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  1. prowe

    Pit Controller or DoJo?

    Third option....GrillGrates. If ya don’t already have em, I mean.
  2. prowe

    Some V-Day Grub

    Can I be your Valentine? btw, grizzly pans should pay you to use that pic in their advertising. That looks awesome.
  3. prowe

    Hearty Beef Stew

    Don’t be surprised if you see me at your doorstep with a large bowl and a huge spoon
  4. I have never hd egg on a burgie, but that looks delish. Yolk enhances a lot of things, I just think I need to embrace it on something I’m not used to. I suspect I would love it. I hope you enjoyed it!
  5. prowe

    iKamand v2

    Thanks brother! gotta say I was a little embarrassed asking the question. Thanks for a clear answer.! Appreciate all and everything you do my man!
  6. prowe

    iKamand v2

    Forgive me if I come off as ignorant or over the hill. Does this v2 require an app and a wi if connection.? Is it possible to run it without a smartphone app and wi fi connection? I don’t mind apps adding functionality, but imho I would prefer it still be usable in a vacuum. ( not a real vacuum....figurative)
  7. prowe

    Hearty Beef Stew

    Dude, with a stew like that your sweetie probably won’t have feel any need for any sweets. That looks delish.
  8. Dude, that looks like one tasty diner. I wouldn’t be surprised if folks start pulling up in your driveway trying to order takeout.
  9. prowe

    Top Vent - Akorn

    It seems you have figured out what the 8 thousand page thread was trying to tell ya. I don’t have an akorn, but I do have a similar insulated steel unit, and yeah. For 250 ish you don’t need it cracked but a bit.
  10. prowe

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    A slice and a coke to go, please.
  11. prowe

    Restaurant Depot

    Thats very interesting. I suspect that if O’Connor’s has 2 bags in stock it would prob be available to order via their distribution center. I will keep that in mind. Last time I was in they had black diamond back in stock after discontinuing it last year. There was no pricing, so I’m not sure if it is back to full price, if not they were a great deal at 10 bucks a box. At twenty I’ll pass.
  12. prowe

    Restaurant Depot

    I think I recall @freddyjbbq saying he had some experience with the restaurant depot iirc. Maybe he can chime in here.
  13. prowe

    Classic I Sale - Good Deal?

    Unlikely that a BGE has ever been sold at a Lowe’s. I know I once got a green bayou classic Floor display at a big discount at Lowe’s. Several people have insisted , both at my house as well as the store it was a big green egg. They look at me like I’m nuts when I say it’s not a big green egg. Oddly enough I have never had anyone refer to the twins as my big red eggs.
  14. prowe

    New Saffire Platinum 19"

    Quite beautiful
  15. prowe

    New Saffire owner, greetings from San Diego

    Man, thT is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! A few more pix would be welcome. I love the color of the Safire, but you gotta post some shots with better lighting.