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  1. OMG! That is a giant prehistoric man eating lobstrositie! I think I saw a movie where Godzilla and King Ghidra teamed up to defeat one of those. I couldn’t imagine my response if I was lying on the beach and that thing emerged from the waters
  2. It appears I misspoke. Appears as though KJ accessories will not fit the goose per the FAQs on that greenhouse website. https://www.greenhousepeople.co.uk/products/6942/18-inch-freestanding-kamado-grill/ kind of lump wood charcoal? A. It does not come with Lump wood. A good quality lump wood charcoal is needed. we have hope to have some in stock soon. Q. Can you fit any of the Kamado Joe accessories such as the cast iron half moon grate to this model? A. No it is not possible to use Kamado Joe flexible cooking rack accessories like the Half moon cast iron griddle on a wild goose. The Wild goose has a differently designed rack and KJ accessories will not fit it. Q. Can the wild goose kamado be left outdoors over the winter? Will the cold weather cause the ceramic to crack? A. Yes, the BBQ can be left outside it might be an idea to get a cover just for weather like snow or rain. The cold will not affect the ceramic. I hope that helps.
  3. That does look like a KJ with a different paint job. That greenhouse website Keeper posted a link to seems to sell KJ accessories for use with the goose. I have no clue if the pricing is good or not as I know nothing about pounds or euros or whatever. A quick search reveals @Jon J was inquiring about this in a previous thread. See below.
  4. I’m happy to hear you didn’t keel over and croak, but there are thousands of hogs out there that were rooting against you
  5. E thinks pmillen is angering for an agents fee
  6. Duct tape. Fixes anything. j.k.
  7. Dang, I thought I had CotC down to a science. That looks like a next level Cobb.
  8. I prob use just a cup of juice if I use it at all. listening to your reply about you being hungry and impatient I'd be concerned that you are possibly pulling before probe tender when all that connective tissue is liquified. injecting... wrapping etc will do you no good if you jump the gun.
  9. When I’m feeling ambitious I sometimes inject with apple juice mixed with some butchers bbq pork injection. Wrap at the stall and cook to probe tender. Usually about 205. Butchers bbq rubs and sauce are delish too.
  10. I don’t own an egg, but I believe the egg place setter direct on the firebox, as does the lower grate on a Cypress. I think it would be better to go with a pizza stone that sits direct on the lower grate. Not sure, but I might be concerned putting the lower grate on a place setter that’s on the firebox may raise toe top grate to where it could interfere with the lid. But, again, my whole presumption is based on you having both the upper and lower grate.
  11. IIrc, when I had a Cypress the heat diffuser just sat on the lower grate. If you have the upper and lower grate any old pizza stone will due. As long as it’s not some huge jumbo size pizza stone that won’t fit, of course.
  12. Ha, that’s awesome! I think I might prefer that. Lol. Im Laughing, but in a way I am serious at the same time. Kind of cool. get a maverick and don’t look back. i would swap lids with ya no prob buddy!
  13. Thanks for the reply, man. It’s been awhile since I seen ya here. Don’t be a stranger, your posts and videos are awesome. Hope to hear from ya again soon.
  14. If you live in an apartment I would check to make sure it’s ok to get a charcoal grill before you make a purchase.
  15. see my last post. I'm blaming my eye glass prescription and beer. dont know how I missed that.
  16. Ha, I must have lost my glasses. Or maybe been a few beers in when I looked at this thread. I have no clue how I overlooked that.
  17. Ha, might have to check out Wally World.
  18. I think you forgot the beans... otherise looks great!
  19. I didn’t sit through the whole thing, but they mentioned Justin @Baby Back Maniac Might appear. Did he apppea? If so at what time? So I don’t have to sit through the whole thing. Would love to hear Justin chime in on this cooker.
  20. Not selling direct through this site?
  21. Third option....GrillGrates. If ya don’t already have em, I mean.
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