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    Well rats!!

    I think you are talking about the pivot point being loose and AO is talking about the fit to the gasket not being snug enough to prevent the k t from flying off when open all the way.
  2. prowe

    Well rats!!

    I'm sorry if you feel I misled you. Perhaps you could send the kontrol tower back for a refund and I will not charge you my typical advisement fee for suggesting you purchase one. I for one am happy with the tower and there are other folks who have added some gasket material to make it work. If that's not your thing...send it back. If it keeps falling off it could cause significant damage so cut your losses.
  3. prowe

    Well rats!!

    I think I have heard that folks replacing the top vent with the k t sometimes need to add some felt gasket material to make it fit. I could be mistaken.
  4. It sounds like the issues you have would be fixed with the kontrol tower. Pull the trigger. It can swing out or be pulled out completely for high temps.
  5. I never have used a looflighter. I have used cotton balls in 90% alcohol. Cheap. KJ fire starters. Tumbleweeds. These starters all are pretty much the same. Bury 1 for a low n slow. 3 for high and hot. Light. I leave the dome open the first few minutes. I have used a chimney as well and that’s super fast to high heat, but I don’t recommend as it can cause ash to launch into the sky as you pour, and that could spell disaster. perhaps ditch the looflighter.
  6. Most folks with temp issues have a difficult time keeping it below 250. If the charcoal is burning in more than a tiny spot it’s above 250. Ya sure ya don’t just got a bad thermometer? if it’s not the thermometer you are doing something funky with either air flow or lighting the charcoal. Not a whole lot of moving parts in a clay pot, ya know how u lighting it?
  7. the top vent stays in place. folks will tell you it’s easy to readjust the daisy wheel. They are correct. But multiply that by three thousand cooks and it makes life easier. no rain getting in the top vent while cooking. Has never actually caused me a problem with the daisy wheel....but one thing I don’t have to worry about. the air lift hinge is awesome. Folks will tell you the lid ain’t that heavy...but x 30000 cooks saves time and effort. the gasket is bulletproof. My felt needs to be replaced on the big joe. when the little things are easier it makes for a more enjoyable experience. It is a bigger up front investment, but an investment in happiness is always a good investment. Now, if you plan to use the grill only a few times a year it may not be as big a deal. by the way, a few years ago when they released the classic 2 I was on these boards saying the top vent is not an issue, air lift hinge is not nessicary, replacing cheap felt is pretty easy and who cares about the firebox as it’s under warranty. Then I got one. And I appreciate all the little things it improves. my $0.02.
  8. I have a big joe 1 and a 18in classic 2. I prefer the 2. By quite a large margin.
  9. You panicked in the stall. Don’t panic. The temp will stall. Chill out, crack open a brew and let it ride.
  10. Outside on a block patio. Away from the house a bit. These things contain fire.
  11. I would like an order of your Peking duck and one house lo mein to go, please. Looks delish.
  12. Got a food truck near me that uses twin huge green eggs. Fred’s Franks. Dude has simple food done right. I admire that guy.
  13. Wasn’t marketing it to ya, bud. I also didn’t say they, nor I, know it will crack. As none of mine have ever cracked I have no experience with my ceramics cracking. However as a reasonable person I have more confidence that my steel Kamado will remain crack free much longer than my ceramic ones. I also expect ceramics to rust less than my steel Kamado. My steel Kamado got hit by a forklift. For real. And it’s fine. Bears a little scar. But fine.
  14. I'm no expert on ceramics nor the modern manufacturing process....but it's ceramic
  15. Yeah, I was being a bit of a wise guy. Sometimes it just comes streaming out.
  16. You say kamato I say kamado, you say potatao, I say potato
  17. Welcome from Billerica
  18. Welcome aboard from Billerica Mass.
  19. What's up bro? I lived in Woosta till about 4 years ago. Up by the airport. Welcome to the guru. Where abouts in the Woo do you live?
  20. Accessories for BGE are at huge discounts. They sell Joe's now and appear to be clearing out egg stuff. Most BGE items are about 75% off iirc. Nests, pizza stones, thermometers, ash tools, slider baskets, heat deflectors etc. No actual BGE Kamados, just accessories.
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