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  1. If you use small amounts of wood chunks the smoke won't be thick enough to obscure your view of the TV shows. I think you are fine ,its a great location.
  2. Dude, those look great.@babybackmaniac has a original one and loves it. I can’t wait to hear your reviews once you get to light er up
  3. I don’t have one and have never had a pk, but if not for my kamado’s PK would be my choice. I suspect it is just a matter of time. Those things seem sweet.
  4. Oh my, the autocorrect. I apologize. Have gone back and forth on this a few times.
  5. I have not bribed Turks that are pre bribed as I have been afraid to over salt it. I have rubbed and injected with butter n herbs. But I have been told that more bringing is nessicary. I have not found this to be the case and have not bribed further, but heck, I am a hack, if I'm wrong let me know.
  6. Dude, that is one great wife! Feed her well.
  7. Yeah, 9 hrs at 230 is no prob. 14 hrs at 230 is also no prob. Haven’t tried lower than that, but if you can sustain a lower temp a longer burn should again be no prob.
  8. Iirc the big joe is 24 in and the first first gen summit is 22in. I could be wrong about that. I dont know if gen 2 is the same size as gen 1
  9. Welcome from another Boston guy. When you say "from LA", is that Los Angeles or Lousiana?
  10. Um, sometimes I pull it and pull it. Sometimes I pull it let it rest then pull it. Fine both ways. Let your schedule determine your method. I think if I were to be real picky I’d let it rest foiled for 45 min. No biggie.
  11. When I used to spend a lot of time in Red stick and Nola they had a liver sausage, I think called boudin. I am not a fan of liver, but these sausages were pretty tasty. Try some boudin. I have no clue if eating a pound of sausage each day will relieve medical issues, but it’s a unique flavor, or flavors, as everyone makes them different down there. So give it a try. An old friend told me to order through Cajun grocer. I never did. But heck, worth a try.
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