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  1. Never heard of this before. Not even seen it on bk's website. I googled it and the removable ash tray and lower vent seem interesting.
  2. I have never foiled, nor felt the need, however I may have to try it out. Sounds like I may have been missing out.
  3. Just picked it up today. Will assemble after dinner. Then I will put up a pic. If you stand on your head you can see my keg. My keg is still my first love, but I wanted a second for days like Super Bowl when I had pork butt on all day but wanted to do some wings too. Now I have my additional kamado. Will be great for thanksgiving too.
  4. Presentation couldn't be better. Never cooked venison. What temp, wood chips, do you use. What temp is done, how long is the cook? I'd love to try it.
  5. Love Indian food. Will have to try naan. Sounds great . Always love garlic naan.
  6. I am biased, of course, but if the cypress isn't for you Lowes can also order broil kings keg. I love mine. If you live in worcester area enchanted fireside sells green eggs as well as broil king, and there is a place on south ridge st auburn next to sleeps that sells kamado joe as well as eggs.
  7. Yes. It is worth the investment. Got my bsk almost a year ago. Love it. As I posted before Lowes is marking cypress kamados down. They are now few and far between in mass stores but still a few around. Price varies by market so make a few phone calls. The cypress will not show on their website so you have to call.
  8. Sweet. I'm gonna try this. Is it secured in any way to prevent the wind from taking it. I'm thinking maybe putting some magnetic tape along the bottom rim. Do you think that would work?
  9. Thanks for all the salutations. Planning a pork butt for saturday.
  10. Do yourself a favor and get "the kamado smoker and grill cookbook". Very informative good read. Also grab your shovel, cause imho this is the perfect smoking weather. Hope yours isn't burried, cause that store was all out of them last I checked. I did ribs and wings yesterday.
  11. Lol. there were 3 in stock when I was looking at it. By the time I got to the register you had already purchased the 2 that were notthefloor model, so I got the floor model. The floor model was slightly beat up, but still great value at that price. I was thinking the same as you... Get several and use as gifts. I snoozed and lost out. Hope you enjoy your grill. Let me know how you like it. Is it your first kamado?
  12. I got this book when I was still fairly green. Was great.
  13. My bsk has made this winter bearable. Snowed in all day with nothing to do but shovel and smoke.
  14. Oh crap the pic is upside down. There is a rack of St. Louis ribs in it right now
  15. I always had my eye on a kamado. Price kept me away as well as lack of self confidence in my ability to do long low and slow cooks maintaining low temps. Was looking at gas broil kings one day and was informed by store employee they had a broil king that had a dent at a great markdown. I saw it was a kamado and fell in love, but still was hesitant. Went home, researched, fell more in love. Went back next day and it was still there. Purchased it and a diffuser pan and been cooking on it all year long. Cook in summer heat and winter blizzards. Pulled pork, brisket, ribs, steak, burgers, fish (salmon is my fav), chickens, shellfish, veggies etc... Loving the kamado lifestyle. Learned a lot in the year (almost) I have had this. So versatile. Wanted a second one. Would have been nice on Super Bowl Sunday. Nice work Pats!!! Found another great deal on a Cyprus a few days ago. Bkk is still my baby, but will be nice having a back up too. Oh, also did thanksgiving turkey on the keg. Spatchcock style. Got St. Louis ribs on my baby today and it's another blizzard.
  16. Cooking ribs in a blizzard right now. No prob.
  17. Just got a cypress kamado at lowes for 107 bucks. Already have a big steel keg but always wanted a second. Found this deal when looking for the pizza oven somebody else posted about got the black stone pizza oven too for 87 bucks.
  18. Just got one for 87 bucks. Heard good things about this product, but never wanted one at full price. Can't wait to try it out. Doing ribs today on my big steel keg in a blizzard so will have to wait till later this week. Thanks for the tip. On a side note got a cypress kamado for a hundred bucks at the same store. It's not as sturdy as my keg but will be nice to have a second kamado. Wish I had it Super Bowl Sunday.
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