow! You nailed it!
  12. My thought and prayers go out to you, your wife and Elizabeth. I know she will always be with you. Always.
  13. Also, if you have it up to 255 I’d just walk away and let it ride. That’s a great temp.
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