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  1. Oh my, the autocorrect. I apologize. Have gone back and forth on this a few times.
  2. I have not bribed Turks that are pre bribed as I have been afraid to over salt it. I have rubbed and injected with butter n herbs. But I have been told that more bringing is nessicary. I have not found this to be the case and have not bribed further, but heck, I am a hack, if I'm wrong let me know.
  3. Dude, that is one great wife! Feed her well.
  4. Yeah, 9 hrs at 230 is no prob. 14 hrs at 230 is also no prob. Haven’t tried lower than that, but if you can sustain a lower temp a longer burn should again be no prob.
  5. Iirc the big joe is 24 in and the first first gen summit is 22in. I could be wrong about that. I dont know if gen 2 is the same size as gen 1
  6. Welcome from another Boston guy. When you say "from LA", is that Los Angeles or Lousiana?
  7. Um, sometimes I pull it and pull it. Sometimes I pull it let it rest then pull it. Fine both ways. Let your schedule determine your method. I think if I were to be real picky I’d let it rest foiled for 45 min. No biggie.
  8. When I used to spend a lot of time in Red stick and Nola they had a liver sausage, I think called boudin. I am not a fan of liver, but these sausages were pretty tasty. Try some boudin. I have no clue if eating a pound of sausage each day will relieve medical issues, but it’s a unique flavor, or flavors, as everyone makes them different down there. So give it a try. An old friend told me to order through Cajun grocer. I never did. But heck, worth a try.
  9. Ain't no way this thing is taking 40 something hours to cook a butt. That is low and slow like nobody has ever heard of
  10. Dude, that pie looks pretty legit. Generally I shy away from anything but an ultra thin crispy crust,but looking at that pic....I am contemplating sneaking into your kitchen to steal a few slices.
  11. With a chuckie I try to get it above 210 I.T. as it can be a ditch of a tougher cut. I have had great results.
  12. Dude looks great! Football, beer and that chuckie would be a great Sunday. Go Pat's!...and Bucks!!!
  13. The big blue home improvement place in Woburn Ma next to the Woburn mall has apparently decided to non stock the classic ii. It is now discounted to $960. Not sure if this is a one off at this location or if other stores are doing the same.
  14. I don't often have it, but I love Buffalo Motz. I think it melts better than cow motz. Give it a try. A bit more expensive, but nice and smooth.
  15. A high heat start would be a reverse-reverse sear. Aka a sear. Do you mean sear at the start, then low, then a second sear? Idk, but I'd imagine it would be quite well done.
  16. Yes sir. That is a cypress kamado made by Bayou Classic. They were sold at that retailer up until a few years ago. I used to own one. Huh, my profile pic still has the bayou classic in it along with my last wrangler. Still have that keg.
  17. I have no slo roller. So maybe I'm not someone who should throw an opinion out there, but why do you want a black finish on a chunk of metal that sits on top of a fire?
  18. Dude, the only th9ng prettier than those knives is what they are slicing Keep an eye out, if you blink I may jump your fence and take off with some piggy and some blades. Nice work. Post more. Keep on Rockin In the free world
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