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  1. Dude, don’t sweat an exact temp of 225. Especially don’t sweat it in a kamado, and double especially in an insulated steel kamado. Yeah....310 is prob not right, but you gotta relax. If you are looking for 225 and get 275, meh, same difference. Food will be awesome. Them ribs will be righteous. Sorry about your NFL team.
  2. Anyone who wishes for more middle men wishes foe more headache and heartache. its nice to deal direct. How many times must I tell you babe,How many bridges I've got to cross?How many times must I explain myselfBefore I can talk to the boss,'Fore I can talk to the boss?
  3. if it smells like lighter fluid avoid it.
  4. The store in whitetail township shows 28 on hand. Price is good thru 5 /15/19. As today is 5 14 19 I would reomend calling and phone ordering if you can’t be there tomorrow. 610 686 5231 is the digits. @Bgosnell151 if u want some and can’t get out tomorrow...call me or text me. I can take care of it. Call me or text me on my cell if need be. Trying to call my store is futile.
  5. Yeah, I just happened to be perusing the aisles of the local big blue place and stumbled upon this. Yes, you can tack on the 10% military discount,,! As long as you are registered in the computer system as military. Absolutely! Thank you for your service.! @Bgosnell151 heads up brother!
  6. prowe

    Want a Joe?

    I highly doubt they will deliver it and then put it together for you. These delivery teams are third party and get paid by the stop. They don’t get paid to assemble. Perhaps your local Lowe’s has some kind of agreement with the delivery team, but generally they won’t assemble anything. Now the assembler at the store may put it together, and then ship an uncrated 200 lb piece of ceramic on a truck full of appliances, patio furniture etc. that would be a bad choice imho. There is a reason kJ packs those things in a heavy duty crate.
  7. ill have a super beef 3 ways, please.
  8. Seems some stores are stocking the classic 1 at 750 and others stocking the classic 2 at 1199. Either way, I will be picking up some big block at a slight discount. Been loading up on the fuel as of late.
  9. at the big blue place KJ BB is 5 bucks off.
  10. Lol...CK! Even cowboy has a purpose my man. I do use it on the oddball occasion, and for high temp burn offs. I fact just did it yesteday. Haven’t used big joe in a bit. Gonna use him tomorrow. Did a high temp burn. Aint no no way I’m using Fogo or big block for such an application.
  11. I almost always ways have a couple bags of cowboy on hand. Not my favorite, but no shame in it. As you state...also good for high temp burn offs. But will cook a burger fine too. Again, not my fave, but does the job. Is accessible and affordable. now tomorrow when I do 3 butts overnight and perhaps a few fatties the next morn, might not be my go to. But a fine product for its purpose nonetheless.
  12. Great to hear. RoyL oak is probably the most common favorite lump amongst lump users. I have stocked up on it and done some great cooks with it.I will advise you however it is royal oak in a green bag and rebranded BGE is still just royal oak at BGE prices. I believe the label says it’s some kind of select pieces...I never seen a difference.
  13. for The heck of it I’m going to list the charcoals I have used listed from my least favorite to favorite, without taking price into account. frontier, cowboy, basques, royal oak/green egg/wegmans, wicked good, black Diamond/char griller, Fogo black bag, kamado joe big block, Fogo super premium. This is just my opinion. In some cases first impression. I like like big chunks and I can not lie
  14. I dont know if you have ever reviewed the pk, I will do a search later. but if not I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. I find them quite interesting.
  15. is that a PK on the right?
  16. Buying used you have no warranty. You would want to inspect for cracks and chips and make sure lighter fluid was not used on it. I’m presuming it’s a green egg you are looking for, as this is in the green egg section. 550 plus could be a great deal if it’s a decent size, depending on the condition it’s in and what accessories you get with it. Or it could be a bad deal. if you do have to replace something like a firebox out of pocket, that piece would then be covered by the warranty going forward. A well cared for large egg at 550 is a no brainer imho if you want to get a quality used kamado.
  17. Everyone has limits, everyone likes to splurge on a “want” now and then. Nobody said this is way outside his budget...just that the budget is close to the limit. I see no need to judge. Ease up.
  18. Got home to a couple boxes from Fogo waiting for me. I’m so excited.
  19. prowe


    Dude, flip a coin. Pull the trigger. Enjoy the bliss. first world problems. For real man, that is a coin flip if ever I have seen one. Just make a decision and live by it and love it. Either way...you Win! Both awesome cookers. if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice...Rush, not Confucius.
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